An era of barbarism and criminality: Duterte, Villegas and the Catholic Church


“When a revered and admired man like Pope Francis
is cursed by a political candidate and the audience laugh, I can only bow my head and grieve in great shame.
My countrymen have gone to the dregs.”
– Archbishop Socrates Villegas, President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP)

I  AM not really that shocked by Rodrigo Duterte. He is a product of this country. This is a land where the population has been rendered ignorant and stupid by the oligarchy, politicians and businessmen. And the docility of our people is really one for the Guinness Book of Records. I wonder, however, where this Rodrigo came from. He must have come from underground caves with the way he spouts profanities and curses with obvious delight; with the way he boasts about his killing habits and his outstanding immorality. This, Archbishop Bishop, characterizes as barbarism.

I am shocked by the above quoted comment of Archbishop Villegas. Why? I am wondering where the good Archbishop has been living all these years – in his convent, in complete isolation from Philippine society. This one really takes the cake.

If the good man of the Church has been living in the Philippines all these years, he should have known of the curse-loving Duterte since the guy has been mayor of Davao City for more than a decade. So if he knows him, why should he be shocked?

The curser and the hearers

Other than blaming Duterte alone for who he is, I am afraid that the Catholic Church in the Philippines also shares the blame for producing men like Duterte. Why? Duterte says he is Roman Catholic. So this man is an example of a Roman Catholic – spewing with vulgar, irreverent, obviously uneducated if not uncivilized statements! He went to the Ateneo de Davao and San Beda College – both Roman Catholic institutions. Yet, he boasts of having two wives and an additional two girl friends. He admits ordering the killing of criminals and his personally killing criminals himself.

Is this fellow Roman Catholic, Archbishop? Is this the type produced by your educational institutions? Is this the kind produced by Roman Catholic families? Is the Roman Catholic bishop who condones and defends Duterte’s behavior the kind produced by the Roman Catholic Church?

The ones who applauded the contemptible Duterte comment on the Pope must be Catholic in this Roman Catholic country. The congressmen, members of the Cabinet, senators, the customs officials, internal revenue officials, immigration officials, governors and mayors, and other top officials of this corrupt and graft-ridden government are Roman Catholics.

Are they not? You know, Archbishop Villegas, this is a rhetorical question. So where do we go from here? So what do you intend to do as a man of the Church other than being shocked and bringing this to public attention?

To compound the problem, this fellow Duterte has these statements to add for your shock or pleasure, whichever is your orientation:

“I will destroy the Church and the present status of so many priests and what they are doing.”

As a Roman Catholic, trained by public schools, from elementary to the University of the Philippines, and the Jesuits from our town to UP as well as by my Roman Catholic parents, this is my reply to you: Mr. Duterte stop hallucinating, read books. Great men and great forces have attempted to destroy the Church for centuries and they all miserably failed. Don’t tell me that a pygmy from Davao City can do it. You must be having a nightmare.

Then, this is followed by another reprehensible and ignorant statement from Mr. Duterte    . He said: “We have God-given talents. The talent that God gave me is cussing. Instead of blaming me, blame God because He created me.” Where did you learn all these crap, Mr. Duterte? The Corleones know better than this. If we follow your statements logically, Mr. Duterte, to its final logical conclusion, we should all blame God for your ordering people killed, you personally killing helpless people and your scandalous adulterous behavior. Boy, oh boy, you really should be in the circus!

By the way, Mr. Duterte, God did not give you the talent of cussing, Satan did. And for your education as Roman Catholic, since you keep on insisting that you are one, read Thomas Aquinas, Saint Augustine, Saint Francis of Assisi, Thomas Merton and Gustavo Gutierrez. They will finally give you a good Roman Catholic education.

The Duterte option

Since he has the talent of killing criminals and a lot of people follow him, just like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, not everything is lost with Duterte. His option is not only redemptive but heroic. This in my assessment should be his formula – remember, this is an assessment, not a suggestion because I learned from Congressman Jess Dureza that Duterte is normally adverse to suggestions.

