Ampalaya, achara, lechon and pili in your cocktail


Beloved Filipino flavors take center stage for the holidays
Cocktails based on Filipino tasty dishes and drinks have been especially concocted by 2016 World Class Philippines Bartender of the Year Michael Tubiera for the holidays. Created with specialty ingredients and top-shelf spirits, the results are bursting with unique and unforgettable flavors.

These four well-crafted cocktails will surely make a lasting impression on gatherings this Christmas, taking inspiration from the ingenuity and artisanship of the local bartending scene.

45 ml Tanqueray Number 10
30 ml ampalaya shrub
30 ml Mancino Secco
4 dashes orange bitters

Gabriela is inspired by the Ilocanos’ love for ampalaya (bitter gourd), evident in Ilocano delicacies like pinakbet (mixed vegetable dish) and dinengdeng (vegetable dish cooked with bagoong sauce). The distinct flavors of ampalaya is mixed with the bright citrus flavors of Tanqueray Number 10, Mancino Secco, and orange bitters. Relish in the bittersweet flavors of this concoction.

60 ml Bulleit Bourbon
20 ml Mancino Rosso
30 ml atchara liqueur
4 dashes angostura bitters
4 dashes carminative bitters

Mana is a digestif style cocktail based on atchara, a popular side dish that lends a burst of flavor to fried Pinoy meals. Digestif cocktails are typically served after meals, and atchara, a mix of pickled green papaya, carrots, ginger, and bell pepper with vinegar and sugar, is said to aid in digestion. Grounded with Bulleit Bourbon’s spicy flavors and smooth finish, Mana is the ideal way to end a hearty feast.

45 ml Ketel One
1 bar spoon pork demi-glace
30 ml lemon juice
20 ml roasted pineapple shrub
10 ml lemongrass and peppercorn syrup
3 dashes salt bitters

The Philippine lechon, specifically Cebu lechon, is highly regarded all over the world. Even celebrity TV chef Anthony Bourdain himself said that it was the best pig he ever tasted. A mix of aromatic lemon grass, sweet pineapple, and savory pork demi-glace, Sibu is a delectable cocktail that deserves to be the star of the celebration.

60 ml Don Julio Reposado
10 ml salted beer agave syrup
20 ml pili nut falernum
30 ml lime juice
Beer foam

Filipinos usually enjoy their holiday spread with a cold glass of beer. Take the bubbling golden brew a few notches higher and give beer drinkers something to enjoy with “Borderless.” Not the usual margarita, this cocktail ends a nutty flavor to the rich and silky Don Julio Reposado with hazelnut and pili nut liqueur. Top it off with some beer foam for that surprising malt kick.


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