• An open letter to Mayor Rodrigo Duterte


    Dear Mayor Rodrigo Duterte:

    We write on behalf of 33,000 evangelical local churches with millions of members scattered around the country, expressing concerns about your narrative told during one of your sorties about one of our sisters in the Lord, the late lady missionary Jacqueline Hamill, who died a martyr’s death while performing ministry work in a Davao jail in 1989.

    We were taken aback and aghast that the story became a laughing matter to your supporters and some of the viewing public.

    This is not about your aspiration to become President of our country, nor anything about politics.

    While we agree with the countless claims of changes that led to progress in Davao City under your leadership, allow us to speak on behalf of the church.

    With due respect, sir, your derogatory statement as an aspiring father of our beloved country about a woman victim of the heinous crimes of rape and murder in the performance of ministry work for the spiritual well-being of our people, while it may be an expression of utter anger or a joke, is an insult, is offensive and sacrilegious to her family, the Christian Church, the missionary-sending country and the mission society who saw her death as the ultimate sacrifice.

    With all due respect, sir, we are not demanding apology or seeking retribution. We will leave it to your judgment on how you will respond to this letter in the listening ears and watchful eyes of millions of devoted followers of Jesus Christ in our country.

    Ultimately, all our actions and deeds will be weighed by God, but the public and the religious are concerned how you treat situations such as this and the way you handle yourself as a leader.

    While you claim to speak the language of the masses, as an aspiring President of our country, your comments, remarks, jokes and verbal expressions will be heard around the world as first representative of all Filipinos, as it has already been in this case. Whatever you say will bode well or ill for the country.

    Please be reminded of the words of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ:

    “11 Not what goes into the mouth defiles a man; but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man.

    “18 But those things which proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and they defile a man. 19 For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies. 20 These are the things which defile a man,…” (Matthew 15, Holy Bible)

    We are praying for you as well as all the other candidates that the word of God may be your rule and guide your thoughts and actions, whether you are elected or not as it is God who ultimately lifts people up.

    Yours respectfully,

    Bishop Noel Pantoja
    National Director
    Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC)

    Bishop Efraim Tendero
    Secretary General
    World Evangelical Alliance

    Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches
    62 Molave Street, Project 3, Quezon City 1102
    tel (632) 913. 1655 to 57 / facsimile loc. 601


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    1. Ok nga at na “annointed” siya ni mr quiboloy ” ngunit siya ba follower ng God? Paano at bakit siya pipiliin ng Diyos na nasa Langit , pinipili Nya ang tao may mabuting puso at kalooban, May takot sa Diyos

    2. Eduardo U. Dauz on

      I’m addressing this to all Christians who really read the Bible. DUTERTE for President: Why?! God will sometimes use leaders like Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar or Jehu to carryout what He wants to accomplish. In 2 Kings 9:7, God chose Jehu to end the wickedness of Ahab & Jezebel. In the Phils. today, there are many Ahabs and Jezebels. Duterte might be the Jehu of our time to bring our awaited change for our beloved Land. About this PCEC open letter…,for me, no big deal; it’s a good advice not only for Mayor Duterte…
      God bless the Philippines!

      • The people did not vote for Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar and Jehu. As Christians, we have a moral obligation to vote for God-fearing men. We must rely on the wisdom of God, through His Word, instead of our own human wisdom when choosing the next leaders of our country.

    3. Nestor Ballano on

      I would consider Duterte a more God fearing person as he absolutely followed God commandments!

      He loved God so much that he always prayed for peace and prosperity of his people in his native place. He is doing it in action by calling people to follow the law of the land and that’s admirable.

      Second is; He loved his people, the children, the old people as he loves himself – he is ready to sacrifice himself to protect people and this is very rare to find people like this nowadays. His bad words only come out when dealing with evils. I don’t think he will use bad words when surrounded with nice people.

      Or country is considered a Christian country but how come drugs, criminality and corruption are rampant throughout the place. Let’s endeavor to work hard for the sake of our country. We Christians should concentrate on helping our young people, the children to be God fearing people and most of all preserved our country from all types of violations.

      • Dear Readers,

        How can you really say that a good leader or politician responds to serious case as if it is just a joke and as if he really don’t care about what happened or what is happening to his Municipality alone? I am not saying that i am a perfect individual for we know that we are all human and human are prone to mistakes. However, is Duterte is really the ideal man whom you want to rule the country? As a concern citizen of the Philippines, let’s be realistic. Let’s try to foresee the future of the country and the people if Hon. Duterte will win as the President of the Republic of the Philippines. Let’s try to see the possible good outcomes and let’s try to think deeper of the possible negative outcomes. Let’s do it by ourselves not only one time but if possible let’s do it 3 times or even more. Let’s foresee things without biases. After doing this, you can now weigh what is heavier. If you see that Duterte’s good side is heavier than his negative side, then it’s up to you to decide. It is because as a concern Filipino citizen, i don’t want everyone of us to suffer in the end when we realize our mistakes. That is probably the weakness of every Filipinos. Padalos-dalos tayo na gumawa ng mga bagay without thinking or analyzing very well pero sa huli, dun natin narerealize mga mistakes natin tsaka natin i-blame ang mga saril natin and that is wrong. I’m saying this because i was once a follower of Ptr. Apollo Quiboloy who is a friend of Duterte and i’ve been hearing issues when i am still inside the so called “Kingdom” as they say. I do hope this letter of mine will awaken my co-Filipinos. Tenchu!

    4. Ang hirap tanggapin ang katutuhanan, si PNOY hindi niya kinu consider na hindi siya nananalo dahil sa kanyang abilidad kahit wala naman siyang kakayahan talaga bilang pinunu, nakalimutan niya na nananalo siya dahil sa mga taong nag simpatya sa nanay niya hindi sa pag ka tao niya, ganon pa man, dapat naging matapat siya sa kanyang tungkulin at iniwasan yang mga corruption kaya tuloy ang mga sambayanang pilipino ay galit sa kanya dahil sa mga pangyayari ngayon, sinayang niya ang pagkakataon naibinigay sa kanya ng mga tao at ngayon kahit yang si MAR ROXAS hindi totoong tao puro ka dramahan lang…VOTE DUTERTE FOR PRESIDENT,,,,,
      see you MAY 9, 2016

    5. Despite his image of a womanizer, killer, foul mouth….did any of you care to think what makes this man click to the masses? both a,b,c,d levels of society…..It means people are fed up with hypocrisy in government where false promises are the norm. Pinoys are now more than ever enlightened as to where their lives went after 30+ years of voting for decent, eloquent, rich, saintly candidate.

