• AMLC denies probing Binay bank accounts


    The Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) on Friday denied that it is being used by Malacañang to probe the alleged hidden wealth of Vice President Jejomar Binay.

    Vencent Salido, AMLC officer-in-charge, said the agency will never allow itself to be used as a tool for political persecution or harassment.

    Salido was reacting to a report by The Manila Times saying the Office of the Ombudsman
    has asked the AMLC to file a petition with the Court of Appeals (CA) in order to examine the bank accounts of Binay and his family.

    The Manila Times report, he said, has “unfairly put the AMLC in a bad light.”

    A well-placed source of The Manila Times, however, said the Ombudsman had requested the AMLC to check the bank accounts of the Binays in view of pending plunder charges against the Vice President.

    But Salido wrote to The Manila Times to deny this, saying “it [AMLC] is not, and will never be, beholden to anyone but the Filipino people.”

    “Please be informed that the AMLC is an independent government agency fully committed to combating money-laundering and helping preserve the integrity of the financial system,” he said.

    Salido added, “Since its creation in 2001, the AMLC has been effectively pursuing investigations on suspected money-laundering activities, and where the evidence warrants, filing appropriate cases before the courts as required by law.”

    “Based on Section 10 of Republic Act 9160, as amended, also known as the Anti-Money Laundering Act, the AMLC is authorized to “inquire into or examine any particular deposit or investment, including related accounts, with any banking institution or non-bank financial institution upon order of any competent court based on an ex parte application in cases of violations of this Act, when it has been established that there is probable cause that the deposits or investments, including related accounts involved, are related to an unlawful activity,” he said.

    “Rest assured that the AMLC will continue to discharge its legal mandate without fear or favor,” Salido added.


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    1. Sa totoo lang dapat itigil na nila lahat kasi alam naman natin isang malaking circus lang to at ginagamit lang nila si Binay para sumikat at bumango yung pangalan nila. Sige nga, liban sa mga senate hearings saan at paano pa ba nakatulong yung mga senador na yun? Wala naman na diba? Sayang lang talaga na isang mabuting tao pa ang napagdiskitahan nila kaya go lang po ng go VP Binay kasi napakarami pa rin po ng sumusuporta sa inyo.

    2. Sarah Jean C. on

      Hopefully…. the palace is truly not using the AMLC, because if it is true… then what’s the difference with this administration and the dictators of the world? But who knows? With how PNoy’s been, it’s possible that he can do this. Poor Binay, all he ever did was serve his constituents and this is how the government repaying him. I wish more of our public servants are like Binay, less talk and more work! REAL work that helps out the public!

    3. Sa mga nagsasabing nagpapagamit ang AMLC, o nilalabag ang ‘karapatan’ ni Binay……. tanong Lang, ano ba kinakatakutan ninyo? Yung katotohanan Siguro noh?
      Kung walang kasalanan – eh ‘di wala dapat problemahin….. Kung wala….

    4. Godfrey Kanaway on

      Abnormal na talaga ang gobyerno sa panahong ito. Bakit kaya nilalabag nila ang nakaugaliang proseso? Sa pagtanggap pa lang sa mga nagkakaso kahit salita lang ang dala okay lang. Natatakot ba kau na matalo kayo ng taong may tapang at paninindigan sa nasimulan? Sabagay dapat lang kasi wala kayong panama kay VP

    5. May kaso si Vice pero dapat sinusunod pa rin ntin ung patakaran ng gobyerno. As far as I know, Vice is willing to be investigated eventhough there’s no hard evidence to prove that issue. AMLC just dont want to be involved in the non-sense investigations like this. I don’t know why the government kept on accepting allegations that easy.

    6. We must follow the due process in this situation. Just like what happen to the PAG-IBIG issue right? before the AMCL proceed with their investigation, the primary investigators must do it first because a big money will be wasted again for this non-sense allegations. They don’t even have concrete evidences to do that to Vp Binay.

