Angel Locsin—fit and fab again

Angel Locsin

Angel Locsin

After two successful surgeries on her spinal injury, Angel Locsin related to The Manila Times in the Q&A portion of her upcoming Star Cinema movie, Third Party, she is pretty much a hundred percent in terms of movement again, some seven months following her ordeal.

In late 2015, Losin discovered a disc bulge on her spine following two-years’ worth of rigorous trainings while preparing for what was supposed to be ABS-CBN’s remake of her 2005 series in GMA Network, Darna. The project was immediately put on hold with ABS-CBN promptly giving the actress time off to attend to her condition.

Looking fabulous in a black low V-neck suit, Locsin happily related that since returning to TV work and shooting Third Party in July, she no longer “moved like an old lady.”

“I felt good all throughout the shoot. I didn’t need to take it easy but of course I always make sure I’m careful with my back,” she explained.

The actress with ‘Third Party’ co-stars Sam Milby (left) and Zanjoe Marudo

The actress with ‘Third Party’ co-stars Sam Milby (left) and Zanjoe Marudo

Asked whether they treated their leading lady with extra care on the set, co-stars Sam Milby and Zanjoe Marudo sheepishly laughed with the latter confessing, “Actually, it was Angel who took care of us more! She’s known to be maalaga with everyone she works with di’ba ?”

Excited for her return to the big screen, Locsin went on to disclose the unique plot of the October 12 movie, which finds the three of them in a love triangle. She as Andi who reconnects with her college sweetheart Max (Milby) in the hopes of rekindling their romance, only to find out that he is currently in a relationship with another man, Christian (Marudo). An unexpected problem leads Andi to seek Max’s help and Christian reluctantly agrees to take her into their home, which sparks twists that could either strengthen or break their same-sex relationship.

Third Party is directed by Jason Paul Laxamana (Love is Blind) from the script of young writers Patrick Valencia and Charlene Sawit-Esguerra.


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