    6. Hypocrysy of those in power in the govt. and commit fraud, graft and corruption on a very grand scale depriving our people of food, education, and even a little comfort in life is worse than what Mr. Duterte has said before he came a presdl candidate. Macho thing is wrong and very bad to women’s dignity but stealing on a massive scale and collaborate with other officials as in the PDAF GRAFT IS THE GREATER EVIL wHERE IS JUSTICE FOR THE POOR–FOR THE MAJORITY. lET mR. dUTERTE LEARN MORE MANNERS IN PUBLIC BUT HE HAS A HUMBLER, DOWN-TO EARTH HEART THAN THOSE IN POWER WHO PRETEND THEY CARE FOR THE OTHERS ESP. THE POOR. DUTERTE IS OUR HOPE….He must respect women as he respects his own mother and children –let him learn more from his Bible believng partner-Mr. Cayetano. May God convict Mr. Duterte’s heart asap if he wants to be our PRESIDENT. hAVE A LEADER WHO FEARS NO ONE TO BRING JUSTICE TO THE OPPRESSED. mAGALING SYA. jUST NOT PERFECT. a WORK IN PROGRESS MAY BE BY THE LORD….

    7. Evelyn Sultan-Fortuna on

      It’s ok to forgive. It’s ok to forget. But forgiving and forgetting doesn’t mean installing him (Digong) to Presidency. That’s two very different story. #PresidentROXAS

      • we. Emilio Aguinaldo, need a leader and a president. we do not need a pastor or a priest to lead this country…this is not a church election. this is to deal with all the hard lined criminals, corrupt entities and drug addicts and drug pushers…your role is to pray for that leader and pray for this country…may God bless us all…

    8. Thank God for our leaders that they have finally made a stand. I feel sad that even fellow Christians not only in our church are endorsing him as the one who can lead our country. Im totally confused with their values & choices. i just say, im a Christian so I will not vote for him, besides, i dont have peace in my heart.. if not for this letter, i would have written our Senior Pastor to discuss & review in the pulpit the basic qualities of a leader based on the biblical principles.. though, i believe that it is God who raise leaders, i hope all pastors will give guidance prior to the election to enlighten fellow Christians..

      • parehas tayo brod ang matuwid ay ayaw ng lumahok at magbigay ng opinion dahil sa takot sa maraming taga suporta ni duterte ,, bakit wala rin akong kapayapaan kapag siya ang nanalo at naging presedente ng ating bansa.. idina dalangin ko at hinihingi ko rin sa ating Diyos na ano ba ang magiging epekto sa bansa kung si duterte ang mananalo

    9. I mean. i became a Christian last 2002, and some of my aunties and friends noticed that I was changed a bit..but not totally .becoz its a process nga. and for that i think Mayor Duterte can be changed also, he needs much of our prayers.

      • Zosimo Malaza on

        Agree and we need to pray for him. Nothing is impossible with GOD. We just need people like him and none of the other candidates has the potential to change the dying system of our government where “All Can Be Paid” and Money becomes evil making some good persons and claimed Christians “kuno” involved in Corruption.

    10. very well said mga ka DUTERTANS… indeed only God has the power to change a person, and that needs grace …and time….its a process .I myself became a Christian last 2002, s and it took sometime for me to ra Mayor Duterte talks that way and we need to accept him for what he is. Love is accepting both bad and good of the person. no matter what, still DUTERTE FOR PRESIDENT kami.

    11. Thank you ” PCEC ” the servants of God, For the boldness in the biblical principle. Let us unite together in prayer for whom the Lord will appoint the leader for our nation. Give all the conviction, wisdom and open our spiritual eyes to choose the leader.

    12. Jennifer Gadian on

      No man is an island. Yes we were there that its not a good joke. But its the Lord’s intention that he will make a joke. Everything came from the Lord. Indeed, its forbidden. But I adviced everyone, a good leader should be in himself. Don’t hide the real you coz lying can cursed and ruined you. Be in yourself, show to everyone who you are and what you can do for the sake of our nations. Nowadays we need Mayor Duterte for our country if not all of us will suffer.

      • Jennifer am agree of what u says..mabuti na yung open magsalita ..hindi hypocrite na pagka tao..meron jan theyre keeping what they did in our country..and who suffered up to now..? We filipinos…so we need changes…how many years that we suffered..poverty..So go!go!go!..digong!

      • What a twisted value you have. This is sickening. Insulting a missionary with a joke is from the Lord? What the heck? Where are you from? Who is that Lord you are talking about? Oh, maybe Satan – yes, coz Satan is lord too, right?

      • We do not need Duterte. Very obviously, he is not the Messiah as he pretends to be. WE NEED THE LORD and WE NEED TO CHANGE OUR HEARTS to be able effect the changes in our country. The people in the drug industry need to change their greedy hearts. The criminals need to change their outlook that they are forced to commit crime because of poverty. The robbers, the kidnappers-for-ransom, the prostitutes, the drug peddlers, etc. belong to this category. Based on the traits demonstrated by Duterte: WE DO NOT NEED DUTERTE, WE NEED THE HOLY SPIRIT!!!!

      • beth enriquez on

        Excuse me , it did NOT come from the LORD> We have freewill, choose what is right and wrong. Saying that Duterte’s bad-mouthing comes from the Lord is sacrilegious! Your belief, your soul and destiny, not mine. God bless!

    13. Janneth Albino on

      Let us not be holy..because..no man is holy….Let us give chance to Duterte..He is called by God to lead the country….dont judge him…because of that bad jokes….He can do better for our country…give him a chance….Let us pray instead of judging him…He is the chosen president of the Philippines soon. God bless.

    14. Janneth Albino on

      Let us see the Philippines as a whole….a country….needs to be transformed in the Lord…. Let us be judgemental with what “bad joke”…past is past…it was forgiven already..forget it..let us move on…to become a better country that fears the Lord….I understand the feelings of the victims but let us be broadminded instead…. we need a leader who can decide for the better….God has open the door for Duterte to become president…many christian are praying for Duterte..to become a channel of blessing to this country…. Let us be matured enough in choosing the best leader of our country, who has a heart of honesty, credibility, compassionate to all Filipinos, has high dignity despite of the sins committed. we are all sinners. no one is perfect and nobody has done holy before God…Instead, let us pray for Duterte..to be used by God to be able to pursue the task of saving the country from dirty government..we need a Savior..Jesus Christ and a leader who has wisdom on how to manage the country well and excellent….let us give chance to Duterte…let us show deepest concern to all people who are victims of the bad people….like what happened in the NAIA…..Let us forgive and forget…and be a channel of prayers for Duterte’s leadership.