First, Duterte should withdraw his certificate of candidacy to stop embarrassing himself and the country, nationally and internationally. Second, he should start the revolution he has in mind – kill the criminals and stop graft and corruption. He should kill the top criminals in this country, if he has to stop criminality and graft and corruption. Third, Criminals he has to kill, as top in his agenda, if he must cleanse the country from graft and corruption – the President and former Presidents with criminal records; senators and former senators and congressmen and former congressmen involved in DAP, PDAP and other charges of graft and corruption; governors and mayor and former governors and mayors who are charged with graft and corruption; members of the Cabinet and former members of the Cabinet also charged with graft and corruption; and other government officials and officials in government controlled corporations as all well as other officials and employees in government and government controlled corporations who have charges of graft and corruption.

Fourth, kill all criminals convicted or charged with criminal  offenses together with the priests and bishops that he wants to kill.

Fifth, after the work is done, retire – read books, forget hedonism, return to God, do act of contrition and penance and look at the sunset and the stars to wonder at the beauty of Creation, so the best and the brightest can organize a society worthy of our people.

If he can do all these, he can replace Rizal and all the other national heroes as the only national hero of the country   with a bronze monument of his done by Castrillo at the Luneta, replacing Rizal and the others who have other monuments there.

Isn’t that great for the country? It is also great for Duterte!


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  1. Cyrunosky Obrenov on

    Maraming tao ang naniniwala na si Duterte ang pagasa ng pagbabago sa ating bayan. According to him he will stop criminality and graft and corruption. This is a promise that is too good to be true. People based their assumption on the level of criminality in Davao as a mayor, but are they big time criminals or just petty criminals? Will he be able to implement this on a national level? The presidency is not all about stopping criminality it is about preventing people into committing crimes if they have enough food to eat and basic services to live a decent life. I am disappointed that all his opponents are unfit to be president too, so this is a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea. God save the Philippines.

    • Here’s an idea: Lets get a bunch of old LONELY MEN, make them LEADERS in topics like SEX, MARRIAGE, LOVE & CHILDREN nevermind if they dont have any first hand experience on these. As long as we affiliate them with GOD nobody will be none the wiser and might even GIVE the MONEY to make them RICH.

      Go Figure???

  2. The Roman Catholic Church should stop treating Mayor Duterte as a Barabas, instead more of like the Prodigal Son. The Church is all to quick to condemn like the devil. God is love and forgiveness. Like Christ they must empathize and embrace Duterte rather than mock and encourage other people to hate and spit on him with their pastoral letter and condemning words.

  3. This is bullshit article look who’s talking no one is righteous not even one…how much did they pay you to wrIte this article? This is a plolitical agenda from someone thats also aspiring for president.religion should not involed in a political affairs if you love God then pray for the country or Pray for Duterte cayetano to win the race..if you read the bible then read again the life of King David. i saw a soft spot of Mayor heart he has a caring heart for the people.he love his Country he knows what is good for humanity. He cannot tolerate anymore of what traditional politician have done in this Country. Mayor said..IF GODS WILL I WILL BE THE PRESIDENT THEN LET IT BE DONE ITS MY DESTINY.If you dont want to Vote him just Shut up do not assasinate character…

  4. Mayor Duterte, listen to the wise counsel of Atty Adaza. His on target assessments (suggested option / plan of action) must be executed now, especially options 1 to 3. Only then can we really move on for a future with glimpse of brighter future. Option 4 can be re-assess after option 2 to 3 are completed. Mabuhay!!!

  5. Am I getting this correctly? Is this author advocating murder? Is he encouraging Duterte to continue his felony criminal acts? Did I read this correctly that Mr. Homobono wants Duterte to murder more people?

    I am not against in the execution of criminals convicted of heinous crimes after they had been tried and convicted in a court of law. If Duterte becomes president, he could be as bad as Macoy who ordered the permanent disappearnce of many Filipino citizens during the brutal Martial Law years.

    If Duterte becomes president, he could have “absolute power,” which as the saying continues, “corrupts absolutely.” Do the Filipinos want another brutal Macoy in the person of Duterte?

