• Annie Lennox leads calls for sustained aid


    NEW YORK: Singer Annie Lennox has voiced confidence that public pressure can in time solve the world’s humanitarian crises as she received an award for her philanthropy. The voice of the Eurythmics was honored in New York on Monday by Global Citizen, the advocacy movement that plans a much larger concert Saturday led by Stevie Wonder to press for sustained levels of foreign aid. Lennox—a longtime advocate of international development, HIV/AIDS awareness and gay rights—voiced alarm at the state of the world including mass human displacement and worsening calamities linked to climate change. “The catastrophic events of wantonly plundering Earth’s natural resources,” she warned, is “risking the veritable sustainability of human existence on this planet.” But she said: “My thinking is, if we can distribute Coca-Cola to all the corners of the world, and send men and women into space, then surely there are solutions to these problems.” “Collectively everybody can make a difference. But you need to choose hope over despair, responsibility over indifference, feminism over misogyny,” she said to applause. Global Citizen presented the Scottish singer with an award named after late Beatle George Harrison, who pioneered the mega-benefit show with his 1971 concert in New York to support war- and cyclone-ravaged Bangladesh.



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