      • very well said Janneth. thanks for your being a broad minded person.we are not in the position to judge, Only God knows the heart of man. can i share your statement for my friends.

    15. Bernardo Gamul Macalisang on

      Sa totoo lang sa lahat na comment at mga reply na nabas ko dito puro away ang pupuntahan. Tayong lahat siguro ay boboto sa Mayo 9. Hindi sa kumakandidato ang kasalanan kung bakit sila naloloklok sa puwesto kundi nasa ating mga bumoboto. Hindi tayo nag iisip ng tama para sa ating Bansa. May nagpapauto, nagbebenta ng boto, tumatanaw ng utang ng loob, sumusipsip para sa magandang puwesto. Sana po ngayong eleksyon bago bumoto isipin munang mabuti kung ano ang mangyayari sa Pilipinas sa taong gusto mong Iboto.

    16. The letter is not to put down or judge Duterte but a letter of love. I feel you love a person you don’t just tell him his good deeds but also his bad sides because you care for him. If you love our country let’s not just vote a president whom we think he has skills but also with the character. If we love Duterte let’s tell him his good sides and his bad sides. “As iron sharpens iron so one person sharpens another, Prov. 27:17;

    17. The faithful are sometimes blinded by faith that they forget about the needs of the people, God’s people.

      It is sad to think that people who cast stone at another being would think that they can. They haven’t learned anything from our Lord Jesus Christ.

      • That’s very kind of you protecting him using the scripture. Did you tell you boss to do the same everytime a needed judgment is to done? Yes, who are we to judge? He needs a second chance … isnt it that everyone especiaĺly the he claimed executed needs a chance too? Wake up… pls

    18. No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit.
      A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

    19. YOU are Politicking my dear Bishops, don’t cover yourself by saying your comment is in behalf of your church…. or else, you would have commented on all the wrongdoings of all the other candidates, the kapalpakans of this very government and the rape charges and corruptions of the members of your own institution as well…. It would have been better had you SHUT UP….

    20. Eh bakit nmn nakikisali pa ang mga namumuno ng Evangelical Church sa isyu ng Pulitika… binanggit pa ang estmtd figure kung ilang churches… nabasa nyo nmn sinabi ni Kristo kung sinong walang kasalanan siya unang bumato… bakit nung kumandidato si Bro. Eddie Villanueva hindi kayo nagpursigi na manalo sya dahil alam natin na siya ay matuwid na tao… Manalangin tama din naman lalo nat may Gawa hindi lang sa Salita..

    21. The situation in the Philippines is that people are sick and tired of corruption and crime. Corruption is deeply embedded within the society so that one has to give a bribe to get things done in a government office or authority..from the lowest employee to the highest official. Along comes a candidate whom many people follow, but considered a rascal by many as well. He is promising rid the country of crime and corruption within 3 to 6 months, or he will resign. This to me is a promise that cannot be delivered without encroaching on human rights, due process and civil liberty. This promise could only be delivered under a totalitarian rule. If the Filipino people prefer to have that kind of government, as long as the country becomes a better place to live for the majority, then so be it. Sometimes a benevolent king/dictator can do more for the betterment of the people than a democratic leader who just lets everything to be status quo.
      May God, from whom all power and authority comes, enlighten the minds of the leaders and citizens of the country.

      Remember, you are not a Christian because you are baptised..you are a Christian because you love and forgive like Jesus Christ.

    22. My dear co-Pilipinos, take a deep breadth, exhale, inhale and repeat again one more time. Ok, let’s just leave it at that “Duterte drop his candidacy”. Now lets all our life move forward. Thank you and may God Bless the Pilipino People.

    23. I think this open letter is just a reminder to Mr. Duterte and NOT as a judgement. This is not judgment. In the end, the decision still lies to Duterte. But I believe a person’s character can be changed by God”s grace. After all he is always willing to apoligize whenever he did wrong or said wrong. It is better than a person with an arrogant heart who do not know how to say sorry.

      Hindi nmn kc siya laking simbahan kaya siya ganyan. Kung familiar kau sa mga taong tulad nya na expression nlng ang pagmumura maiintindihan ntn na he does not always mean what he said bilang mura. Bigyan ntn siya ng chance to prove himself. Hindi bat sabi nya sinisikap nyang bawasan ang pagmumura? And he is doing that. We church people know it best that changing a person’s behavior does not happen overnight. It takes so much effort and God’s grace to do it. From glory to glory. Mas mabuti sigurong ipagdasal ntn siya. Fervent prayer works!

    24. I myself is a Christian and Duterte may have said foul words and he did say sorry for it, so what do we want more? Let’s not pur ourselves above anybody by way of our “humanly” positions. Beyond Jesus death there is no one CLOSER to HIM by putting Bishop beside the names. May mga bagay DIOS lang ang naglagay at makakalagay at merong gawagawa lang ng tao.

    25. Mar de Ocampo on


      All of us are sinners and we should not point fingers to anyone. The Messiah is against those people who are cLaiming to be righteous but actually none…my challenge to you is this cast the first stone if you claim to be righteous. The Master said “the one of you without sin ,let him be the first to throw the stone to her.(John 8:4-7).

    26. I am for Duterte. I will vote for him. That will never change.. The admission that we commit mistakes is not cowardice but braveness. Defending him for why he said that will never erase the fact that a mistake is a mistake. Instead, we need to advice him the proper way – to say sorry. Saying sorry will never lessen the fact that he is still the best alternative from among the other 4 candidates. It will all the more project to the Filipino people that Duterte is not perfect but learns how to accept that he commit mistakes. That Duterte is a learner and will never stop learning.

    27. Why in heaven’s name is everyone practically waiting and picking on what Mayor Duterte has to say, don’t you have BETTER THINGS TO DO WITH YOUR time folks? There’s the major VOTE BUYING, there’s all those CORRUPT people RUNNING FOR OFFICE, there’s NAIA and TANIM BALA for one …CHILD TRAFFICKING, PORNOGRAPHY victimizing helpless kids and women …. FOCUS ON those PLEASE!!!! In GOD’s name YOU “GODLY” Kuno people!!!!!!!!

