• Another batch of 350 govt casuals fired in Nueva Vizcaya


    BAYOMBONG, Nueva Vizcaya: More than 350 provincial casual and contractual employees have lost their job after their contracts were not renewed by the newly installed provincial administration.

    The employees are aside from those reportedly with questionable permanent appointments by the past administration referred to in Executive Order (EO) 3 issued by Gov. Ruth Padilla.

    Their terms have ended on June 30, the same day the new administration took the helm.

    However, some of the employees, most of them engaged in the delivery of basic services such as teachers and nurses continue to report for work, reports said.

    Earlier, Padilla asked her constituents to understand the situation because funds for casuals and contractual employees are not enough.

    But Padilla said the provincial government are now scrutinizing the qualifications of the employees as basis in reappointing them.

    Padilla has issued EO 3 on July 2 which recalled, withdrew and revoked appointments by the past administration under the term of former-Gov. Luisa Lloren Cuaresma.

    ”[This is so because] it appears on record that a number of appointments were made within the prohibitory period or made not in accordance with proper procedure,” Padilla said.

    The EO nullified the so-called midnight appointments, which included those appointed shortly before the May 13 elections up to July 1 and reportedly those, which were made since 2007, affecting some 300 provincial employees.

    Padilla said the appointments were made in the absence of a Personnel Selection Board, thus in violation of the Local Government Code, the Omnibus Election Code and the Civil Service Laws and Regulations.

    Employees affected by the EO were reportedly preparing to contest the EO claiming they have complied with all the necessary requirements particularly that of the Civil Service.


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