• Another P20-M ‘ghost’ project in Camarines Norte


    What’s this I heard all the way from Camarines Norte that a congressman and a contractor connived for the “ghost” delivery of medicines worth P20 million?

    The story goes something like this: The lawmaker, whom we will refer to as Congressman “The Only One,” allocated P20 million of his PDAF in 2012 for medicines intended for his constituents.

    The supplier, alias “Jean Alperto,” reportedly gave this lawmaker from Bicol 50 percent commission in advance.

    To cut the story short, the medicines intended for a depressed town, headed by Congressman “The Only One’s” relative, never arrived.

    Both Congressman “The Only One” and “Jean Alperto” are currently enjoying the “fruits of their labor” in the comforts of their respective mansions in Bicol and in Manila.

    * * *

    PDAF a home wrecker?

    Here’s one for the books.

    A female insurance company owner gave P180 million to a known contractor in Congress after she was promised a huge profit for her investment in a very short time.

    Miss “Gaitan,” without consulting her husband, withdrew the amount from the company’s funds and handed it to Miss “Everanda,” the unscrupulous contractor.

    Her investment was supposed to pay advance commissions of lawmakers in Congress in exchange for soft projects funded by the lawmakers’ priority development assistance fund (PDAF) but the projects later turned out to be “ghost” ones.

    Miss “Everanda,” however, did not use the money to pay off the lawmakers but used it instead to buy a paper mill for herself.

    A year later and as the PDAF scam was exposed, Miss “Gaitan” tried to cash in on her investment but Miss “Everanda” went into hiding.

    Her husband, upon learning of his wife’s bad and illegal investment, left her all because of PDAF.

    * * *

    Two women crooks Local officials, beware!

    Two middle-aged ladies, pretending to be employees of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), or often as contractors, are on the prowl looking for their next victim.

    A mayor outside Metro Manila, who became a victim of the two, said the women carted away P1 million from him as an advance for a project he submitted to the DBM for funding.

    Here’s how alias “Manang Helen En-Rikis” and “Tita Pura Pirata” work:

    The tandem would approach a local official and pretend to be contractors.

    They will ask from the official his letter-request for funding and the program of work of the project, saying they will submit it to the DBM.

    After a few weeks, they will come back to the local official with a fake sub-allotment release order or SARO so they can get a cash advance. Once they get their money, they vanish for good.

    Several mayors and governors who fell victims to the scam of these two women reportedly want them dead.



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    1. Once they are dead, The country will have new crops of straight females, who’ll embody the real image of a true Filipino woman and wife, back to the world.

    2. Erwin i hope you give full details of these people to the authorities so they can be investigated & hopefully prosecuted. Keep telling us of these scum politicians who continue to line their own pockets. I wish you could get a small lady to pass their names so they can be published so all can see & then lets see what they say for themselves.

      The pdaf homewrecker, i find this brilliant. The wife who wanted to scam the people of this country got scammed & lost a lot of money & a husband. Its brilliant news & no more than she deserved. I wish she would complain to the police & then also get prosecuted for her attempt at stealing from this country. May this happen to manny more people i love that. I hope those scammers get away with it as it shows these corrupt people for what they are.