AMLC gets green light to examine 430 Napoles bank accounts


THE Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) will scrutinize hundreds of bank deposits belonging to Janet Lim Napoles and members of her family, several non-government organizations (NGOs) and associates of the woman who is suspected to be the mastermind of the pork barrel scam.

The Court of Appeals (CA) on Thursday empowered the AMLC to scrutinize the 430 accounts in nine banks of Napoles, her husband, children and the NGOs she set up.

The Court’s Special Second Division gave the AMLC five months to examine the deposits and submit its findings.

Aside from Napoles, the council will look into the bank deposits of Jaime Napoles, the husband of the businesswoman who surrendered to President Benigno Aquino 3rd on Wednesday night, and their children Jo Christine, James Christopher, John Christian, Jeane and Jane Napoles and Janet’s brother Reynald “Jojo” Lim.

Reynald, who was ordered arrested by a Makati Court on charges of illegal detention, has gone into hiding.

The AMLC will also scrutinize the accounts of former Napoles employee Benhur Luy, his mother Gertrudes and Arthur Luy, Merlina Sunas, Evelyn Ditchon De Leon, Marina Sula, Nova Kaye Dulay Batal, Ronald Lim and Simonette Briones.

The AMLC will go over the account of Abundant Harvest For People’s Foundation Inc, Agricultura Para sa Magbubukid Foundation, Bukirin Tanglaw Foundation, Countrywide Agricultural and Rural Economic Development Foundation, A Smile Foundation, JCLN Global Properties Development Corp., JCLN Real Estate Consortium Inc., JLN Construction and Devt. Corp., JLN Corp. Jo-Christine Trading and ZNAC Rubber Estate Corp.

The accounts are in Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, Citibank, Bank of Philippine Islands, Land Bank of the Philippines, Banco De Oro, Insular Bank, Metrobank, United Coconut Planters Bank and Air Materiel Wing Inc.

The Court said “there is probable cause to believe that the bank accounts belonging to or in the name of the aforementioned individuals and other persons or corporation entities mentioned above may be related to an unlawful activity.”

The Court of Appeals earlier froze several bank accounts of Napoles for six months.


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  1. Let the games begin. This will be the biggest Easter egg hunt ever. Kapunan and Napoles will be finally be proven mega liars. Everybody will get it in the end. No going around it. When you do bad things, time is your enemy. Sooner or later it will come out. You have not listened to your conscience and you think that you are can have all the priests pray for you but if you do not have a right standing with God you will not have the umbrella of protection.

  2. Well all things must come to an end. The joyride will finally end somewhere. the higher the flight, the harder the fall. As they say everybody will get it in the end. One way or the other. No exceptions.

  3. OMG. They will now open the Pandora’s box. The tonggressmen and senatongs are in suspended animation. There is no escaping now. Good luck to Napoles, especially Kapunan who is presenting an image that Napoles wealth is all legit. Kapunan should be charged for obstruction of justice. Master of lies. Time to jump from the sinking ship.

  4. i hope this tracking of her billions of account will not take 10 yrs like Marcos. the country needs these stolen monies and assets right away to fun basic services and other government infrastructures and modernization.

  5. Philippine court are stupid, they just frost her bank account for only six month, this case will last more than that, and after six month what next?