An encounter with Coppersmith Barbet

The fruit loving Coppersmith Barbet

The fruit loving Coppersmith Barbet


If you’ve ever heard that sound (like a high pitched hammer hitting a nail) before, then you’ve probably just encountered the Coppersmith Barbet (Megalaima haemacephala). Because of their bright red forehead and chest, gray streaked body, and their funny birdcall, they remind us of clowns dressed up to entertain.

What they provide is no joke, however. As fruit eating animals, they contribute to the growth of trees by scattering seeds about. Without them and their other fruit loving family members, our already disappearing forests would have no hope to spread.

Oh, have we mentioned this can be found all over Manila and other cities in the Philippines? Plant a bunch of native trees (not mahogany please!) and they might just drop by.

The Haribon Foundation needs your help secure the forest habitat of the Coppersmith Barbet and countless other species. Be a Haribon Member to get educated on the state of the Philippine Environment and witness amazing creatures for yourself.

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