Another empty apology


The New People’s Army (NPA) has done it again—apologized for the killing of eight policemen in Cagayan last May 27.

It is safe to say that the half-hearted apology was the result of public anger and indignation over the ambush. There was no excuse for the killing. The cops were not preparing for an encounter, but for medical examinations. They were not dressed in fatigues and armed to the teeth, but were donning shorts and t-shirts.

The NPA had planted a landmine, which the vehicle carrying the young cops hit.

No one need be reminded that there is a global ban on the use of landmines. There is no justification for the NPA’s use of the device, which can just as easily kill, main or injure innocent civilians. And the NPA wonders why they are labelled a terrorist organization. We have news for them. That’s exactly what they are.

What will they resort to next? Chemical or biological warfare? Or will they be targeting school kids or senior citizens next to prove that their communist ideology is the only one that must be followed, or else?

What is it that Mao Zedung said? Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. In the case of the NPA and the Communist Party of the Philippines and the National Democratic Front, political power grows out of the use of land mines.

In their lame apology to the families of the slain cops, the NPA again mouthed their archaic language from decades past. According to their spokesman, “The military troops, the NPA rebels and the civilians caught in the crossfire are victims of the greed and violence perpetrated by the state, which is lorded over by the landed, the bourgeoisie and their foreign capitalist masters.”

Such a statement could have been issued in the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s. At least they did not use the silly word ‘burgis’ which they coined to mean bourgeoisie.

We have to wonder what the NPA and its sister organizations of the extreme Left have to say about the growing number of Filipinos making fortunes for themselves through sheer dint of hard work. The self-employed businessmen and entrepreneurs purchase land and provide decent homes for their families. Does this make them part of the petty bourgeoisie who must be destroyed?

Prior to last month’s elections, the NPA had attacked the vehicle carrying the mother of Senator TJ Guingona. She survived but her driver and bodyguard were killed. The NPA also apologized for that one.

Allow us to speak for the victims of the latest NPA atrocity. Apology noted, but not accepted.


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