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Award-winning filmmaker Joel Lamangan has not done a comedy film for quite some time now. So he was pleased when Regal Entertainment offered him to helm That Thing Called Tanga Na written by Senedy Que.

“It was high time I do a comedy film so I accepted. I was doing mostly serious movies for indie producers, and I wanted to have a good laugh on the set for a change,” said the noted director at the press conference Regal’s latest production.

Direk Joel said he was allowed to give lots of input in this story of four guys and a lady who all have problems when it comes to love.

“The story is about people in love and who become fools in the process—this is common to everyone, right? When it comes to love, we all become foolish, and the story doesn’t deny that,” he said.

Direk Joel especially liked the unique casting of Eric Quizon, Billy Crawford, Kean Cipriano, Martin Escudero and Angeline Quinto to deliver the story, which despite being a comedy proves to be a challenge.

“All comedies are challenging to do because if people don’t laugh then it’s a complete failure,” he explained.

He further related that audiences will be able to relate to at least one if not most of the characters in the movie—the gay benefactor in Eric; Kean who dreams of getting married; Billy who is a closet gay; Martin who is eager to start a family; and Angeline who prays to for someone to love her faithfully.

Angeline Quinto

Angeline Quinto

“The problems they have in their relationships are so common, but how they face those problems are told in a very comic manner.”

Direk Joel was particularly pleased with Angeline, with whom he is working with for the first time.

“Besides being a good singer, she is also a good comedian in the mold of Maricel Soriano. I had not met her personally but I had heard about her, and I was surprised she knows how to act. She doesn’t seem like a newbie in acting,” he imparted.

“Usually, I have a reputation that scares artists who work with me for the first time but Angeline was not scared of me at all. I saw her challenged more than anything. She is confident and tells me if she doesn’t know how to handle a particular scene and I like that she is vocal and straightforward.”

That Thing Called Tanga Na opens in cinemas on August 10.

This month has been a colorful one for sexy mom and actress Sunshine Cruz. She was chosen among the 100 Sexiest Women by men’s magazine FHM, ranking 48th in the list.

According to the write-up about her in the magazine, and we quote, “We’ve talked about women breaking the law of physics by still having the body of a 20-year-old when they’re pushing 40, but Sunshine Cruz just blows our mind with how fit her body looks every damn summer—it’s just unbelievable.”

Sunshine walked the runway at FHM’s big event on Tuesday night where she wowed the crowd with her commanding presence.

Sunshine tells us that besides aiming to be healthy, her continued projects on TV since the start of the year has inspired her to stay fit. She is currently in the ABS-CBN soap Dolce Amore and is glad that she has a regular show to remind people that she is very much around in show business.

Sunshine is doing her best to provide for her children as a single mother, albeit with support from her ex-husband Cesar Montano.

Turning a year wiser on July 18, we wish this beautiful woman more success ahead of her.


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