‘Ampalaya Monologues’ celebrates 2nd anniversary with ‘Two is Bitter than One’


To celebrate two years of artistic excellence for poetry, music and play—the team of Ampalaya Monologues have decided to double up the fun with a one-night only anniversary show “Ampalaya Dialogues #TwoIsBitterThanOne.”

The show will display six short one-act plays that will feature two characters in each story. All of which are written by Mark Ghosn and will be performed by actors of Theatre in Alternative Platforms (TAP).

Ampalaya Dialogues—known for being the country’s most popular venue for “hugot” artistry, promises that this year’s feels-fest will still have those witty and relatable punchlines that are combined with unique, heart wrenching, yet entertaining stories. This is the formula that many have been a fan of and have served as their trademark throughout the years.

‘Tayo, Sa Pagitan Ng Mga Salita’

Starring Thalia Nicole as Alex and Kenneth Monserrate as Drei, the story revolves on the two bandmates who are working on a spoken word and music collaboration for their upcoming gig. But what started as a collaboration session is slowly turning into confessions of hidden feelings that they can only express through poems and songs. Will they finally put a label on their relationship or will words get in the way?

‘Mga Naiwang Tanong sa Huli Nating Tag-araw’

College classmates Arman and Drew accidentally meet again seven years after they last saw each other. They decide to reminisce about their friendship over wine and pasta. As they do so, untold stories from the past emerge, forcing them to face the feelings that they’ve been trying to forget since their last summer together. As the night goes by, will one unasked question finally get its long awaited answer?

The story stars Mark Ghosn and Alvin Nakassi.

‘Huling Kuha’

On the day of their pre-nup shoot, law students Arthur (FJ Gonzales) and Dawn (Berna Manipon) find their relationship in the middle of a trial. As pieces of evidence emerge and allegations are thrown at each other, will they be able to save their wedding or do they have to decide on a much harsher verdict? When is love more important than the truth?

‘Kung Paano Tayo Tinalo ng Pag-ibig’

Starring Yan-yan Gervero and Hogi Cadlum, ‘Kung Paano Tayo Tinalo ng Pag-ibig’ talks about Angie who contemplates on whether or not to continue her marriage with Darwin/Dara, her cross-dressing husband who is about to give birth to her new identity. As Dara convinces Angie to take the risk, they are both faced with questions about what love really is and how they have the chance to change its meaning. Are you willing to lose yourself to let love win?

‘Beauty and the Bes’

This kilig-comedy features the well-loved ampalaya character, Bes. Fresh from a not-so-successful tinder date, Bes decides to go at it again, this time, on a blind date. But on her way to, she got trapped in an elevator with a perfectly looking, super handsome, drool-worthy gentleman. Is this the chance encounter she’s been waiting for? But wait, why does he look so familiar? Beauty and the Bes stars Janine Lloce and Emman Jimenez.

‘Babies and the Bridges They Burn’

How do you burn a bridge? In the case of frenemies Ara and Ally, it takes a lot of manipulation, brainwashing, backstabbing, blackmailing and name calling to do so. But what’s a baby got to do with it? Let’s just say it holds the match to light up the fire. Get ready for a sassy war. Watching bridges burn hasn’t been this enjoyable. The play will will be starred by Gracia Paterno and Ysai Cajilig.

Aside from these six short one-act plays, the show will also feature new Ampalaya Monologues as performed by Dave Ramones, Pat Sy, Ristichen and Abe Herma. Some of today’s best spoken word artists will also perform such as Louise Meets, Jihad Mambuay and Zuela Herrera of Words Anonymous; Jerome Cleofas and Sofia Medina of Collaboratory PH; Rommel Pamaos, AnsherinaJazul and Angela Pamaos of LAPIS; Carlo Hornilla of Karibok Collective; Leandro Reyes and Mark Dimaisip of Loudmouth Collective.

Ampalaya Dialogues #TwoIsBitterThanOne will be on October 14 at PETA Theater Center located at Eymard Road, E. Rodriguez Quezon City.


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