    28. Those who don’t like our President Duterte and cannot move on. Kahit na nag APOLOGY na nga. Pls. Let us know who’s your voting for.

      Sana lang i compare nyo ng tama yung gusto nyo iboto.

    29. Fake evangelical. Never ever use God fearing if you are against Duterte because a perfect man is not offended in word.

      Jas 3:2 For in many things we all offend. If any man offendeth not in word, the same is a perfect man, able also to bridle the whole body.

    30. Let us earnestly pray for our aspirants for discernment and invoking God’s words in their life. I am not for anyone as to my president (undecided) but i think the provoking utterance of Mr. Duterte is that, though it was a bad joke,
      he don’t mean it. He is not psychologically incapacitated because he is a mayor for a decade and he is loved by people of Davao. Let us put everything to God in prayer. he knows who is best for us. All we need is earnest prayer including a peaceful and honest election. God will never abandon us. He love us. This is our burden which He don’t want us to carry. Surrender everything to God.

    31. Marilyn Y. Purcival on

      What will happen now to the poorest of the poor who got no voice, the oppressed ones, the masses? Who will defend those who needs justice done, whom cannot get one because of lack of financial resources. Only Duterte did that even way back twenty years ago as a true leader. NONE OF THEM REPRESENTED THAT KIND OF LEADERSHIP EXCEPT MY BELOVED CANDIDATE MAYOR DUTERTE!!! NO ONE!!! HAPPY NOW BINAY, ROXAS, POE?

    32. Along Bunsod on

      I am a Filipino.
      I am voting for the Filipino people.
      This political participation and my choices have been fundamentally inspired by a spirituality which has been shaped by my personal encounter with Jesus, son of Mary and Joseph of Nazareth, later to be enshrined as the Christ, Savior, Lord. He lived from a distant past. Yet I firmly believe that many of his values and what he stood for relative to his specific socio-cultural circumstances are still relevant today in a contemporary social situation needing authentic transformation. In addition, this involvement is my moral obligation to bring an initially private and religious experience to the public/secular sphere particularly the political domain.

    33. These people castigate Duterte for his choice of words…Those words were not even lead to action but just a sign of being abhorrent…But have you shared your sentiments to all the Filipino people who suffered much from the current government and the past? have you tried to ride our MRT/LRT? have you been a victim in our airport? if not, then you did not feel the pain and repugnancy of those who did…I would rather have a thug president who uses foul languages but has the capability to do good governance rather than a decent one but steals people’s money…I know Duterte is not a perfect one but he has a strong will to lead this country and I’m counting on it…

      • You bought the propaganda that this EVIL PERSON will bring GODLY BLESSINGS to the country. Out of what’s in the heart the mouth speaks….and if all the garbage we hear coming from his mouth is of any indication Duetrte’s heart is full of evil. You’ve desensitize yours soul to the evil of murder (you clamor for it like it’s bread) and to his immoral ways. The devil seduced you w/ quick fix, that the solution to evil is another evil (murder), that to defeat a devil you need another devil as savior.

      • A decent man doesnt steal money since you used the word “decent.” Likewise, a foul mouth who cannot govern his tongue cannot govern a country. nevertheless, a duterte “fan” is blinded by their misled hope for a man who knows how to entertain the masses, so we just await his fall.

      • … please read the letter. it is just some sort of a reminder, not to castigate your candidate or to put him down. it is the role of the church to remind people of what is right and wrong based on what the Bible says… it does not even ask him to apologize; it is up to your candidate whatever he does after reading the letter…

      • A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.
        No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit. Luke 6:45; 43 (emphasis mine)

      • ana binky arado on

        Very well said Mr. BART. We can’t change him. That is who he is. What’s important are his GOOD deeds. THOU SHALL NOT JUDGE THE BOOK BY ITS COVER. There are priests who commited rape, there are politicians who are corrupt and unfaithful to their wives, and just because these people look good from the outside they are more acceptable? That for me is shit! I’d rather have a president who curses but has A VERY BIG AND BEAUTIFUL HEART.

    34. I am sorry but in the history of Philippine politics, Détente is the real one, unmasked, not pretentious, honest and true leader. He is not perfect, he does not change his brand. Those jokes are what you hear from ordinary people like him. Hypocrite are those who are Catholic and yet very unworthy for a single vote. These politicians I bet donated millions of peso to Bishops and Priest, knowing it came from graft and corruption. Truth be told only God knows, some politicians are just show off, trying to be clean in front of public, very careful on public speaking and yet with hidden black agendas. Détente is not a good public speaker as Poe or Roxas, not pretentious as Binay and certainly not so intelligent like Miriam but he is for real a true character, A Filipino with traditional attitude, with local behavior and humor, and lastly, a not hypocrite Catholic Filipino.

      • Well they are also citizens, right? Anyone can comment. Be it from the church, the medical community, whatever.

      • … separation of church and state is all about prohibiting one from interfering with the affairs of the other. it does not prevent the church from reminding people, including a candidate aiming for the highest post in government, about proper decorum. in the same way that the state can also remind the church about obeying the laws of the land…

    35. christopher manson on

      d po ba nag sorry na si mayor sa buong sambayanan…at kung si mayor ay masama ang puso bakit nya pinatay ang mga tao na nang rape dun sa babae….unabg una kaya ganyan ang bibig nya kasi d naman natin kapareho ng pananampalataya ako nga pag galit ako nakakapagmura din ako kahit kristiano na ako hipokrito ako kung sasabihin kong d ako nakakapagmura….

