• Amy Perez: ‘It’s never to late to get healthy’

    At 45 years old, Amy Perez finds that a healthy and holistic lifestyle change is the key to getting all her responsibilities done

    At 45 years old, Amy Perez finds that a healthy and holistic lifestyle
    change is the key to getting all her responsibilities done

    They say that mothers know best and TV host Amy Perez couldn’t agree more.

    Being a mother to three amazing boys, a wife to a new husband and a career woman, the 45-year-old TV and radio host tries so hard to keep a balance between her family life and profession. However, she acknowledges that juggling jobs can be a real piece of work that might sacrifice other things such as health and wellness.

    But the Umagang Kay Ganda host says that it’s all about balance and knowing one’s priorities. “Mahirap siya if hindi mo magawang i-balance lahat. Time management lang naman ‘yan so I’m happy now na ‘yung workload ko is all in the morning,” she says.

    With so many tasks at hand, Amy knows that she has to take care of her health. “I am 45 years old, and I am not getting any younger, therefore I need to be always healthy for myself and for my family.” Her consciousness about overall health is greatly influenced by her mom, who always reminds her to take care of her body, to be disciplined and to be mindful of her overall health.

    “One of my mom’s repetitive reminders to the family is to have enough fiber intake every day,” shares Amy. “She introduced me to C-Lium Fiber because she know in our line of work, hindi maiiwasan that we eat less vegetables and fruits kaya I complement my diet with the supplement to get the right amount of fiber every day.”

    Lifestyle change
    “A lot has changed since I became a mom! Everything and anything I do now have to be for the good of my boys,” says Amy. “No more partying and drinking like when I was younger! I have to make sure that I’m always ready and healthy for my boys.”

    A change in lifestyle including her daily diet, according to the TV personality helps her body to go further and to successfully accomplish all her tasks as a mother, a wife, and a TV and radio host.

    And so for moms like her who are always on the go, or just someone who is conscious with overall health, Amy advises finding a balance in everything.

    Apart from taking supplements and eating healthy, Amy also works out regularly. “I do Pilates and Zumba tapos pag medyo masakit yung likod ko, I do yoga. I mix these three together with the low calorie diet that I currently follow,” she asserts.

    Being in the industry for almost 30 years already, the celebrity mom says that she can’t ask for more; she’s very thankful that her career has been blessed with longevity.

    “For me to be able to stay this long in this business is such a blessing already, ‘yun na ‘yung pinaka-fulfilment para sa akin. So, now, I am very eager naman to improve my health so I can perform better in my craft and always be there for my family.

    “I believe na it’s never too late to choose that path so I advise everyone out there to have that initiative and consciousness na maging mindful sa kanilang overall health,” ends Amy.


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