• And then God told me. . . ?



    Retired Sandiganbayan Justice Francisco “Kit“ Villaruz, Jr. I first met in 1971. He was then a Supreme Court (SC) staffer of Associate Justice Fred Ruiz Castro. I had just returned from abroad and was visiting Claro Mamaril, a co-staffer of his (Clare, gone, December 2014). So also were Vic Mendoza and Bobby Abad, later to become SC Justices, and Jimmy Salazar, a QC RTC Judge. Still around, the latter three.

    A bundle of talent, a chatty star-studded informal group, and Justice Fred would join us; he was a fine raconteur, with a passion for precision in expression; he liked clean living, he said, clean women and clean whiskey (other racier stories are for Prez Digong and me only).

    Goodbye Kit, thank you, and forget Justice Fred’s colorful stories.

    1971 was when I became a human rights addict; from early on, this year, and openly, I’ve differed with fellow Bedan Digong on the issue, but now he tells us he has a direct line to God, who I cannot fight. Still, I wish he would not just say “Yankee, go home.” In his Davao City, Kano Tim Tebow, a sports superstar, born in Makati on August 14, 1987, to Kano missionaries, has led the effort to build a $3.5M hospital, inaugurated last year.

    My late wife, Dulce, and I, benefited a lot from the U.S. government and individual Americans, in the way of scholarships, grants, abiding friendships, etc. My Harvard Law host father (John Bain) saw action in Leyte in 1944-45, attended Harvard Business with Jobo Fernandez and set up a scholarship project in Phillips Exeter in the name of Ninoy Aquino, to whom I introed him and wife Carol in 1982, at about this, World Series, time. (Dulce was naturalized as a member of the Red Sox Nation; our eldest apo, Rene III, eight, is following the World Series. A Seventh Cubs-Indians game for the whole enchilada!)

    The Bains came to visit when my Dulce was still with us; she escorted them to the well-manicured American Military Cemetery in Fort Bonifacio, where John has friends who died in, and for, a country not their own. Carol’s gone with Dulce but John and I still occasionally communicate. I received another email from him the other day on trees 1,200 years old when Jesus was born, and are still around today. And yesterday, about the FBI probing any possible Hillary-Bill ties! Haha.

    I don’t know how many Pinoys have similar kindly tales about Russia, with which, along with China, Digong now allies us, against who? We are not in the league of the strong. Digong, like me, continues arguably to be flaky and unhinged. However, I am a private citizen, 77, not all that well, with myself as the only fan, and not even always. Harmless. Digong, 71, has millions of fanatical devotees and leads 104M rabbits.
    God, he says, told him not to cuss.

    Let us see if he will further validate that insanity, as in marriage, is also required of one running for the presidency of this ungovernable scofflaw nation. But, be happy; Christmas is in the air, the insane traffic notwithstanding.

    I think it was also insane for Digong to call certain Commission on Human Rights women “pangit,” arguably insinuating that he’s his fellow God’s gift to women. While Kissinger says power is a great aphrodisiac, Digong should be kinder as underneath rough exteriors may beat hearts of gold. I think it was insane too to have daughter and son be Davao City Mayor and Vice Mayor, silencing MAD (Movement Against Dynasties), whose head, Quintin “Ting” Paredes San Diego, was shot to death last year in Quezon. PNP – solved na po ba? Who killed Ting, a son of a courageous Judge, daughter of an illustrious Senator after whom Rosario St, in Binondo, was renamed? Ting was named after his admired Lolo, Don Quintin.

    It is equally insane for the narcissistic Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) to go public – assuming it was behind the publicity – with its disbarment case against Sen. Leila de Lima. Disbarment “shall be private and confidential” with only “the final order of the Supreme Court [to]be published. . . .” Rules of Court, Rule 139-B, Sec. 18.

    Does VACC get public funding? If it was the one which violated the rule on confidentiality, should it not be cited for contempt? (An enterprising Times reporter, Jomar Canlas, I consider the 16th Justice.)

    My own disbarment has been sought, in vain, by some parties for my own “colorful” language. Last January, a co-lawyer and I were absolved in a case were money entrusted to us was quickly moved to parties to whom it was owed. Tightly documented. The lawyer behind it withdrew just before we got the favorable ruling. Hmmm? I am told filing disbarment cases he has for breakfast against lawyers he has fought and in our case, a clearly fabricated document was used against me. Style is the man himself. Montaigne. Not mine, beyond a peradventure.

    Anyway, what will the Supreme Court do in this glaring case of confidentiality breach? Leila has been hammered repeatedly by Digong who said she’d “rot in jail”? Lei has balls, like Veep Leni Robredo and Ombudsman Chit Morales, but she’s being invidiously over-killed.

    Nixon quickly apologized for publicly prejudging the case against Charles Manson, et al. in 1970 for the grisly murder of actress Sharon Tate, et al. If any case is finally filed in court against Lei, I’d find fascinating a move to have it dismissed for mistrial, given the massive pervasive prejudicial publicity against her led no less by a talkative Prez. No sporting chance.

    I am also fascinated by Leila’s announced move to sue the Prez. Immunity? Where in the Consti do we have a provision in favor of anyone who talks with God? Kennedy, Nixon and Clinton tried to invoke immunity, an argument shot down by the courts; the trio who came to grief eventually settled for $17,500 (from JFK to Mississippi State Sen. Bailey), $170,000 (? – Nixon-Fitzgerald) and $850,000 (Clinton-Flowers).

