Anne Curtis’ ‘Dream Machine’


Asia’s Sweetheart takes on a passion project close to heart
There is a problem in the Philippines that nobody seems to be talking about: dream shaming. This is according to celebrity A-lister Anne Curtis who defines the phenomenon as the act of “discouraging people’s dreams because of their ethnicity, looks, economic status, skills, or anything they have no control over.”

According to the Viva Artist Agency talent and ABS-CBN star, she had been a victim of dream shaming when critics called her out for mounting her “Annebisosya” concert series in 2012 and 2014.

“To sing before a huge audience was my dream. And I worked hard to make it happen. It was not something that I did for myself, but the Annebisosya concert was also my way of encouraging people to always fight for their dreams in the face of those that say you can’t do it,” Curtis recalled at an interview the day Typhoon Isang swept through the capital..

As such, the 32-year-old took it upon herself to create a passion project that she hopes will end this kind of shaming and empower people to reach for and live out their dreams like she did five years ago.

“I’ve always been a dreamer. In my 20 years in showbiz, I have worked hard to reach for my dreams. Now that I’ve been blessed to have achieved most of my dreams, it is now my turn to be a blessing to others through the Dream Machine platform.”

Officially its founder, Curtis who has quietly done charity work for many years, hopes to meet dreamers and learn more about their aspirations through the website From there, the website can help connect these dreamers with generous hearts to make wishes come true.

There are three categories of dreams that the platform supports—those to do with youth, education and empowerment.

Dream Machine will host ‘The Color Run Dream’ for the benefit of disabled children under the auspices of Unicef

“Before the school year started, General Roxas Elementary School in Quezon City approached us to support in their school renovation. Dream Machine was very happy to help and we are hoping that the renovation will inspire the students to study better,” Curtis shared.

To officially kick start her foundation, Curtis will host “The Color Run Dream” to make the dreams of disabled children under the auspices of Unicef come true. She has served the international organization as ambassador for the past two years.

“We are expecting 10,200 runners on September 3. Proceeds of run will all go to the children with disabilities under Unicef’s care. You see, these children are dreamers too and you’ll be surprised that some of their dreams are not really for themselves but for their families.”

Moreover, the platform will also roll out the red carpet for the dream weddings of three couples on the first quarter of 2018.

“Yes we will be make the dream of three couples come true by helping them with their wedding expenses. All they have to do is share their love stories on the website, and the best ones will win the wedding of their dreams,” Curtis continued.

Curtis has quietly done charity work for many years INSTAGRAM PHOTO

Again, for this project, the website is open to donations from the public with Curtis leading the charity.

While on the subject of weddings, Curtis was unable to get away from questions about her upcoming wedding to her boyfriend of six years Erwan Heusaff. It will be remembered that the celebrity chef proposed to the TV host and movie star while on a trip in the United States.

Ever sweet, Curtis replied, “Sorry but I cannot give out details yet—the exact date and the people who are invited—because we want the wedding to be private. But for sure it will be magical because I will get to spend my life with the man of my dreams from that day on.”

Still curious as to what a woman who seems to have everything still dreams of, The Manila Times cornered the “It’s Showtime” host for that final question.

“Our film ‘Buy Bust’ directed by Erik Matti is well on the way, and that’s also a dream of mine to be cast in an action film. Besides that, I think what remains to hope for is to have a healthy family in the future… But I’m sure a new dream will pop up one of these days,” she chuckled. “That being said, I am very, very happy with what I have right now.”


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