      • Koreksyon po di po c duterte ang pumatay sa kanila,,mga militar po…..basahin nyo po sa news nagsalita dun yung isang col na cla ang andun at wala c duterte….or if andun c duterte at cya ang pumatay lalong masama yun diba?utos ng panginoon ang di pag patay

    36. I myself is a Christian & i read the Holy Bible almost everyday & re read it again & again & i pray in every situation/circumtaces wherever/whenever… i talked directly to God through Jesus Christ our savior… one of so many reasons why Jesus Christ became a Man is for Him to really understand humanity eventhough He’s the one who created us all and even chose His 12 disciples from all walks of life He didn’t choose the perfect ones… what i am trying to say here is that Mayor #Duterte is not perfect in fact far from perfect he’s even vocal about it all his imperfections & who are we to judge him??? Only God can judge him & only God can controll/dictate him & i know God will work in mysterious ways for mayor #Duterte on every situations…We all know the life story of King David, Moses, Jacob & all the 12 disciples all of them has their imperfections however, God revealed Himself to all of them what’s their true purpose here on earth… so please im begging all of you to give Mayor #Duterte a chance don’t be blinded only for all those negative statement/jokes that he always use during his sorties/rallies he just want to level himself to the majority whose listening to him during the rallies/sorties he just want to lighten up the moment/message that’s why he always make these “jokes” or story telling to get the attention of all the people listening to him (especially they’ve waited for hours) & deliver the important message to all the people…and please Do Not be selective instead Understand the whole message that he wants to deliver/convey… and let’s face it the people get the message in fact they didn’t even bother about the jokes until the time the “hypocrytes”/”as if Saints” make it sensationalize the only negative remarks/jokes/statement of Mayor #Duterte and the worst thing is they only focus on the negative side not the whole story!!! #DutertePaRin #changeiscomingverysoon #ducay2016

      • Have u heard about duterte supports the death penalty? I mean ibabalik nya Ang death penalty sa Pilipinas. As a Christian ba susuportahan no un? I am a Christian also, and I’ll never support this death penalty. Dahil ang nakasulat ito sa bibliya at utos ng Diyos na huwag pumatay. If u vote for him parang isa ka na din sa mga pumaty sa mga taong hahatulan ng death penalty. Come to think of it. Sabi mo nga, Only God can judge us, so wala tayong karapatan o si duterte na magpapatay ng tao, let’s say na oo nagkasala sila, oo, nakapatay din sila but wala parin tayong karapatan na hatulan ang isnag tao ng kamatayan. I hope wag tayong maging bulag na Kristiyano. Let’s pray for our country, let’s pray for a better leaders that will lead us fr good, kung ano ang gusto ng Diyos. Hndi kung ano Ang gusto ng mga tao.

    37. With this I also implore all of the god-fearing people of the Philippines to reject DUDIRTY an evil and wicked person.

      Please do NOT vote for DUTERTE (Dudirty)

      • Who are you to judge who is evil and wicked? And stop using the name of God in vain.

      • Ate kung ayaw mo siyang (DUTERTE)iboto eh di wag lang hndi ung tuturuan mo pa kami kung si DUTERTE gusto namin…kung gusto mo iboto mo ung kurakot,pahirap sa taumbayan at wlang malasakit eh di wow..GO GO GO DUTERE DUTERTE DUTERTE DUTERTE

    38. Apologized already. Knew the mistake committed on using a dark humor but the thing is it is not the humor that we should focus on because behind the man who committed mistakes was a man with the purest intentions of raising the nation out of its current hellish situation.. Sabi rin marami ang nagpapanggap specially during elections kaya maging mapagmatyag. As i said before we should pray for all candidates. We can all quote the bible and defend the mayor but we should not instead we prayed for him for we ASKED HIM to run! People knew what they needed. Its been a long and routinary cycle of voting the TRAPO’s were we able to achieve the change we want or get us anywhere closer to where we wanna be? Please 6 years is long we desperately need a good leader.

    39. I hope we can all stop these and move on. There’s just too much talk about it, too many write-ups, and open letters. Whatever we do, there will always be someone who does something not pleasing to others.

    40. If your intention for this open letter is not really political as you claim, can you now write more open letters to all other candidates who are uttering outright lies, been fooling the people, stealing people’s money, spending government funds money for their own political machinery, etc. You are not not blind I suppose not to see all these dirty politics played by all other presidential candidates. Only then I will believe your mumbles as not another paid advertisement in favour of your preferred candidates based on how much money or favor they can offer.

    41. jason irwin togonon on

      i know nothing happens for a reason for God is a sovereign God, what happened is we might be looking at a work of God in progress , for reasons we do not know only He knows…mayor may have uttered bad words, but look also on the life of david, or rather cyrus,, many of Gods people whom He used has bad backgrounds or had done bad things,,,yet we are still reminded that as christians we should not focus on men but rather on God, as for the leader whom we should choose? search your hearts and ask God for guidance coz it is God who makes leaders and not men…

      • maryfeantivola on

        Why would God raised up a leader like David in the Bible, he killed his enemies, he had committed adultery,nakakalungkot naman ang mga taong ayaw buksan ang isip sa katotohanan. Si Mayor Duterte ginawan ng open letter, wow, daming issues ng bayan, nasulatan nyo na rin ba yung mga involve na opisyal? So yung mga ibang kandidato ok sa inyo, kasi mga banal ganun ba? Tingan nyo mga bunga bago kayo humusga… Mas madaming nagawang makabuluhan at epektibong pamamahala si Mayor, at yung mga kriminal, na ala Goliath simbolizing criminality and lawlessness, naghahari na sa bansa, at God is raising up someone to lead the country na labanan ito, not necessarily na banal na katulad nyo, mga bishops, reverends at kung ano pa title nyo, but someone who has the zeal to save this country from criminality, corruption and lawlessness, at sa lahat ng kandidato kung kanino pa kayo walang ibang mas competent at me napatunayan na sa tapang at panunungkulan kundi c Mayor Duterte. Sadyang madami lang nagbabanal banalan pero hinahayaang malugmok ang bayan!

    42. For all the bishop who signed on this article: remember what’s in the Lord’s heart – mga nagkakamali. Ang mga taong nagkakamali ay masarap ipagdasal, himukin at palalahanan kesa sa mga taong nagbabalat-kayo.

      • … yes, that’s what the writers did – pray for your candidate and remind him what the Bible says…

    43. Unilito Nuyad on

      Jesus might say, ang sinuman sa inyo na walang kasalanan ang siyang unang babato kay duterte…

      • hi…if this is the case…wag nating batuhin si binay, napoles, Hitler, at mga criminal—di sana wag patayin ng Mayor ang mga oulis yung mga criminal sa Davao tutal we can not judge…wag batuhin at wag husgahan lahat…ganuon po ba?

      • hi…if this is the case…wag nating batuhin si binay, napoles, Hitler, at mga criminal—di sana wag patayin ng Mayor o ng mga pulis yung mga criminal sa Davao tutal we can not judge…wag batuhin at wag husgahan lahat…ganuon po ba?

