• Angelica Panganiban finally publishes her ‘hugot’ lines


    She’s hasn’t been crowned the country’s “Hugot Queen” for nothing. Ever outspoken celebrity Angelica Panganiban has finally published her plethora of sentimental quips on healing and moving on from a lost love in a new book titled “Beau Ang’s Para Kay Ex,” —the first two words a play on the Visayan word “buang” meaning crazy.

    Panganiban gives an interesting introduction and acts as muse of the new book.

    In the foreword, she writes, “Many forget about the real reason why we need healing—it’s because we got hurt, got angry, got sad, and questioned ourselves. This book gave me the freedom to be angry and to accept my pain.”

    Laid out in colorful pages, “Para Kay Ex” dishes out hilarious sentiments, jokes, and activities relating to the pains of dealing not just with an ex-lover, but reaches out even to those who lost a best friend and boss, as well people who never really had that special someone in the first place.

    Besides sharing her views, the “Banana Sundae” cast member is also featured in must-see photos acting out the many hugot lines from page to page. It can be recalled that since breaking up with her last boyfriend, actor John Lloyd Cruz, Panganiban has been known to utter emotional yet humorous lines on the comedy show as well as her social media accounts, which the public lapped up to enjoy, all while she worked on healing and moving on.

    As such, this must-grab manual allows readers to mourn, express their bitterness, and cope with heartaches through activities with funny twists. The witty author also believes that sometimes, the worst place you can be is in your own head.

    She writes, “[This book will also help] to exercise your brain, which hibernated ever since you fell in love. This is the activity book that will hook on your confused emotions, and drown you with the reality that you are not really together. He might have played you before, but who’s playing now?”

    Para Kay Ex is exclusively available in all National Bookstore outlets nationwide.


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