Angel Locsin shares glutathione secrets

Angel Locsin is always camera-ready

Angel Locsin is always camera-ready

While many Caucasians envy the tanned skin of Asians and Pacific islanders, brown-skinned women, particularly Filipinos, in turn generally dream of fairer skin.

Call it colonial mentality, but in Philippine chronicles under Spanish imperialism, darker skin indicated long exposure under the sun was a necessary subjection of livelihood.

That notion has long since changed, however. These days, having fairer or whiter skin is a choice that can be made by Filipinos, most especially women, thanks to the availability of glutathione.

Glutathione was first widely used in the Philippines by celebrities who always need to look good. With proven effects in skin whitening that are safe, beauty and self care companies soon developed products featuring the supplement, the latest of which is legacy brand Avon for its Ideal White makeup.

Most ecstatic about this innovation is the brand’s makeup ambassador, actress Angel Locsin.

“I love how this innovation is a multitasking product. Not only does it provide flawless, smooth coverage, it helps brighten skin at the same time. I feel confident and camera-ready when I wear it,” she enthused at the Ideal White launch.

Locsin further explained that the reformulated makeup combines glutathione with the company’s Whitesphere technology.

“This helps inhibit melanin production and fade dark spots while diffusing light for radiant and illuminated skin,” she continued.

Best of all, Locsin related that using products infused with glutathione is the best alternative for those who would rather stay away from ingesting supplements, but still choose to have fairer skin.

“That’s the best part of my secret,” she ended.


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