    44. Study the history of Europe and see how the church help the rich and people in power to corrupt the poor.

    45. Thank you PCEC for speaking up against Mayor Duterte’s unthinkable comment about our sister missionary who was raped and killed by prisoners. He did not need to say “dapat si Mayor ang nauna”, but he still did.

      My family were in Davao at the time and so the event touches me more personally. We mourned and lamented our late sisters death. It hurt us deeply. The pain just got personal again on hearing how the mayor of our city verbally abused a dead woman. Just unthinkable.

      Can you imagine the presidential speeches our dear mayor would make should he become president? How would this affect our nation, the young. Expletive speech has no place for those aspiring for the highest position. Salamat po.

      • I also feel that what he said was unwarranted but just because he does not know how to talk politics does not make him less of a leader. Words and money are the deadliest weapons used by politicians to keep the Filipino people in the state it is right now. What we need right now is change and if a foul mouthed president is what we need, then I’m all for it and most Filipinos would agree.

    46. Why don’t you write an open letter to Binay for corrupting the Filipino people, or Roxas for failing the Filipino people, or Aquino for not doing his job as the President of the our country, or Poe for being a puppet of the rich, or why not disclose your fellow bishops, priests, etc. who have been raping and sexually harassing the youth of the Philippines and the world. May the Lord have mercy on your souls.

      • Yes sobrang nakakalungkot, na dahil lang sa isang comment nagawa nilang sumulat ng open letter against Duterte, pero yung mga talamak na pagnanakaw, korupsyon sa gobyerno ng mga nakaupong poilitko balewala lang. Well si Haring David ang daming pinatay na kaaway, pati asawa ni Bathseba pinapatay at silang dalawa ay nagsama, pero pinili siya ng Diyos dahil sa kanyang katapangan at kakayanan na tumayong leader ng Israel dahil yung pinili ng mga tao na maging hari nila na si Saul ay walang kakayanan, hinayaang hamak hamakin at takutin ng higanteng kalaban ang buong bayan,Madaling kumuha ng mga talata sa bibliya at ipangalandakan, kaya nga watak watak ang mga relihiyon dahil sa hindi nagkakasundong mga doktrina ng simbahan.. Maging matalino na lng ang bawat isa sa pagpili ng iluluklok na lider ng bayabn, pero parang awa nyo naman huag na yung matagal ng andyan at madami ng ginawang kapalpakan. Huag maging hadalang yung isang komentong di nyo nagustuhan pra lang ipagkait nyo ang pagbabago na kayang gawin nitong taong inyong kinaiinisan, salamat.

    47. With all the words and actions Duterte has shown publicly, how much more his inner thought and actions ? When a a wicked ruler leads, people suffer. I still prefer the lesser evil candidate. If you look around the countries around the globe, Can you think of a hot tempered leader rule a country and prosper? I prefer visionary leader and a humble one. kahit di masyadong matalino, basta willing to learn and willing to love and respect Filipino people regardless of status in life. Thats the kind o fleader I want!!God bless the Philippines!!

    48. To those who dont sin will throw first the stone… everyone is a sinner… Du30 ask an apology but some people dont accept it… stealing is rampant in the gov’t but no one talks about it, drugs, rapist, corrupt he plan to stop but some dont care about it… they judge him with his joke about rape and media who has paid a large amount of money push it to the public… vote wisely… a corrupt who talks about sweet promises or a true servant who laid his life to the people… the choice is yours

    49. Well i feel like: All the sins and corruptions that our nation committed against God, duterte is our judgement if elected

    50. the lord said you bishop should forgive duterte if he committed a sin, as the way I had forgiven you

    51. It disgusts me how the “religious” can be so blind and self-righteous. All your talk of morality won’t save this country.

      As you engange in spiritual masturbation know that our country rots from within. Being the politicians they are, the other candidates will only spread that rot. Surely you must know this.

      Are you to damn this country because his language offends you? Then so be it. Let’s all burn in the little hell we call The Republic of the Philippines a while longer.

      All because of your pathetic misguided excuse of a moral compass.

      • Do you honestly in your heart believe that he is the best person to lead our country? Or this is just another empty promises from a politcian, ifits all joke to him, what he is saying, maybe later he will say again this is all a joke and not one promises is true! Kawawa ang Pilipines if that will happen, madudusa for the next 6 years, or who knows if he will even declare martial law! Kawawang kawawA ka bayan ko!!!

    52. Estrellita C. Lopez on

      Going back to the times that Mr. Duterte said those derogatory words to our beloved co-worker in the Lord, Missionary J. Hamil, the Lord heard him. Not a single word will be forgotten. Maybe by men will forget, but not our God. In due time, HE will avenge our dear sister in the Lord. God said, vengeance is mine.. Mr. Duterte is very poor spiritually and he owe it to God whatever he has said to our sister Jacquie. I know, Mr. Duterte will be punished with what he has said. I trust in the Lord so much that I am just watching what God will do to Mr. Duterte. Me and my family admire you Dear Brothers in Christ in publishing this open letter because many Born Again Christians were divided in their decisions in choosing who will be the leader of this country. We have our Bibles as the clear basis on choosing the President. Sad to say, they were lost..they don’t refer to the Word of God, and they just go with the so-called “popular”, of which is not always the truth. We pray will together Dear Bishops. God bless you all. We will work till Jesus comes.

      • with all due respect…you are acting like God, a judge and a vindicator…don’t you read what Jesus Christ said in Matthew 5?…blessed are the poor spiritually…always remember that Jesus came not for those who are righteous but for those who are not. And have you also forgotten that there is no sinner in the Bible the he condemned? Peter who betrayed him, the guy who hang beside him on the cross, the lady caught having an affair with other man, Zacchaeus the tax collector, Paul the serial killer, David who committed adultery and many others…your religious pride has blinded you that you can’t see the glorious message of the Gospel! Be reminded that the Lord came not to bring or introduce a RELIGION but a government… Isaiah 9 (a kingdom government) that is established in righteousness and justice…and I personally believe that God is not yet done with Duterte…please go back and study the Word of God and ask Him to have mercy on you for passing judgement to your fellowmen…do your part and don’t be like a pharisee…pray for Duterte for enlightenment.