  6. Mr Adaza! nakakahiya. mas nanaisin nyo pang magkaroon ng katulad ni Cory Aquino na madasalin sa harap ng Camera pero Isang human rights violator(katulad na lamang sa mendiola massacre) SANA KUNG MORALITY ANG HANAP NYO PRESIDENTE SANA MGA PARI NALANG ANG PINATAKBO NINYO!!!!!!! ANG TATANGA NYO.. Eto ang mahirap sa pilipinas ang daming nakikiepal pero wala naman puro salita lang na katulad mo Mr adaza.. Sumulat ka ng makabuluhan. Hindi ang ikakasira ng ibang tao.. REMEMBER THIS; THE PERSONS WHO TALKS ABOUT THE OTHER PERSON ARE MEDIOCRE!! kaya ganito pilipinas puro tayo kuro kuro at tsismis na ginagawa ng mga media

    • Hi, i didn’t know that there are two homobono adazas!!! Anyway, I know you’re a fake. Speaking of chismis, Duterte also spreaded chismis about Mar Roxas educational background. The school manifested that Mar was really a graduate of their school, yet digong still insists that Mar was an undergraduate. ANo ka ba digong? yung school na nga ang nagsabi na totoong graduate ng school nila si Mar, why don’t you ask for a (written) certification that Mar was not a graduate of that school? By the way, im not for Mar. Hay nako,anung klase bang mga kandidato ng Pilipinas ito?!!

  7. Goodluck Jonathan on

    Wherever Muslim in such places over the world, are rowdy. Is this the type trained and shape the mind of Muslim believer? Is this the kind of praying 5 times a day by Muslim Religion to become a terrorist?
    For your information Mr. Adaza, the donations which are coming from Saudi Arabia is being grafted by top Imam and their families.
    The congressmen, mayors, local officials, internal revenue officials, and governors, and other top officials of this corrupt and graft-ridden ARMN are Muslims also.

  8. “I will buy you a diamond ring my friend if you make me feel alright.”
    This sums up the Beatles narrative about life. This is a simple analogy that Filipinos share with all ethnicities.
    And it lulls you to the sales pitch that if you make me the President of the Philippines or if you vote for me, I promise that I will buy you a diamond ring. And if you make me feel better than best, like getting more people to vote for me or my projects or to support my proxies, I will buy your more diamond rings and I’ll throw in a bag of rice and condiments.
    Politics was not meant to be a business endeavor. It was meant to acquire the means to provide plenty of provisions and to continuously improve the welfare of the country and for its people. And religion was not meant also to be a business endeavor. It was meant to keep the flock to believe in God or a deity and follow its teachings grounded on moral principles among other things like the Ten Commandments.
    However, such is not the case. Politics and religion’s blatant incestuous relationship shown in the past presidential elections will showcase the worst farcical election in the history of the PH.
    The massive looting of the money of the people in the trillions, intimidation and corruption of key members of the judiciary, military, and legislative bodies and critical agencies like the Comelec and outright violations of the Constitution and its laws is a high speed Dalian train that will wreck the sanctity of the ballot this coming 2016 election.
    Unless a war is waged by the Catholic Church, the Protestants, Iglesias and the Evangelicals, and the Millenials against these forces of Evil, it will bring down the country to oblivion; we will hear the cries of the poor babies and their parents in the night from hunger and starvation.
    2016 is a war that we can win with our steadfast resolve to make our country great and for the greater good of our people and generations to come.

  9. ANU GUSTO mo si Mar Roxas? Sa camera astang mabait at makatao? Grabe kayo Mr. Adaza natitiis nyo pang ganito ang kalagayan ng bansa para iasa at suportahan ang mga trapong politiko. Kilabutan sana kayo sa mga sinusulat nyo. Kayo ba anu ang nagawa nyong mabuti sa Pilipinas? Wala diba? Can you stood up like duterte did? Kaya mo bang gawin lahat ng nagawa nya para sa mga tao? You should be ashamed of yourself dahil ikaw din sa sarili mo di ka malinis. O baka binayaran ka lang kaya ka ganyan

    • You clearly have no Idea who Homobono Adaza is. He was once governor of the province of Misamis Oriental. He is in fact the most loved governor the province has ever had. He was the lone voice that ousted President Marcos. And he was also immigration commissioner. The only one in the history of the BID without a graft and corruption case. Ikaw po ba sir? Ano na nagawa mo?

