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    Curtain raiser…More industry news: With the dwindling sales of CDs and the market moving toward digital retailers like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and Deezer, some labels are feeling the crunch and started pulling out their CDs in stores. In fact, these companies have stopped manu­facturing CDs, instead importing units from other countries in case of a big release by a major artist.

    Just recently, two major labels decided let go of their CD sales staff and promo girls resulting to the lost of their jobs. Bad news also for retailers like Astroplus and Odyssey which have to shift to gadgets as their main line of business.

    This move was started by Warner Music in 2015 then more labels followed suit. Though some indies still produce CDs, they would have to bear with high manufacturing cost which will add to the album’s price. The music landscape is indeed changing like the shifts from vinyl or phonograph records to cassette tapes, cassettes to CDs and now CDs to the digital platforms.

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    She was described by the British press as pop’s new icon and Anne-Marie’s numbers can attest to that.

    With over 12 million single sales, five billion streams, 950 million views on YouTube, 36 platinum awards, the biggest selling UK artist of 2016, nominated for four Brit Awards and three MTV EMAs, #3 Breakout Artist on Spotify Worldwide of 2016, she has already made loads of achievements even before releasing her debut album and conquering the world, not just UK.

    Anne-Marie started in theater having roles in two West End productions suggesting she was pretty good at singing and acting.

    With international DJ Marshmello CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

    While she has collaborated with a wealth of household names over her career to date including Rudimental, a band whom she toured the world with as their lead vocalist for two years, her biggest one was the Clean Bandit single “Rockabye” where her voice was featured alongside Sean Paul.

    The track became a worldwide hit, the longest running UK No. 1 for 22 years and garnered one-time Diamond and 26-time Platinum awards.

    But don’t mess with this pretty British lady as she is a three-time world karate champion which also inspired her first EP released in 2015 titled “Karate.”

    A collection of three vastly different songs, it was produced by the likes of Two Inch Punch and Brad Ellis, all anchored by Anne-Marie’s supple voice and inherent talent for melody.

    “My plan was to put the EP out as the weird and cool side of my music, to let people know that bit of my personality, and then move toward the pop side,” she announced.

    She shot onto the pop scene in 2016 with her biggest-selling debut single release “Alarm” after a plethora of early internet buzz, Anne-Marie followed-up with her one million-selling and UK Top 10 hit “Ciao Adios” last year.

    British pop singer Anne-Marie

    Showcasing her versatility and as a special Christmas treat to fans, the five-time Brit Awards nominee gave the music world an emotional master class and a taste of her highly anticipated debut album with her timeless track “Then” with an accompanying performance video at the end of 2017.

    After her short visit to Manila last month, Anne-Marie released a joint new single “Friends” with anonymous producer DJ and electronic mastermind Marshmello. This will be part of her highly-anticipated debut album to be released this year.

    “Friends” marks one of the hottest collaborations of this year and has all the elements of yet another Anne-Marie global smash. Marshmello’s stellar, throwback production combines with Anne-Marie’s next-level vocals, buckets of sass and, of course, matchless humor to create a sonic masterpiece.

    Recorded at Sarm Studios at the end of 2017, “Friends” is a continuation of a budding friendship – in 2016, Marshmello remixed Anne-Marie’s double platinum and UK Top 20 breakthrough hit, Alarm.

    Music Geek had an exclusive email interview with pop’s brightest new star after her Manila tour which included an exclusive media and fans night and guestings at Wish 107.5 and “ASAP.” Special thanks to Warner Music Philippines for facilitating this digital interaction.

    How did you find the country during your Manila tour?

    I love it. I want to be back ASAP, hopefully with a live show so keep looking at my socials.

    For those who did not know you yet, how would you describe your music?

    It’s got attitude. Emotional. Storytelling.

    Who are your musical influences?

    Loads! Alanis Morissette, Anderson Paak, Prince, Pink, Christina Aguilera, Lauryn Hill, Rudimental.

    How did your theater and karate background help you in your singing?

    They have both taught me so much in life. Musical theatre helped me to learn how to tell a story through a song. Karate helped me gain focus and discipline. I’d be lost without them both.

    How does it feel to be part of the number one single “Rockabye”? How was it working with Clean Bandit and Sean Paul?

    It feels amazing. I love the song so much. It was really cool working with all of them. Would love to work with them again.

    What is your new single Friends all about?

    It’s about the friendzone. I guess I wanted an anthem for all the people that had been friendzoned or anyone who wants to tell someone they’re just a friend. It’s quite cheeky.

    What will your new album be like? Will the tracks, Ciao Adios, Heavy, Either Way and Alarm be there?

    Most of them are on there, yeah. There’s a lot of different vibes on there. Different subjects, different feelings. Hopefully there’s a song for every mood. To help people through a situation. Or just to dance to!

    Who did you work with or collaborate with on the album? How was the recording process?

    I’ve collaborated with Marshmello, Ed Sheeran, Rudimental. Producers like Steve Mac, Chris Loco, writers Jenn Decilver, Ina Wroldsen, Emily Warren, Natt Dun and many more amazing people.

    What gives you more pleasure, writing a song, recording a track or performing in front of a crowd?

    I always feel like writing the song is very therapeutic. I love the process. I write about my life so it feels really good letting it off my chest. Performing is really important and special to me too. I love singing live. I love connecting with the audience. I love seeing their faces.

    How do you react when people sing your songs?

    It’s quite overwhelming. In the best way possible. I feel so happy. It’s the best feeling in the world.

    How important is it to you for your music to be heard all over the world and not just in UK?

    The more people that can hear my music the better. If it helps someone through a break up half way across the world then I’m doing something right!

    What is music to you?

    Music is very special to me. I feel like it knows me more than anyone. It’s always there when I need a cry, or a laugh or a dance. Don’t know what I’d do without it.

    How would you like to be remembered?

    Strong, caring and inspirational.

    How do you describe Filipinos during your short visit here?

    Very happy, kind-hearted people. I love it!

    Message to your Filipino fans…

    Thank you so much for always supporting me. I can’t tell you how much I love my Filipino fans.


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