    7. I just can’t understand why people are reacting negatively when they learn that someone is prying into their financial transactions. If you are not hiding anything, why be afraid? If your earnings and financial transactions are legitimate, why be scared? The AMLC’s mandate is to make sure that financial institutions remain strong and not to be used for illegal activities.

      Whether the AMLC is looking into the account of the Binay’s or not… whether they are acting on their own or through the request of other government agencies who are mandated to make our country safe from criminals and corrupt public officials…. their action of looking into accounts of individuals as authorized by the Court are within their mandate and does not do damage to anyone. The fact that looking into financial transactions is a confidential proceedings before that court is a manifestation that the agency does not want to put those who are being investigated exposed in negative publicity.

      It is, however, unfortunate that media and other individuals who does not know how the system work leaked, if true, the information that the Biany’s account are being looked into by the AMLC.

      • leonardo tiongson on

        Ms. Joy, lets see you try to keep that attitude when someone starts rooting through your facebook, your bank accounts, your tax status, your investments, and even your lovelife… :).

        Fact is, Ms. Joy, it is easy to claim that one should be open, but it is harder to start being open yourself. Madali kasi pag-ibang tao. Pero kung ikaw na ang naiipit, ay, tingnan ko lang.

        Sana lang, mas maging sympathetic tayo sa mga natatamaan ng violations of due process and rule of law na nangyayari. Human rights violations din yun, kahit papano…

      • ikaw yata ang abno. ano ba ang naging atraso ni Binay and family sa mga Aquino upang gantihan ng presidente? ang talagang tina-target ng presidente ay ang graft and corruption sa gobyerno. kung ito ay labag sa kalooban mo at ng karamihan ng mga taong bayan ano sa palagay mo ang mabuting solusyon para mapatino ang mga taong gobyerno? Be honest with yourself, okay?

    8. Apolonio & isnt now corona being charged with not submitting an accurate tax return for over 6 years. The man was a crook & should never have been the supreme court chief justice, it shows what lack of checks were don by the aroyo regime to make sure thay have a person of unquestionable honesty. He is anything but honest & also when in court he said the 180,000,000 pesos in his bank account wasnt his, ha ha ha ha. I ask you, were you born yesterday as it seems you were if you believed him & i assume you did believe him as you are defending him here.

    9. I cant see what the problem is here. Isnt binay suspected of stealing money, if so he should be checked out. He has been accused of getting money by various illegal means, so surely the amlc should be made not asked to check him out. How will anyone know what money he has in his accounts if they dont check & so will not know if he has this ill gotten money or not. I believe he has been up to something illegal & i think its only proper the amlc check him out. If he is innocent why would it bother him as his financial situation ( if legal ) will be kept secret from people, & rightly so, but if illegal everyone has the right to know.

      • leonardo tiongson on

        Dustin, there is absolutely nothing wrong with checking Binay’s bank accounts, but that has to go through the legislated process. Hindi kasi sipleng request lang at pwede nang ipa-imbistiga. Everyone has the right to privacy, and only when there is probable cause should a case be filed and the request be submitted. Even then, the request should indicate the parameters of the search, meaning there should be prior information as to the nature of the money that they are seeking.

        If it is true na nirequest lang (and since wala pa namang kaso na nai-file specific to the crime of money laundering against the VP), then dapat hindi nag-rerequest for assistance sa AMLA in the first place. This is the reason why i agree may problema na talaga ang gobyernong ito, kasi everythig is now in aid of politics, hindi na tuwid na daan…

    10. Claro Apolinar on

      Why give so much space to this PR statement by AMLC? It is used to persecute the enemies of the Aquino administration–like former CJ Corona! And now it is being used against the entire Binay family.
      And your headline is wrong, Your story does not say AMLC denies that it is probing into Binay accounts. It denies that AMLC is being used. That Salido guy is billshitting like his boss Abnoy.

    11. apolonio reyes on

      Mr. Vencent Salido, tell the Marines ” that AMLC is not, and will never be, beholden to anyone but the Filipino People “. Mr Salido, were you born yesterday only? Where were you during the impeachment of CJ Corona ? COMMON MR. SALIDO, TELL IT TO THE MARINES, EH !!!!