• Another one for Alonzo

    Alonzo Muhlach

    Alonzo Muhlach

    Son of former child superstar Nino Muhlach, Alonzo, is indeed carving a niche for himself in local showbiz. While even his own father admits that his son may not be able to make as many movies as he did during his time, it seems that Alonzo is instead taking—and succeeding—in the realm of endorsements.

    Just as lucrative as a movie career, Alonzo just landed his newest product endorsement for Frabelle Bossing Hotdogs, a subsidiary of the giant Filipino fishing company, whose executives really sought the five-year-old Niño look alike as brand ambassador.

    Charmed by precocious boys ways—especially how opinionated he is at such a young age—Frabelle’s executives were convinced he was perfect for the “Bossing” concept. Apparently, the line of hotdogs was named “Bossing” because while mothers are often the decision makers of the home, her true boss are the children because she listens to what they want.

    On another note, Alonzo may just catch up to his dad in the movie department as he is currently shooting two films, Viva Film’s Wang Family, and the 2015 Metro Manila Film festival entry Beauty and the Besty with Vice Ganda, Nadine Lustre and James Reid.

    Asked what he does with his earnings, Alonzo quipped, “[I place them] in the bank and in my wallet po.”


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