      • Do not use God’s word to take advantage of the situation.
        Sa totoo lang, ang babaw ng kasalanan ni Duterte, pinapalaki niyo.
        Merong mas malaking problema ang bansa natin na dapat solusyunan.

    53. Now, I want to address the CHURCH as a whole- regardless of religion and denomination.

      If you are disgusted that majority of the people are rooting for this morally-contraversial Duterte, then you should be.

      If you are adamant that his supporters have lost their conscience to root for this uncouth Mayor, then you should be.

      If you feel helpless that the Philippines is in a rotten state of immorality, then you should be.
      Because this is the consequence of your apathy and indifference to the plight of the common Filipino. You are so quick to judge that God struck the nation with SuperTyphoon Yolanda because of the sins of this nation, but this immoral Duterte sent the best of Davao’s 911 rescue team and facilities to respond to the victims.

      The harsh reality is when people cry out for change, they don’t come to you anymore, they look the other way. They look to that cussing leader.
      Before you throw your stone of condemnation to these people– who are clammoring for social transformation, who are protesting for justice, who are rallying behind a vile man– try to ask yourselves, what have you done to prevent society from this moral decay?

      What excuse can you give as an institution instructed by God to teach His values?

      Is this society so worldly that you rather focused on building your church facilities, converting members instead of the advancing the Kingdom of God?

      Do these people even feel God’s presence in our country?

      Have you gone outside the church walls to touch the lives of the hungry, oppressed,displaced and abused? If so, then why are they seeking justice from this immoral leader named Duterte?

      You are pointing your finger to Mayor Duterte on how disgusting and despicable he is, but in return the rest of the four fingers point back towards you. The crowd drawn by this sinner slaps you in the face for it mirrors how you fall short in influencing this society.

      You are mad at Mayor Duterte because in him you see a reflection of how you failed to impact this nation; how you failed to mold an upright leader polished with grace and clean mouth who should be the better option for presidency; and how you failed to touch the lives of the these people who was onced rescued, fed, sheltered, protected and defended by an unbeliever.

      You preach about loving God and loving your neighbors, but does this society feel that you love them? Mayor Duterte has already apologized. Still you reject his apology. How pious and hypocrite. You cannot even love your enemy.

      Is it not time for all of us to lock ourselves in the room and REPENT? For GOD HOLDS US, His people, ACCOUNTABLE FOR WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THIS NATION.



    54. All the more believers in Christ need to pray not only for all who are aspiring for the highest office in the land but for the heart of people who will be voting on election day. May the sovereign will and plan of God prevail instead of men. “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2Chronicles 7:14

    55. In case he wins. .. hope he will change his ways and be humble enough to admit his wrong. It is never too late to change… it takes more of a man to say sorry than to talk tough.

    56. Pete L. Ilagan on

      Praise God!

      Thank you PCEC for coming out in the open n manifest its position on the issue.

    57. Every eyes be opened to whatever is happening right now….make the right choice and listen to your conscience! Have a blessed national election

    58. Bishop Dante Veluz on

      Mayor Duterte already asked for forgiveness. Leave the matter now to God thereafter. The Word of God says, “God forgives and remembers our sins no more”, Hebrew 8:12. Let’s continue to pray for him, as well other candidates.

    59. Offended Christian on

      No amount of justification is valid to insult a missionary who was killed for reaching out to criminals in the Philippines.

      This is a disgrace to the Filipino race.

    60. Gilbert Tagalog on

      im also a christian, but i suggest those bishops who signed up will also focus on a religion matter coz there’s also a lot of cases like priest having sexual abuses and etc..

      • Atapang Atao on

        Kuya, ibang simbahan po ang tinutukoy ninyo na may problema sa pagmamalabis ng mangilan ngiang pari.

      • Do not attack the Catholic Bishop on this Gilbert Tagalog. These bishops are Evangelical. NOT CATHOLIC PRIESTS. You are barking at a wrong tree. Besides you just want to continue to defend wrong doings? Why do you retaliate to these bishops anyway. ? They’re not the one being accused here. Don’t be so dumb. Put yourself into the shoes of the victims family.

      • These are from pastors, not priests. Protestants don’t have child abuse scandals like the Catholic Church.

      • This is not just a matter of the church but a matter of our country as a whole. We (the pastors) are also part of the government as citizens of the Philippines. as concerned citizen of our country, being silent on this matter is just like doing nothing for the sake of our county and for the sake of Christ.

      • But the questions is about digong’s demeanor, who is a candidate for pres. The religious leaders who signed the letter are citizens, taxpayers of the country and therefore have rights to voice thier concerns. Criticizing them is falacious and can not be a valid/acceptable justification of his, digong’s behaviour.

    61. According to Natividad Dayan an International Psychologist, Duterte suffers from Antisocial Narcissistic Personality Disorder so he’s prone to demean and humiliate people likewise he violate their rights and feelings. Her report was used as evidence during the annulment of marriage with his first wife. Hence, all these filthy words he had mouthed from Day One to date. Also, due to his sickness, he kills with no remorse to even be vainglorious about it. Just like a narcissistic serial killer, he kills at his whim.
      With this medical finding of his mental condition, he must be rejected for if not then may God have mercy on our country and us, the Filipino People…

      • If you are truly a faithful human being, what happened to God being forgiving. And if the person is ill, then shouldn’t you be advocating to get him some medical help. Instead you judge him like you are God and with what you just commented, you are no better than him.

      • Ms Irene, don’t believe everything that you hear bec it would be very easy to pass judgment on the person whom you don’t even know personally. They might just be hearsay for all you know. and since you are anti-Duterte in the first place, it is even easier for you to believe every black propaganda that the Roxas camp has been spreading. My son is a psychologist and he is a Christian, a God-fearing man. It would have been easy for him to say that Mayor is such and such a man, but no, bec the Bible says that we should not judge, bec it is only God who has the right to judge. Are you from Davao City? Do you know Mayor personally? If so then, you must be credible enough with your pronouncements against the Mayor. If not, why not look at Mar Roxas closely and see if he does not have any flaw. Better yet, look at yourself in the light of God’s Word…

      • Excuse meee!!!! In the Philippines walang divorce. So, annulment is the next best option. For people the get their annulment validated pupunta sila sa isang expert aka Psychologist and pay a lump sum amount para to put into writing na yung isang partner (who usually will be the guy), is not fit etc. etc. Susme, just ask Kris Aquino alam niya iyan. Research ka pa more Ms. Irene.

