• Anne Curtis: Anatomy of an actress

    Anne Curtis

    Anne Curtis

    Real Name: Anne Ojales Curtis-Smith
    Birth date: February 17, 1985
    Birth place: Yarrawonga, Victoria, Australia
    Nationality: Filipino-Australian
    Profession: Actress, model, television host, Singer and VJ
    Height: 5’6″

    Star Sign: Aquarius
    AT a time when the shelf life of showbiz celebrities expires faster than sliced bread—or until the next reality show concludes—newcomers only need to look at the career of Anne Curtis to learn what it takes to last in the entertainment industry.

    She’s spent more of her life under the spotlight, joining showbiz at the early age of 12, when she was discovered while eating in a restaurant with her parents. She was on a vacation that became permanent as soon as she nabbed her first endorsement and was swarmed with TV offers shortly after.

    From Princess Dahlia of the Magic Kingdom, to a genie named Genie Fer; from a hideous Kampanerang Kuba to a divine Dyosa; and from being a teen sweetheart to the “other woman,” Filipinos witnessed Anne’s growth into becoming one of the most versatile actresses in the country.

    She is everywhere, shares everything on her social media accounts and we’ve even witnessed her get broken hearted several times—yet everything we know about her just seems to makes us want her more.

    It has been 16 years but Anne Curtis’ popularity has never waned, and her fame has been noticed even outside the country.

    DSC_0194Anne on Anne
    “What do you think makes Anne Curtis so interesting?”
    I asked Anne herself one Thursday night at the Buddha Bar after being introduced as the first-Filipina celebrity to have a dedicated special feature on E! channel.

    The question and answer had been quite uneventful to say the least with just a few questions thrown at her as stood glamorously on stage, glowing in a short golden dress created by designer Francis Libiran.

    “Are there no more questions?” host Jacob Godfrey asked, looking puzzled prompting him to end the short program.

    Perhaps Godfrey didn’t know that Filipino journalists usually reserve the good questions for sit down interviews, hoping to get more exclusive stories. And as soon as the print media got the chance to sit down with Anne in a more private setting, everyone was just eager to ask the first question.

    “Why do you think your millions of Twitter fans [and a handful of haters]continue to be so fascinated with everything that is happening in your life?” I followed up.

    “I don’t know, maybe because I’m crazy?” the reigning Twitter queen began, drawing laughter from everyone in the room.

    “Maybe because I am real? I share whatever it is and I don’t have an image to protect really. I am who I am and I share that.

    So maybe that’s why. I don’t have to sugarcoat who I am. It’s also part of a learning experience for me because I make mistakes and its part of learning in the industry. I make mistakes and I think that is okay with everyone,” she further explained.

    If she could have planned out her career, is this where she would have wanted to be?

    “Yes, definitely. I wish I had a better voice though,” she laughed. “But I’m thankful for everything that I have. I had that realization when I visited a school and donated chairs; seeing those students happy and the smile on their faces as they saw their new chairs, I realized how fortunate I am. I really prayed and said ‘Thank you Lord for this opportunity to share what I have’ and that gives more meaning to what I am doing.”

    The turnover of the school chairs were part of the PNoy Bayanihan project, which aims to turn confiscated lumber into school armchairs and turn over them to needy public schools in selected areas of the country to help ease the shortage.

    From Showtime to the world
    Arguably one of the biggest local celebrities, Anne will be the first Filipina to be featured in the “E! News Asia Special: Anne Curtis” on E!, a global entertainment brand which has showcased Hollywood’s hottest such as Nicki Minaj, Christina Aguilera and even the British Royal Family. The 30-minute special premieres on September 29 at 7:30 p.m. on E!

    Earning the moniker “National Sweetheart,” Anne has continued to entertain wearing several hats—as a box office star, platinum recording artist, sold-out concert performer, trendsetting fashionista, talented VJ and host. She is also the most sought after product endorser, appearing in various media from billboards to TV commercial and countless magazine covers.

    The show followed her for four days, to document the busy life of the Showtime host.

    Anne revealed, “I was at home when I got the message; ‘Anne OK ba ito?’ and I was like ‘Aaaahh!!!!’ Shrieking in delight. I was jumping, seriously, and screaming.”

    Boyfriend Erwan Heussaff, she said, was the first person to find about it.

    “You know it’s just an amazing thing that finally they are featuring someone from our industry and I am truly honored that they would choose me to be the first Filipina for an exclusive full-length feature,” Anne recounted. “The first day they came to my house, I was like ‘Hi! Welcome!’ I was so excited I actually forgot to ask why they chose me. They made it such a fun and amazing experience, I don’t remember everything that happened because you forget there is a camera there and I was wearing a lapel.”

    “It’s amazing that so many of my dreams are coming true including getting my story told on E! to the rest of Asia. I am getting to experience life-changing moments that I never thought possible and I hope my life story will be entertaining and inspiring to others.”

    The E! feature, however, isn’t Anne’s first foray into international stardom. She also did an independent Hollywood film Blood Ransom, which will be shown in local theaters soon.

    She shared, “It’s an independent film. Hollywood? You make it seem so big time, but that is a humbling experience for me because I had to audition for the part. That was scary because I haven’t auditioned for a role like since I was 12 or 13 years old and having to do your lines and being conscious of how you looked was a different experience. I actually auditioned for the supporting role but got the lead, so it was really memorable.”

    Has she seriously thought about trying out her luck in Hollywood?

    “And leave what I have here? That is a big decision and I don’t know how if I could. I really love the Philippines. I love our people and our country. You know how hard it was for me to get to where I am today and it’s been 16 years, so maybe not now. If it happens it will happen, but certainly not now.”

    Anne said if given the chance, she’d like to do movies similar to her Hollywood favorite Angelina Jolie like Girl Interrupted or Salt. She said, “Salt would be nice because I haven’t done any action movies yet—or maybe something like Basic

    Instinct—now that would really be interesting!”

    Would she be open to doing bit roles in Hollywood?

    “Yeah! Of course even if I’m Natalie Portman’s stand-in I’m fine with that!” she said.

    Anne then shared her experience of running into Jennifer Aniston, while she was doing the movie in the US.

    “I shared an elevator with Jennifer Aniston and I was like dying from excitement! I think I was gasping for air when she walked in and I couldn’t help but say ‘Hi!’ A friend of mine who lived there had to poke me otherwise I would have asked for a photo with Jennifer. It was a fan moment for me,” she said.

    While her Hollywood dreams remain on standby, what’s certain is that she is coming out with a new album later this year and preparing for another major concert in 2014.

    “Seryoso ako about the second album,” she said with a straight face. “But I can’t share the title yet and I don’t think its something you guys would expect.”

    Although Anne wouldn’t confirm any names, it seems her upcoming album would feature collaborations with other singers, based on a music video she did with Martin Nievera—a mashup of the song “Without You.” The video already reached more than a million views on Youtube in just seven days.

    * * *

    Get an in-depth look into the exciting life of the one true Annebisyosa— from her struggles to her rise to Fame on E! News Special Anne Curtis, premieres September 29 at 7:30 pm on E! seen on Skycable Channel 57, Cignal Chanel 25, and Cablelink Ch. 33. Use the hashtag #ESpecialAnneCurtis to join the conversations.


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