An arrogant mayor?

Erwin Tulfo

Erwin Tulfo

Reports reaching Manila said that Maribojoc, Bohol Mayor Leoncio Evasco Jr. drove out of his town the Philippine National Red Cross contingent who was there to give aid to the quake victims.

According to the same report, Mayor Evasco was irked over the failure of the PNRC to hand over their relief goods to the mayor and his men.

Evasco said that the Red Cross wanted to get a list of the names of victims because its volunteers wanted to distribute the goods themselves.

“If they really want to help, they should not be demanding or asking so many things. Just help,” the local chief executive was reported as saying.

But due to rampant reports of aid hoarding by some barangay and local officials, the Red Cross wanted to personally do the distribution of their relief goods, which they have been doing ever since.

To a certain extent, Mayor Evasco is right. Being the father of the town, he waned to make sure that all of his children, in this case his constituents, will get the much needed food and water.

Another example of miscommunication of two agencies. The end result? The quake victims’ continued suffering.

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Everyone is at fault
Atimonan, Quezon Mayor Jose Mendoza should stop blaming the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) for the accident that occurred in his town that killed 20 people and injured dozens last week.

Mayor Mendoza said the lack of signages or road warning signs caused the accident in that downhill road.

Mendoza said he has informed the DPWH several months ago about the problem but the agency has not acted on his complaint.

Given that the DPWH did not act on the problem, the local government and the local police also did not do anything to correct the problem by putting up checkpoints in the area or patrols to make sure that vehicles will slow down or obey traffic rules.

Mayor Mendoza should stop blaming others. His office is partly to blame too, as well as the local PNP for the accident for relying too much on other agencies rather than taking it upon themselves to do something to prevent accidents in their area of responsiblity.

The real problem is that our government is always reactionary instead of concentrating on preventing crimes and accidents.

The Atimonan incident could have been avoided.


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  1. I never fail to be amazed of the stupidity of the pinoy. If you had a million signs up do you think a single pinoy driver would slow down. To every pinoy rules mean nothing, they are there fior others to follow not me. Thats the pinoy attitude. If you want less accidents its very simple, get a proper driving test, both theory & practical, copy the uk system it works brilliantly, then make sure every police officer & trafficenforcer enforces the rules. Only then will it start improving until theat time these incidents will keep happening so dont be surprised. The philippines needs to move forward but it cant it wants to stay 100 years behind the civalised world.