An unstoppable August on JackTV


Russel Brand gets his own late night talk show

JackTV delivers three new shows this month that began with the premiere of Brand X with Russell Brand. The late night talk show features the English comedian’s unvarnished, unfiltered and hilarious point of view on current events, worldwide politics and popular culture. Taped in front of a live audience at a Hollywood night club, Russell’s guests will include experts, news makers and activists—many of whom he calls his friends. Taking on current affairs like no one else, Russell’s signature irreverent  attitude is sure to have you laughing the night away.

Step into the future with JackTV’s newest sci-fi series Defiance. Premiering tomorrow, August 11, Sunday at 9PM, the drama takes place in the year 2046, where earth is now home to various alien races. In the town of Defiance, or what used to be St. Louis, arrives a mysterious human drifter named Nolan (Grant Bowler) and his adopted Irathient daughter, Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas). As they settle in, events begin to develop that terrorize the fragile peace that exists between the humans and several extraterrestrial races. Nolan and Irisa soon realize that their new home will need their help if they want peace to prevail amongst the species.

Alfred Hitchcock’s bone-chilling 1959 movie Psycho introduced viewers to the iconic character Norman Bates. Now, JackTV offers viewers a contemporary prequel to the film as it takes an in-depth look at the childhood of Norman (Freddie Highmore) and his imperative relationship with his mom Norma (Vera Farmiga). Premiering August 12, Monday at 10PM, Bates Motel looks to unravel Norman’s dark, twisted back story as viewers learn more about one of the silver screen’s most famous serial killers.

JackTV is seen on SkyCable Channel 51, Global Destiny Ch. 30 and Cable Link Ch. 36 and various cable operators nationwide.


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