  10. Hipokrito ka Mr.ADAZA.. gusto mo lang sakyan ang kasikatan ni Duterte ika nga papansin… Read the Bible about the story of David.. Dapat sana tumakbo ka rin pagka Presidente. Ikaw sino ang gustong mong kandidato aber?

  11. Billions are lost from corruption.There are lots of problems that country is facing today including rampant crime and poverty, if these are absent perhaps we don’t need Duterte, and more of the likes of Archbishop Villegas.Unless anyone has a solution to the perils that we have today, or a track record of successfully reigning over these plague. He better shut up and stick his finger in his ass.

  12. ..will it be easy to say i was glad to see people cursing a good man like the pope, or i
    can only bow my head in grief and shame…dont you feel any sadness if someone curse a man like the leader much more a leader of the church…should we say ahh…thats fine we are in the phils..its okay..if all of us would find it so ordinary cursing leadres of faith, what have we become…i respect you so much but please take into consideration th efeeling sof others…have agood day….

  13. This author is hallucinating as well. I like the fifth option, for sure he will do that. But how can he do the rest if his first option is to withdraw his candidacy? He must first be President! And it’s prejudicial to say that he cannot go against the big guns. He’s only in Davao at the moment. What authority does he have presently to go after these people? Put him in office first and you have 6 years to prove him wrong. By then, you can rewrite your article. No offense, I’m a Catholic too (not a Roman). Merry Christmas.

  14. Mayor Duterte has bragged that he killed 1,700 criminals. This should not be taken lightly. He publicly announced that he committed multiple felonies.

    Why havent the police and perhaps even the NBI arrested Duterte yet?

    Is it because Duterte is UNTOUCHABLE?

    Or is it because the police chief has no BALLS?

    Oops, I almost forgot, this is the way things are in the Philippines.

  15. Baka nga meron din syang bipolar disorder or Asperger Syndrome. So dahil nangyari na yan kay benigno, why don’t the voters challenged all those know presidential wannabes to a psychological/psychiatric testing and publish the result in newspapers of general circulation? Kung matatapang na lalaki/babae sila, di sila dapat matakot sa ganyang test. It will also confirm kun brenda din talaga ang isang candidate.

  16. Give Mr Duterte time. He will also pick his nose in public, grab his crotch and go after the Iglesia Ni Cristo and Lord knows who else……….

  17. Dr. Strangelove on

    Duterte’s top agenda is crime is rampant and out of control. Yet world crime databases put the Philippines in the top 1/4 of all countries, for having the lowest crime rate and highest safety index. Rated much higher than the USA and higher than Canada and GB…. yes we have crime but every country does and they aren’t resorting to death squads to solve it.

    Davao is ruled by an iron fist and is supposed to be peaceful with low crime. Drug dealers dare not go there… so why last week were 17 arrested in a raid and 2 more shot?… they had no bus fare to leave town in the last 10 years?

    Even the ones that do leave, where do they go?…to YOUR town where there is no death squad.

    On a national level where will they go?…. In a coffin of course.

    Duterte has become a test for the faith of this nation. No country on earth has ever elected a leader knowing their agenda was killing. Essentially if you democratically vote for this man you are consciously supporting murder without trial…do you really think the Pope and Catholic church will look kindly on this nation again?…do you think the UN will continue to welcome the Philippines?

  18. francisco constantino on

    We need a refined dictator… Too much freedom and democracy is not for the Filipinos… We tend to abuse privileges given to us…. Tamad pumila, takbo sa padrino o fixer. Ganyan ang style ng Pinoy. Why will you be afraid of Duterte? If he is elected. I want curfew to be implemented.