    Really, we should have no royalty, no dugong bughaw, no lese majeste, where the law is violated, for acts far from any official duty (not even colorable).

    But, we hail our fishermen’s ability to fish again in the disputed seas, immune from harassment, following Digong’s China visit. Not a case of post hoc, ergo propter hoc (after the fact, therefore cuz of the fact, a fallacy)?

    There must be a nexus here though. Nothing has been said however on whether he urged China to stop, or least, stem the shabu supply. But, yes, we are now permitted to fish where we, by right and law, can? Huh? Ninoy used to say, “Brod, binarog mo na ako from behind, tumba, pero tinulungan mo akong tumayo. Thank you, thank you.”
    Digs reportedly pooh-poohed American government aid for Yolanda. I don’t know the facts but maybe it should have been left unsaid, if true. But, I know Americans have helped in various ways.

    Condemning Digong I do regularly, for denying due process and abuse of power, but the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP), lawyers and law associations have been silent. Deafeningly. Dahil pobre lang po ang natetepok? No Ninoy Aquino. Our lawyers in the main continue to be the Good Germans of Hitler, another icon of Digong, along with Macoy. It seems few lawyers share my human rights addiction.

    It was right for the IBP to denounce the Davao in-your-face murder of a justice worker (Mati City Prosecutor Rolando Acido) last week. However, I still have to hear about its position on extrajudicial killings (EJKs). Is it again waiting for a Ninoy Aquino-type to be salvaged? So far, only the poor have been killed (some too poor to claim the remains for burial).

    I, 77, am a Yellow. Nothing to fear from me/us. It may be the military, concerned over cutting off ties with the US, where millions of Fil-Ams live, and even the police. They have the hardware and may be antsy about the tilt to Communism. Fighting the Yellows may be easy, or even the Church, but not the two at the time if supported by the military-police. Dirty Harry’s San Fran Police has reportedly cut off ties with our PNP headed by Burn Baby Burn Bato de la Rosa, on EJKs. And the U.S., it is said, would not sell us firearms again cuz of human rights issues.

    To retain support, the Dutertards should not only stroke the troopers, with money, but should also ease, not worsen, our traffic problem. Worse, far worse, is my own biased anecdotal opinion, based on personal experience. Digong cannot resort to EJK to rub out pedestrians and motorists who scoff at our laws. Or keep leaving Manileños, to stew.

    My fraternal advice to Digs and Bato is to avoid the US, where process may be served on them under a 1789 Alien Tort Statute, by the family of some EJK victim. It may again even be done by unhinged Pinoy lawyers, at the forefront of suing Manny Pacquiao for arguable syndicated estafa, for not disclosing his alleged injury the last time. Disclosure would have affected gate and betting. And Manny should settle his BIR dues and stop treating Senatoring as a sideline or hobby, the way he did in Congressmaning.

    We should arrest the Decay in our values. We can start with the Second Commandment, not to take the name of the Lord in vain.

    And Digong and Bato may get into trouble in some US court or the International Criminal Court because fish is caught by its mouth.

    I walk with God, sang Mario Lanza. I talk with God, says Digong.

    Should we realize how lucky we are? Or see just a case of wild poetic license?


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    1. Bato Delarosa is in the US of A as a posse of Pacquiao. They should serve him the 1789 Alien Tort Statute

    2. I agree, there’s nothing to fear from you : even the yellow army appears to think you’re too flaky. I do admire the fact that the appearance you made in the Senate when Trillanes was going to town on Binay had the same effect as a bucket of cold water on the ‘festivities’. From your friends in yellow places? plenty.

    3. Digong’s poetic language has hidden meaning(s). It’s what is called “apocalyptic” language, like the stories in the book of Revelation. Normally, people say what they mean, but when DU30 says something he means what he means.

    4. Thank you, Atty. and ex-Sen Saguisag! You talk sense with hmor (or vice-versa?), but drives the nail hard into one’s head. Not everything Digong says is palatably right, in fact some contain toxic substance. And yet, nary a (violent) reaction is heard from our eminent lawyers (abogados de campanilla)! Topacio is visibly defending GMA’severy move, and Evangelista et al. of VACC are turning their horns vs De Lima (on some confidential case?). What’s up around our country. I still wait for Chito Gaston’s next round of “cries” vs EJK put into action. And, any voice from the Senators? Kudos, Sen. Saguisag!

    5. Hi Sir|

      In your article, it says that Digong did call some women “Panget”.. I have 20/20 Vision at 41 years old, and I say I view Duterte as an eye pain :P I saw on the internet that his face is the best Mask during Holloweens :P But, I don’ t mind myself be called PANGET even if I have been a Muse in School for several times + I have a boyfriend who is Super Gwapo: German-Australian Ex-Celebrity :P My point is, The Pretty can only be seen on the Spirit of a Person. All Physical Form of God’ s Creations has ugliness| PooPooh is ugly waste, and all creatures does make one and have to do one :P

      I am also Yellow| my Brother’ s Yellow Color on being a Kagawad in my Barangay. But I am Red| Marcos Red. But when it comes to Duterte: I take it one day at a time| I am honest on what I think of his words and actions. I don’ t usually agree with Digong but I take notice of the right things that he does :)

      I don’ t take sides| But I do choose RIGHTEOUSNESS.