And the winner is Wonder Woman

Karen Kunawicz

Karen Kunawicz

They say if you want to avoid arguments at the dinner table, you don’t discuss religion and politics. Well, over the Easter break, it would have also helped not to discuss Batman v Superman.

On one hand, you had the people who agreed with the critics—that it was a disappointing film. There were too many things in the plot that didn’t make sense.

There were these hard to decipher and possibly unnecessary dream sequences: The Flash appearing to Bruce Wayne in a vision with some really garbled message; a dream of Batman having to deal with humans flying on insect wings (sent out by bad Superman); then there’s Superman’s vision of Daddy Kent (Kevin Costner) which doesn’t quite explain anything in the plot—among others.

On the character of Lex Luthor alone, you have people who like him or simply ask, “Why?” Also, Lex Luthor gets to enter the Kryptonian Tardis and program it to do stuff without a hitch.

The film was underlit, but the screen just glowed extra when Diana Prince / Gal Gadot / Wonder Woman walked in

The film was underlit, but the screen just glowed extra when Diana Prince / Gal Gadot / Wonder Woman walked in

Jimmy Olsen still shoots with film and Perry White won’t fire Clark Kent even if he’s being a pain at the office.

Then there are the fan boys who were just utterly thrilled to see the Bat of Gotham and the Man of Steel duke it out (even if they could have saved each other trouble). They loved the film.

In the end though, the biggest winner was Wonder Woman.

The film was underlit, but the screen just glowed extra when Diana Prince / Gal Gadot / Wonder Woman walked in. She was all business, really—and no one’s love interest.

This movie’s version of Lois Lane was just constantly used as bait to lure Superman. Want to call Superman man out? Quick, go get Lois!

Wonder Woman shows up when she’s needed—without any drama, she’s really above all the arguing and posturing. Silly boys. She’s just there to get a job done: help defeat the big baddie a.k.a. Doomsday.

The vintage World War 2 image of Wonder Woman in Luthor’s files shows her with Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) and hints at a bit of the plot for her solo film out June 23, 2017.

It will be directed by Patty Jenkins (Monster) and will also have Connie Nielsen as Queen Hippolyta and Robin Wright as General Antiope. Trailers are out on line right now.

She was all business, really—and no one’s love interest

She was all business, really—and no one’s love interest

Bonus: you get to see a few seconds of Jason Momoa as Aquaman (sexy), Ezra Miller as the Flash and Ray Fisher as Cyborg.


NexCon 3 happens this weekend
I’m really happy to see NexCon return for its third year. In 2014, this fan convention started at the Bayanihan Center in Pasig. In 2015, it moved to a hall in SM Aura, this year, they’ll be getting space at the SMX at the Mall of Asia.

If you’re a geek, a fan boy or a fan girl or a lover of pop culture, head on over there on Saturday and Sunday and listen to panels, check out booths and merchandise, or get a team together and join Geekfight’s “Battle Royale.”

If you’re into cosplay, it’s time to go out, join the Masquerade, the Cosplay Rumble or just hang out, take photos and make friends with fellow cosplayers.

You can also catch GMA’s presentation on the upcoming Encantadia “re-quel,” and touch base with YouTube sensation Chris Cantada of Chris Cantada Force and Fan Cave.

Actor Casper Van Dien of Starship Troopers will be there both days. He recently shot Showdown in Manila here (directed by Mark Dacascos), and back in 1999, he was with my dear friend Johnny Depp in Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow. He was Brom Bones to Depp’s Ichabod Crane.

Besides the special guests, one of the best things about NexCon for me is seeing the local geek community get together and grow. Lead organizer Adrian Arcega says, “Beyond science fiction and fantasy, NexCon is ultimately about celebrating the imagination and rallying fandoms because, hey, it’s that time of the year to geek out!”

Many agreed that the film was disappointing

Many agreed that the film was disappointing

And no matter how big NexCon gets, Arcega says this con will always be about “conversation, interaction and the synergy of creator and fan.”

While it has been hard work for the team to put NexCon together each year, Arcega says the enjoyment for him happens when he sees people having fun, cheering on their favorite cosplayers and going “ooh” and “aaah” at a panel discussion.

I’m pretty sure Team NexCon, which also includes CosplayPh and Adrian’s wife, Macy, is running on adrenaline right about now, lacking sleep but looking forward to delivering a fun weekend for geeks from Manila and beyond.


P350 gets you in for the day at NexCon. Tickets available on site and at SM ticket outlets.


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