• Andanar softens blow on UN, EU


    After President Rodrigo Duterte cursed the United States, European Union and the United Nations and boldly declared that the Philippines does not need foreign aid at all, Palace Communications Chief Martin Andanar tried to soften the blow Sunday by hailing the country’s partnership with the country’s top donors.

    “We welcome the steadfast commitment of EU and UN to the Philippines. Our partnership go beyond differences in policies,” Andanar said in a statement.

    The Palace official issued the brief statement after the President claimed that the Philippines got “crumbs” in foreign aid.

    Based on the 2014 records of the National Economic Development Authority, the US contributed the highest amount of Official Development Assistance (ODA) with $1.15 billion. The United Nations came second with $608 million, followed by Australia with $587 million. The European Union—composed of 27 states—was fourth with $175 million.

    Rounding up the top 10 ODA grant donors were Japan with $167 million, Germany, $125 million, Asian Development Bank, $118 million, South Korea, $94 million and World Bank, $84 million.

    Intrigue peddlers
    On Sunday, Senator Richard Gordon advised Duterte to insulate himself from “intrigue peddlers” who tend to compromise the country’s foreign relations by provoking incendiary reactions from him.

    The senator opined that the President will be better off if he leaves foreign policy matters with Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay.

    While Duterte can freely articulate his intentions to pursue stronger diplomatic ties with Russia and China, he should not do so by castigating the US and other countries as well as international organizations, Gordon said.

    “If you are an investor from America, will you be willing to invest in the Philippines knowing that your country does not have good relations anymore?” Gordon asked in a radio interview.

    The senator cited the example of former President Benigno Aquino 3rd who left foreign policy matters to former Foreign Albert Del Rosario.

    He added that Duterte’s tirades against US President Barack Obama has projected the President as undiplomatic and crass, reason why others allegedly look down on him.

    “Sorry Mr. President mahal ko kayo, mahal ko ang bayan natin, ika nga dapat ‘yan ang tinitignan natin na tayo ang symbol ng Pilipino (Sorry Mr. President, I love you, I love our nation, but we should also remember that we are the symbol of the Filipino,” Gordon said.

    The senator likewise pleaded to media to highlight the “good intentions” of the President instead of printing misunderstood soundbites.

    He added that it would be best for the media to refrain from asking questions that they know will annoy the President or provoke an incendiary reaction from him.

    “I think the media has as much responsibility, we know the President,” Gordon said.

    The Palace also responded to the scathing words of actress Agot Isidro who called Duterte “psychopath” for threatening to junk foreign aid and claiming that nobody will get hungry even if countries ann groups will stop pouring aid to the Philippines.

    “While she is entitled to her own opinion, it also reveals the kind of attitude that the President is addressing—dependency on foreign aid. He wants the Filipino people to gain true independence, economically, mentally and socially,” Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella said.

    Isidro’s Facebook post ran thus: Firstly, nobody is picking a fight with you (Duterte). You were the one picking fights. Secondly, you are elected President of 16 million out of the 100 million of a Third World country. You talk as if we are a superpower. Excuse me. We don’t want to go starving. You can starve by yourself. Don’t include us in this. Many people cannot even fend for themselves for food, and you want them to starve even more. Lastly, I know a psychiatrist. You are not a bipolar. You are a psychopath.”


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    1. Duterte should realize that he is not a mayor anymore, rather, he is the President of 100 million Filipinos who he represents every time he talks. He should be acting like a statesman, a civilized person.

      His gutter mouth belongs in the gutter, not in the Office of the President.

      • Verily. He said he would change and behave himself when he becomes president. We all know now that that was simply not true. “You cannot teach an old dog new tricks,” seemed truer in that sense. This old dog is simply no longer capable of any change for the better.

    2. ” A leader must be a terror to the few who are evil in order to protect the lives and well- being of the many who are good”

      – President Rodrigo Roa Duterte

    3. The americsns should teach this president a lesson and call his bluff. Pdutz on the other hand must sever ties to save face and keep steadfast his misplaced macho image. In the event that china becomes more aggresive in its dealings with this country , pdutz can always call on his 16 million die hard zealots to man the frontlines.

      • tara castaneda on

        You should educate ur self more b4 speakng like that to a president that has more insight and understanding than all the past presidents of this country combined.

    4. It is clear that there is a disconnect between Message given by Duterte and what his cabinet secretaries are saying. The secretaries are trying to soften the harsh message by Duterte.

    5. At least one personality has the courage to say something against this evil president. Looks like the government’s congressmen and senators are all afraid of duterte that he might divulge the corruptions of these politicians. Only a few like Trillanes and Delima have the balls and courage to go against this lunatic and evil president. The politicians are so scared that they have to be robots like Pimentel and alvarez to listen to everything that he wishes including cayetano and pacquiao.

      • This president is not evil. He just talks bad, very bad. I do not know if he really killed at lot of criminals. That is for God to check. What is bad is he is creating a climate of hatred and anger to all of us. Every time he talks, it is always, I will kill you or SOB on America, EC the Pope. There are good things to Kline decrease in crime , decrease in drgs in the streets, removal of E Gambling, curfew on our barangays. It is a mixture of good and bad. The biggest good is Duterte is installing discipline to our fellow Pilipinos by scaring all of us to follow the law.

    6. We welcome the steadfast commitment of EU and UN to the Philippines

      I wonder if anyone will notice they left out the US.

      The US really should stop wasting their time and money on the Philippines since it is not wanted or appreciated.

      President Duterte claims that the Philippines got “crumbs” in foreign aid.
      When another typhoon crushes the Philippines let their government handle it from now on, Like they handled Typhoon Yolanda.

      • tara castaneda on

        That is bec. The EU already said theyvalue thier strong ties with this country and looking more on the overall situation of this country rather than those being pointed by the yellow cultand ttheir media.

        Obviously they know and understand this country and duterte more than simple minded people lyk u.

      • September 21, 2016

        Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has launched a profanity-filled tirade against the European Union (EU), in his latest riposte to international criticism of the rising death toll in his brutal crackdown on crime.

        Duterte punctuated his insults with a rude sign – raising his middle finger – after the European Parliament condemned “the current wave of extrajudicial executions and killings in the Philippines”.

        “I say to them, fuck you. You’re doing it in atonement for your sins,”
        October 4, 2016

        MalacaÑang on Tuesday said it would respect the decision of Belgian Princess Astrid if she canceled her visit to the Philippines next year as a result of President Rodrigo Duterte’s controversial statement that he would be happy to slaughter three million drug addicts in the country as Nazi leader Adolf Hitler had exterminated millions of Jews.
        Brussels State Secretary for External Trade Cecile Jodogne as saying that a visit to the country would be “difficult” in wake of Duterte’s comment.

        “I will ask for the visit to be moved to a different country,”

        Obviously they know and understand this country and duterte

        Have to agree they understand the Philippines and Duterte which is why they don’t want to visit the Philippines.

    7. good advice by senator Gordon a real professional and one of the few honest politicians. good opinon too by Agot Isidro. we need these kind of advice to the president as maybe he is getting blind by his new power as president. He need to be reminded and be calm and lay out some good strategies for the country and have a responsible mouth.

      • tara castaneda on

        Agot isidro should just go to the united states and register intheir food stamps program. Tis are actually the kind of thinking that duterte wants to remove. Simpletons.