• An odyssey of the senses

    Franco Laurel

    Franco Laurel

    There are a few things in this world that transcend greatness. A lot try their hardest to be the best, but only a rare few become icons of their own making. They are universal, unique; they pique one’s curiosity and sense of wonder.

    As such, French cognac brand Hennessy X.O., which boasts a 250-year rich history, believes that theirs is one such icon.

    Hennessy X.O. recently opened a new door of intensity and sophistication; it gladly shared to discerning Filipinos an experience of greatness as it led the journey towards awakening human senses in a special event held at Axon, Green Sun in Makati.

    Additionally, the brand has revealed the complexity of the human palate by taking it to an adventure with its so-called 7 chapters, namely, “Sweet Notes,” “Rising Heat,” “Spicy Edge,” “Flowing Flame,” “Chocolate Lull,” “Wooden Crunches,” and “Infinite Echo.”


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