Anne Curtis is still it!

Anne with Avon officials, (from left) Lauren Andersen, global celebrity make-up artist, Lisa Lamberty, director of new product innovation, and Bob Briddon, senior vice president for Asia Pacific

Anne with Avon officials, (from left) Lauren Andersen, global celebrity make-up artist, Lisa Lamberty, director of new product innovation, and Bob Briddon, senior vice president for Asia Pacific

When it comes to endorsements, Anne Curtis is still definitely it.

Throughout 2013, Anne’s beautiful face and wonderful personality can be seen on TV commercials and on those gigantic billboards. Besides this, she also accomplishes other endorsement responsibilities.

Just last week, the sought-after, 28-year-old endorser attended back-to-back commitments for two different companies for women. One strengthened her ongoing partnership with Avon Cosmetics, while the other officially launched her partnership with fashion label Plains & Prints.

As a beauty ambassador
First was Avon’s media launch for its latest make-up collection on August 22 at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza, Pasay City. There, Anne, the beauty ambassador, fulfilled another role as the night’s lovely host.

Showcasing her hosting skills, Anne lively opened the show by explaining the event’s theme, prism. According to her, it signifies Avon’s spectrum of colors as seen in its new collection comprised of the Ultra Color Lipstick, Ulgra Glazewear Lip Gloss and True Color Eyeshadow.

She then introduced and interviewed the international guests that Avon invited for the occasion. They were Avon’s global celebrity make-up artist, Lauren Andersen, and product innovation director, Lisa Lamberty.

The Avon officials shared what makes the new make-up collection better than previous ones.

“I am very lucky to have a job in science that allows me to try make-up every day,” Lisa began. “But for me, the important thing is being able to talk to the consumers. And according to them, what they want are products that will give them true color that stays throughout the day.”

Addressing this need, Lisa then shared, “We at Avon thus developed a new color technology. We created a crystal clear base or binder that resulted for true color in the cosmetics.”

Being one of the company’s head scientist, Lisa added that they now use more healthy ingredients like the Shea Butter and self-renewing pigments for the lipstick and lip gloss.

As for Lauren—who has worked for celebrities likes of Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Ritchie, among others—she lauded how the colors are very bright and trendy.

She also loved how the products’ packaging takes the “guesswork” out her job as the eyeshadow colors are number and the lipsticks have window covers.

The program ended with Lauren’s make-up demo that showed just how colorful and easy-to-use the new products are.

After the program, lifestyle and entertainment reporters were finally able to interview Anne at the sidelines. On what she likes about the new Avon make-up collection, she revealed: “The Shea butter!”

“It makes the lips very smooth, and doesn’t dry them up as well,” she added.

A self-confessed lipstick “monster”, one reporter asked how many lipsticks she has. “I think around 50. Different shades of red, pink and nudes. But then I also have the very dark plum colors for fall winter,” she answered.

But her most favorite shade has always been red. Anne explained the reason behind this: “Red is such a classic, timeless color for every woman. It’s also a sign of becoming a woman, when you’re ready to wear a red.”

One final beauty tip to make lips looking supple—like her very famous Angelina Jolie ones—she shared, “A good tip that I will share to all of you is that to make sure that to buff it, to remove the dry skin.”

As a mature fashionista
The following day, Anne was back on the scene for another important milestone in her career. After serving as ambassador of different apparels, she now represents Plains & Prints, a brand renowned for its fashionable women workwear.

Held on August 23 in front of the Plains & Prints boutique at Glorietta 1, Makati City, Anne, talked about the perfect partnership she now shares with the company led by its founder and owner Roxanne Farillas.

Farillas welcomed Anne into the P&P family saying, “This is another milestone, a perfect partnership with Anne. Needless to say, Anne is one of the country’s biggest and most influential young stars. And everyone has seen how she has evolved as a fresh-faced teen sensation to one of today’s most in demand celebrity.

“Plains & Prints celebrates her transformation in the clothes she wears . . . and most importantly the individual she has become.”

Now an official P&P endorser—though her billboards and editorial photos were already up as early as July—Anne said in return, “I am so happy to officially be part of the Plains & Prints family. Of course, it is styled by Liz Uy, one of my dearest friends, so this is really the perfect partnership.”

She then related the many things she likes about the brand. “I love that it is something that I can wear on a day to day basis . . . So whatever your mood is, or feel like wearing on a certain day, they have it at Plains & Prints. That’s why it is a definite yes for me,” she elaborated.

She then noted that because she doesn’t have a personal style and just dresses her mood, P&P’s variety of clothes from basics to formal dresses therefore compliments her personality.

More importantly for Anne, P&P’s also mirrors her womanhood. “It fits my age. The different clothing brands that I had endorsed [through time]suited whatever stage I was going through in my life. When I was younger, I wore the teeny bopper outfit. And then I moved on to be like party chic. Now I feel like I’m a woman at 28. Naks! So now, I really like pa-Audrey Hepburn style and look!” she explained.

Finally, Anne shared her newfound social responsibility. She concluded, “I also realized that I do have to take a social responsibility in what I wear. It was only last year that I realized I’m actually connecting to a younger audience. And therefore, I have to be responsible with the way I dress to avoid wardrobe mishaps like the one that happened to me on national TV during my birthday [performance].”


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