• Angels in helicopters


    Dear Sir:
    We are from Loon, Bohol, and victims of the 7.2 earthquake of October 15, 2013. We were isolated and our only hope, when no rescue team could reach us, were helicopters that flew. Everytime they pass over us, we shout with joy and wave at them.

    We feel relieve because somebody knows our condition and how helpless we are. We know they are just nearby, passing one by one, at very low altitudes. We know they are transporting relief goods for victims like us.

    Salamat, salamat sa mga anghel namin na nagpapalipad ng mga helicopters. Thank you so much for the hope you brought to Loon residents. We love you and pray for you.

    (This is a text message from my cousin Cora Casamonte-Lee yesterday, Oct. 17, 2013).

    Mrs. Roberta S Casamonte
    Iloilo City


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