• Anna Kendrick finds ‘Mr. Right’

    Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell star in an action packed rom-com

    Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell star in an action packed rom-com

    In the tradition of romantic action comedies comes a one-of-a-kind love story in Mr. Right starring Anna Kendrick who discovers that her new beau is a professional assassin—with a cause.

    Portrayed by Sam Rockwell, the assassin kills the people ordering the hits. As the bodies pile up, Kendrick’s Martha must decide whether to flee or join her man in the mayhem.

    On the choice of Rockwell as her leading man, Kendrick says, “I always pictured Mr. Right as Sam. I knew he would bring amazing energy to the character. He makes you love this guy who’s killing people. but because it’s Sam playing Francis, you’re rooting for him.”

    Meanwhile, producer Jacobs says of Kendrick’s performance, “Often times with movies in this genre, you see the female lead running scared once the gunfire starts. We needed to find an actress who had that America’s sweetheart girl next door quality, but underneath all of that, in Mr. Right, the gunfire kind of turns Martha on. Anna knew how to pull off that turn.”

    Rated R16 by the MTRB, Mr. Right opens today in cinemas cinemas from Pioneer Films.


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