Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez

An encore on the big screen

Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana, from ‘MHL’ to ‘SIY’

Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana, from ‘MHL’ to ‘SIY’

“BAGAY sila!” is how writer-director Jun Lana describes the first big screen pairing of Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez, stars of the phenomenally successful  2013 TV series My Husband’s Lover (MHL).  The certified primetime pair have been cast in Regal Entertainment’s     latest romantic-comedy, So It’s You (SIY), which  opens on May 7.

The movie also happens to be Lana’s first attempt at such a genre. Himself in love in real life, the award-winning director knows what he is talking about when he says Carla and Tom have “the right mix and the strong chemistry” of two people in love.

In SIY, Carla and Tom’s characters are both unlucky in love. Fate brings them together in a friendship that eventually blossoms into romance.

Conflict, however, arises when their opposing views on love and their respective connections to their past come in the way of their budding relationship.

Fans who have seen the film’s trailer swoon at Tom and Carla’s strong screen presence.

Their romantic scenes seem very real, which many hope is not just the result of good acting, especially since Carla is single once again.

In fact, news of the beautiful actress’ off-screen heartbreak came out just when SIY had wrapped up work. Despite this, her performance in the film showed no trace of what she was going through while shooting.

Carla was such a trouper that she was able to successfully pull off her romantic scenes with Tom, particularly the swimming pool scene where she plants a sweet kiss  on his lips.  Her personal problems notwithstanding,  she managed to pass character requirements with  flying colors.

Asked if Tom courted her on the set of SIY, Carla replied, “Hindi ko alam. Masaya lang kami ’pag magkasama. Mabait naman kasi siyang tao.”

Fans should look forward to Carla and Tom’s encore on the big screen.

As Lana guarantees, “Marami pang magagandang eksena na nakaka-in love. Bigay na bigay talaga sina Carla at Tom sa mga eksenang magpapatibok ng puso ng tao. Puwedeng maging Mr. Right si Tom kay Carla kung sakaling merong mabuo sa kanilang pagtitinginan.”

Completing the cast of SIY are Joey Marquez, Arlene Muhlach, Leo Martinez, Kevin Santos, Paolo Ballesteros and JC de Vera.

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