Andrea Torres shines anew in ‘Millionaire’s Wife’

Andrea Torres and Mike Tan

Andrea Torres and Mike Tan

GMA Network leading lady Andrea Torres is both excited and nervous over the upcoming premiere of her latest afternoon drama offering for GMA Network, The Millionaire’s Wife.

At the show’s launch on Tuesday, 2015’s second placer in the annual FHM’s Sexiest list revealed she is taking on her daring persona from her magazine covers to prime time.

Portraying the character of Louisa, The Millionaire’s Wife is Andrea’s most mature role to date, which she said explains her mixed emotions.

“It’s the most mature role that I’ve done pati yung story—it’s very different,” she elaborated. “And first week pa lang may pa-sexy na!”

She is very grateful for the trust GMA has given her to star in what she further describes as a risqué production.

“Sobrang laking bagay sa akin na nakuha ko ito kasi nung nabasa ko ang script, ang story parang hindi ko pa siya napapanood sa TV tapos ako yung napili para gawin siya kaya nakaka-excite talaga. And what I like about Louisa is palaban siya, kasi lagi akong api sa mga roles ko before,” said Andrea.

Set for a March 14 premiere, The Millionaire’s Wife follows the story of one woman’s crucial decision to settle in a marriage of convenience with an older man, and its subsequent consequences involving her step-daughter, her step-daughter’s children, her lovechild, and her lovechild’s father.

Completing the strong support cast are Sid Lucero, Jaclyn Jose, Ina Raymundo, and Robert Arevalo

Completing the strong support cast are Sid Lucero, Jaclyn Jose, Ina Raymundo, and Robert Arevalo

Andrea, as Louisa Ignacio, is portrayed in the series’ early days as a hardworking single mother who will do everything for her son—eventually, even marry a rich old man. She vows to take care, to serve and be a loyal and dutiful wife to him in exchange for helping her son who is afflicted with juvenile diabetes.

Mike Tan plays the father of Louisa’s lovechild, while Robert Arevalo is the “millionaire” Alfredo “Fred” Vergara. Fred is a widower and a very wealthy businessman who longs for companionship.

Completing the strong support cast are Jaclyn Jose, Sid Lucero, Ina Raymundo, and Rich Asuncion.

The Millionaire’s Wife is under the direction of Albert Langitan and will air Monday to Friday after Hanggang Makita Kang Muli.


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