    • Mr Francisco, you want to gamble the future of this county by voting for Duterte ? You have seen how he acts and talks. Maybe he is not acting. Maybe that is his true mentality. This guy has a very very big problem. I have been and seen bad people. I have not talk to him and cannot make any judgment call. There is a big possibility that he is one of them.

    • Francisco, there is no such thing as a “refined dictator.” That’s an oxymoron.

      Many Filipinos in the long history of the Philippines fought and died for freedom and democracy but you want those things supressed. That is an unfortunate concept.

      If you want a country that does NOT have freedom and democracy, perhaps you would like to move to the communist country of North Korea? I wonder how long they would let you walk on the streets of Pyongyang before they throw you in their Gulag.

      Then and only then that you will appreciate that you are living in a country with freedom and democracy.

  19. Gloria M. Kuizon on

    He recently presented a new personality, one that is praised by Times columnist Efren Danao.
    Duterte must be psychotic with a split personality.
    We already have an obviously and clinically observed mentally and psychologically handicapped person in our present president BS Aquino.
    Let’s not punish ourselves more by electing Duterte in 2016.

    • Gloria, when the day ends, we will all be reckoning who among the candidates are better. Who will you pick?

      I disagree about your comment. I find it too shallow and unprincipled. Can you as filipino try to understand the dynamics of the idea and not the wrap in itself? Can you open your eyes to the deeper meanings of his talk?

      Don’t be fooled by shallow minded media, that is willing to write incomprehensive truth just to earn money or favor.

    • I agree with you Ms. Kuizon. Duterte does not believe in God, but thinks of himself as God, he’s a lawyer and was before a public prosecutor, yet he does not follow and respect the Rule of Law, and puts the law in his own hands. Filipinos are sick and tired of the criminals, yet they support a man who is a self confessed criminal. I pray for Filipinos to have wisdom in choosing the rightful leader. May God bless the Philippines.

  20. really Bono, why dont they subject this Viagra addict to a ‘Psychological Evaluation’?, like the useless President and the Chief Justice – HE WILL NOT PASS! – But hey, only in the Philippines right? World famous for electing the wrong leaders and ‘electing’ their own calamity on two legs.

    in case you didnt know Bono, ELECTION 2016 IS OVER ! Your very own government are fooling you all. Your President and that ‘Lord’ manipulator of Smartmatic had it in the bag to avoid jailtime and bigger payment for Hacienda Luisita. YOUR ELECTION IS A CRUEL JOKE.

  21. This Duterte is a hardened person produced by the environment in Davao. During his time in Davao, there were too many criminals. They said that the gun for hire crimes is more of a cottage industry. Do not blame the church. They tried to save souls and sinners but as the saying goes tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are. As for me, the biggest factor that influence a person is his environment. I honestly pray that Duterte repents and change his ways but as long as he stays in Davao, it is impossible to change.

  22. Mr. Adaza, I respect your opinions. You seem to be real learned, and a religious man.

    I, too, am a product of Roman Catholicism. I was raised, schooled with the same values, so I know where you’re coming from.

    But this is no excuse for you to quote is biblical passages to justify your polarizing opinions. This ploy is in the Guinness book of cliches, and has been used since time immemorial for the church to encroach into matters of state.

    No one has the right to pass judgment without the burden of infallible proof [Matthew 7:1], and no one is a saint enough to throw the first stone [John 8:7].

    As a Roman Catholic, as a devout Christian, and as a writer with a voice that is published and read by many, I am appalled because you should hold yourself to a higher standard of seeking the truth, and being compassionate to all of us who are equally tainted with sin, and this does not exclude yourself.

    • Dr. Strangelove on

      “No one has the right to pass judgment without the burden of infallible proof [Matthew 7:1], and no one is a saint enough to throw the first stone [John 8:7].”

      Quite the rock solid reason not to elect someone you know is going to murder people without trial….

