‘AMLC violated the law’


THE camp of Vice President Jejomar Binay accused the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) of violating the law when it filed a petition for civil forfeiture in November against the Vice President, his son (suspended Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr.) and 62 other individuals and corporations.

Rico Quicho, Binay’s spokesman, blasted the move, which, according to him, is part of efforts of the AMLC to revive the issue involving the Vice President’s bank deposits despite specific prohibitions in the law.

Quicho was referring to a petition for civil forfeiture filed by the AMLC against Binay and his son and other individuals and corporations on November 12.

The petition came a day after the lapse of the original six-month freeze order on the Binays’ assets.

Quicho said the AMLC blatantly violated Republic Act 1379, which declares forfeiture in favor of the state of any property found to have been unlawfully acquired by any public officer or employee.

The law, he pointed out, prohibits the filing of civil-forfeiture cases against public officials “within one year before any general election or within three months before any special election.”

Based on the AMLC petition, the Regional Trial Court (RTC) of Manila issued a 20-day “Provisional Asset Protection Order” on several accounts, including only one account in the name of the Vice President.

Binay’s spokesman noted that after claiming earlier that the Vice President had billions deposited in 242 accounts, the AMLC asked the Manila court to freeze only one account with a deposit of P1.7 million.

This, Quicho said, is an admission that the AMLC had no solid evidence against Binay.

He pointed out that the commission allowed itself to be part of a demolition team formed to discredit Binay and prevent him from continuing his fight for the poor Filipinos who are ignored by the Aquino administration.

“It is about time to revisit the mandate of AMLC and audit its performance since it has obviously allowed itself to be tainted with grossly erroneous and highly partisan activities,” Quicho said.

Binay, along with his running mate in next year’s elections (Sen. Gregorio Honasan) and some of his senatorial candidates, visited Antipolo City on Sunday.

The Vice President’s was joined by city officials led by Mayor Jun Ynares 3rd at Dimasalang Park.


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  1. Mr. Rico Quicho AMLC did not violate the law. The government only want to get back what is theirs, specially ill gotten monies specially politicians, like Binays, Arroyo.s Estrada’s, Marcoses, Enrile’s, Revilla’s and so many political crooks.

    • Yes, right. But nothing from the Aquino, Abad, Drillon and all other Yellow crooks…. How dummy can people be!

    • He did not miss the point. He only pointed the persons who are charged with stealing public funds. Aquino, Drilon and the yellow shirts does not have any case right now. Big possibility that they will be charge after Pinoy term. There is too much corruption in Pinoy term. Look at Abad Abaya General Purisima and the rest of the gang. Their time will come. Do not worry.