      • Dear Ms Irene

        Good day :) im a psych grad and hr professional. In my earlier days as a worker, i administer and interpret psych test results. I am also a Davaoena (borned and raise po). Pls dont use the psych report from the annulment of Mayor, kasi po matagal na po yun. At isa pa may kanya kanya po tayong topak. Lahat po ng candidato natin ngayon may sayad. Pati po presidente natin abnormal po. Ang kaibahan lang c mayor napabuti nya po buhay namin sa davao. Safe and peaceful po kami doon. Kung ayaw nyo po sa kanya ok lng. Walang pilitan. Basta alam namin mabuti cya sa amin :)

    62. i speak n behalf of my family. we need him more than your religion. by the way, not even religion can save anyone from harm.

      • This is not just a religious matter but a serious offense and a verbal abuse to the family of the victim, our church and the whole Filipino people

        This should not be taken lightly. That’s why we addressed this matter seriously

      • Wow why people are so concerned of his words and don’t want to look into his achievements. I would prefer a man like him with good results on his actions as a mayor in Davao than those who are like saints in public but are evil in private.

      • Louella Alonzo on

        Sir, we are not talking religion for we know that Christianity is more than a religion. It is a relationship with God.
        That being said, the future President should make the Philippines friendly for foreign investment and for tourism. We do not need one who wants to terrorize everyone else. Duterte, to me, does not come across as strong, but as a bully.

    63. Ric A. Guial on

      I my self is a missionary…we need to pray and ask forgiveness from God and humble ourselves before Him…He promised that he will heal our land…our enemy here is not Duterte…we are in the spiritual battle.

    64. Thank you Gentlemen for this letter to Mr.Duterte hopefully he will repent and ask forgiveness for all the blasphemies that came out of his mouth.Hope and pray that the eyes of Pilipinos will be opened and be guided who to vote for on May 9 for the good of the country. God Bless you all.

    65. In the first place if you watch closely and listen eagerly, Duterte did not smile or laugh when he narrated the story that happened 27 years ago. I was the audience that laugh. Could you stop anyone of the listeners from reacting when he only got hold of the last part of the narration? You have to accept that we Filipinos tend to react on same facts brought down when said on different areas. If Duterte had narrated the same facts when inside a holy place for sure none of the attendees would laugh. The only apology i think Duterte has to give is for narrating such horrific event on an uncontrolled crowd as he was simply telling his listeners and supporters how much he loved his country and how much he hates criminality, and that he is a leader who does not hide under the bed in times of distress but face it up front to protect the citizens. He is used to using words used by common men and women down the corner. He is a straight forward talking person.

      • Smiling or not, he said nagalit sya not only because pinatay at ni rape, but also because ang ganda ng babae dapat mayor ang mauna…its all in his mind, criminal mind..hindi ko maintindihan why you are denying na yan ang tinakbo ng utak nya which means masama din syang tao, kapareho lang sya ng mga nang rape sa babaing yon. He was not narrating an event, he told us how he felt at that time and it showed what kind of person he is. And you want such kind of person to become president? Kung anak mo kaya ang babaing yon ano kaya maramdaman mo?…wala syang respeto kahit kanino lalo na sa mga babae. Pinagmamalaki din nya marami na syang pinatay na tao. Ang
        mga taong hindi kumokondena sa kawalanghiyaang pinakita nya at pinagmamalaki nya (kung kinahihiya nya yon di na nya ikkwento) ay kapareho din nya. God bless the Philippines if this kind of person will be our president…Also, yong mga common men and women down the corner ay hindi mga bastos kapareho nya. Di mo ba napansin pag pinuna sya wala syang sinasabi kungdi go to hell? Sarili lang nya ang kilala nya, arogante at kung umasta parang sya ang Diyos. Yan ang gusto nyo maging president?

      • He is a loose canon, a bum on the street! He has no idea what it takes to be a good president!

      • Do you mean that when he said “Dapat Mayor ang mauna…” he was serious? That’s even more disturbing!

      • Abbey Bethlehem on

        very well said….i watchedt he clip…he was not making a joke out of it. the one who entitled/published the videoclip or what as Duterte made a joke about rape should be reprimanded or the one who should issue an apology,Because it was never even close to be considered as a bad joke. a politically incorrect figure of speech perhaps. however, duterte never really minds to be politically correct bec. he is a public servant not your traditional poilitician.

    66. Mel Fulgencio on

      1Timothy 2:1-5
      First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus,

    67. Vicentina P. Lumpay on

      Thank you Bishop Noel Pantoja and Bishop Efraim Tendero for this open letter. I hope other Pastors will read this so that they will know the stand of the Evangelical Churches on this issue… God bless!!!!

      • other pastors wil not take time to read this. They would rather listen to the filthy talking guy than to this. But i amm strong in my faith. I will not lay down my moral values and respect just for the sake of elections. Skills is good but Character is better

      • So sino po iboboto? Eh bukid kay miriam the rest ay sabit. Eh pag sasabihin nyo yung lesser evil eh what’s the difference? Sorry I would rather be judged by my actions than my words.

    68. Daniel Arciaga on

      I am proud of our evangelical leadership of speaking up against just utterance of a candidate to a highest office of the Philippines office. The Church is now being challenged by the social, political,economic reality, etc to provide both biblical and pastoral guidance to members ins such a time like this.

    69. Evangelical Christian churches open letter addressed to Duterte may also an opener to some bible believing Christians to examine their choice and decision how to use God’s constitutional privileges to be used…As we submit to the governing authority our pre-meditated decision will reveal our identity and our spiritual condition.

    70. Victor Villanueva on

      Thank you for making this statement. All men need to conscious of what we say.

      • Kapayapaan po sa ating lahat. Ayaw po matin ang masama, gusto nating magbago. Pero dapat na pagbabago ay sa diwa dapat ng Panginoong Jesus. Tama ang Panginoon hangang ngayon magpa kailanman. Mahalin daw natin ang ating kapwa katulad ng ating pagmamahal sa ating sarili. May mga mahal tayo at tayo rin ay nagkakasala. Gusto ba ninyong patayin kayo o ang mahal pag nagkasala? Maraming papatayin at ipagtatangol nila ang sarili at lalaban. Maraming naagrabyado at sisingil sila. At gaganti ang iba. Patayan ang hinaharap kay duterte. Murahan, sumpaan. Yan ba ang gusto ninyo?