    • Here’s an idea: Lets get a bunch of old LONELY MEN, make them LEADERS in topics like SEX, MARRIAGE, LOVE & CHILDREN nevermind if they dont have any first hand experience on these. As long as we affiliate them with GOD nobody will be none the wiser and might even GIVE the MONEY to make them RICH.

      Go Figure???

  23. Great assessment. It must be put to action immediately, without further delay, and prioritized as laid out starting at Assessment #1. This venue should be the Batasan Pambansa. Once all assessments are implemented and or completed, the edifice will then be renamed Philippine Horror Society Memorial. There is no doubt this nation will be great again.

  24. Sonny Alejandro on

    Hindi na kailan man magbabago pa ang aming dahil gusto na namin ng pagbabago #DuterteCayetano

  25. I am sorry to tell you that Duterte has no balls to do the things you suggested. He cannot go against the powerful politicians like Estrada, Enrile, Revilla and other moneyed people Ang kaya lang ng bunganga ni Duterte ay ang mga mahihirap. You are totally correct: the Philippines will be a big embarrassment to the whole world if we have Duterte as a president for he cannot speak English, Duterte will be charged internationally of sexual harassment, sobrang mayabang dahil daw sa graduate siya ng San Beda. I am a graduate of an unknown university and I can beat Duterte’s low IQ.

    • @Ed de Leon: paano mo naman nasabing ndi marunong mag english si digong, kaya nga nakagraduate ng law at naging fiscal. Hindi porket mahina sya sa tagalog eh ndi na sya marunong mag english. Kung low IQ si duterte eh di hamunin mo ng debate. tignan ko lng kung saan ka pupulutin. #DC2016

    • Really? Have you watched Duterte’s interviews? Have you heard him talk about his platform of government? Have you heard him answer (in English, mind you!) all the questions thrown his way? He’s not as stupid as you think he is. He’s a lawyer, for crying out loud!

    • @ Ed De Leon, how dare you to say that Duterte can’t speak English! I guess you need to watch some of his interviews! How can a Lawyer and a Prosecutor become such if he can’t speak English? Did you hear yourself! Just try one time watching his interviews how he throw lines using legal terms. How can he issue memorandums in his city if he can’t speak English! Can you think first if what you are saying is believable before putting it in writing! Shame on you!

  26. Totally agree with Mr. Adaza..Mr. Duterte is a disgrace to catholic and to our country. He needs to be investigated for the crimes he committed. We need to know who are his accomplishes in killing and where he gets the money to support his election. No wonder his daughter slaps people in public. No to dictator and unethical leader.

    • Do you even understand what hyperbole is? You talk as if you’ve personally seen him commit his supposed crimes. Where does he get his election money? He has NONE, which is why he’s asking the common people to campaign for him. As it stands, people are the ones campaigning for him – free of charge. He’s not keen to accept financial help from business owners because … listen to this … he doesn’t want to return any favors if and when he gets elected as president.

    • This is bullshit article look who’s talking no one is righteous not even one…how much did they pay you to wrIte this article? This is a plolitical agenda from someone thats also aspiring for president.religion should not involed in a political affairs if you love God then pray for the country or Pray for Duterte cayetano to win the race..if you read the bible then read again the life of King David. i saw a soft spot of Mayor heart he has a caring heart for the people.he love his Country he knows what is good for humanity. He cannot tolerate anymore of what traditional politician have done in this Country. Mayor said..IF GODS WILL I WILL BE THE PRESIDENT THEN LET IT BE DONE ITS MY DESTINY.If you dont want to Vote him just Shut up do not assasinate character…

  27. Duterte does not only violates the Rule of Law, but also God’s commandments, his words and actions are far from what a good leader and true believer should be. May God give light and wisdom to the Filipinos…

    • So who’s the better alternative, then? Light and wisdom, to borrow your words, don’t just pop out of nowhere. Someone has to say something so readers/listeners can decide.

      Duterte turned crime-ridden Davao into a peaceful city. What has Mar Roxas done? Have you forgotten what happened under his watch? Yolanda? SAF44, Laglag-bala? Is this the type of atmosphere you want him to continue?