An industry mourns


Pitoy Moreno’s passing is indeed a very sad one. He is an inspiration and icon to all of the young designers. By showcasing Filipino motifs and details in his design, he succeeded in pushing the envelope farther. I had the pleasure of watching his grand 50th anniversary show, Ginintuang Moreno, at the CCP many years ago. It helped me define what kind of designer I wanted to become. Beautiful gown after beautiful gown, vintas and sarimanoks unfolded beautifully down the runway. At the end, the models all went out and Pitoy took his bow. Then he brought out all his manangs and staff. Something that I will never ever forget and made them take a bow too.

Santi Obcena

* * *

As a client, Pitoy Moreno was the epitome of perfection and excellence. The saying “Only the best or nothing” best describes his work attitude. As a friend, I had the privilege of receiving his famous buko salad every Christmas. I thought that was his way of accepting me as a personal friend.

Susan P. Joven

* * *

I pay tribute to Mr. Jose “Pitoy” Moreno. He has received many accolades in his lifetime, and his name has been appended with titles. But to me, he is a great Filipino.

In fashion, he found his passion. He dazzled the world with his dresses and costumes. But one thing that stands out from his creations: the Filipino flair and flavor.

I’ve seen him in Bb. Pilipinas activities, from 2001-2011, a decade of admiring the man who has shaped the fashion industry and who has done much for the queens who have represented our country. In 2005, he told me that I have a future in pageant-training and molding of queens. I remember and cherish those words, even until now.

However, it is in the way that he has emphasized Filipino identity that I found an inspiration. He has always wanted to bring out the best in us, without losing our remarkable identity as Filipinos. Like him, I contribute as I hope to continue to contribute in my own little way in bringing out the best in the Filipino, especially on the pageant stage.

To me, that is the ideal calling.

Jonas Antonio Gaffud

* * *

I worked with Mang Pitoy about two to three times lang yata. Not particularly close to him because of the distance of our offices. But whenever we see each other, I can say he’s fond of Pepsi Herrera and I specially when we were starting. He would show us his gowns before clients would pick them up. Would tell us how he cut a certain skirt, techniques of how to embellish.

Edwin Tan

* * *

It is sad to know that the Philippine fashion industry has lost another gem, Sir Pitoy Moreno, but his artistry will live on. I will never forget the first time I met him. I was so star struck! It was before I was sent to Hong Kong for my very first international competition. He told me how lucky I was (he said they never experienced that before), that I should cherish every moment there, and work really hard to grow as a designer and last in the industry. He will always inspire me to nurture the gift I am given as a fashion designer.

Avel Bacudio

* * *

As one of the pioneers of the Philippine fashion industry, his contribution, dedication and influence on the history of Philippine fashion will be a legacy.He made a mark on the arts scene and inspired almost everyone in our industry.Thank you very much for the inspirations.

Jeffrey Rogador

* * *

I have full respect and admiration for Pitoy Moreno whose work spanned 60 years. It took a lot of dedication and passion to claim the title “Fashion Czar of Asia.”

Emi Jorge


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