• ‘An explosion of superior flavors’

    The Hawaiian Overload Pizza

    The Hawaiian Overload Pizza

    On Wednesday this week, there was “an explosion of superior flavors” at The Manila Times office when Greenwich surprised the editorial team with a special delivery of their new offerings for the year. Both “all-time favorites made better,” these are the Hawaiian Overload Pizza and the Creamy Carbonara Pasta.

    Greenwich’s Hawaiian Overload Pizza is a combination of sweet juicy pineapples balanced with tangy cheddar and mouthwatering mozzarella, which blend in harmony with salty and spiced flavors from the meats. Finally, it is topped with crunchy bell peppers, which make for that promised “explosion.”

    Complementing the flavorful pizza is a rich and savory Creamy Carbonara Pasta for those who crave for something warm and filling. The cream-based sauce surely hits the spot with its crispy bacon bits and grated Parmesan cheese.

    Greenwich’s delivery hotline is 254-1000.


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