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    The international Filipina journalist returns home to join ANC

    In an effort to strengthen the channel’s lineup of news program and, more importantly, reach more international viewers, Integrated News and Current Affairs Head Jing Reyes asserted that ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) has been more partial in hiring journalists with international experiences.

    “We want to strengthen our lineup of anchors and journalists on ANC and we choose those who’ve got strong credentials. Having said that, we are very careful in choosing the kind of news presenters because we need a high level of credibility,” Reyes told The Manila Times during the channel’s new lineup press launch.

    As such, ANC has hired the likes of Cathy Yang, a returnee with 15 years of working experience from Bloomberg, China Central Television (CCTV) and Reuters in Hong Kong. She has been hosting Market Edge with Cathy Yang since 2015.

    Added to this pool of ANC journalists with international experience is Filipino-American Annalisa Burgos. With more than 17 years of journalistic experience in covering news, business, and lifestyle beats, Burgos recently began co-anchoring ANC’s morning show, Early Edition.

    Passion, personality and experience
    Burgos, born and raised to a Filipino family in Los Angles, California, began her journey in journalism in University of California, Los Angeles where she received her Communications and English degrees.

    After her stint as reporter and copy editor for the Dallas Morning News and the Orange County Register, Burgos pursued her bigger dreams and moved to New York City to study broadcasting at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

    Thereafter, Burgos began reporting and editing for several major media companies, including Yahoo, HGTV, Forbes, CNBC and Bloomberg.

    With her experience working for the world’s largest news organizations, one might say she’s throwing opportunities by coming to Asia. The journalist, however, begged to differ.

    “Deciding to stay here, I felt like it was a good time to stay in Asia. This region is really the hotbed of news and politics,” Burgos said during the press launch.

    Aside from broadening her portfolio, Burgos said working for Asia and the Philippines has allowed her to see the difference of press perception around the world.

    “After moving to Asia, I realized that media’s role has been seen differently in this region. The media started off as more of a propaganda tool for governments and in some cases it continues to be. Luckily, here in the Philippines, I felt like freedom of the press is still valued for social justice, for finding the truth.” Burgos explained.

    As such, Burgos shared that she will continue to fight the values and importance of media in today’s society.

    “And I feel like I need to continue fighting the values of journalism across the world, wherever I work,” she added.

    Having satisfied herself in explaining her homecoming and sharing thoughts on journalism, Burgos went on to share tips for those who aspire to follow her footsteps as an international journalist.

    “First, you need a happy attitude cause this business is not fun. You don’t stay in this business for glamour because it’s not glamorous. Therefore, you really have to love this job to be a journalist. From the onset, I knew I wanted to be a journalist, to inform and to educate people and I believe to flourish in this field, you have to have a good attitude and a commitment to the profession,” Burgos ended.

    Early Edition, which Burgos presents alongside TJ Manotoc, Paolo Abrera, Michelle Ong, and Christian Esguerra, airs weekdays from 5:30 a.m.

    Christina Alpad


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