• Another People Power looms


    ORGANIZERS of an anti-government rally that will call for the ouster of President Benigno Aquino 3rd have been meeting not to launch a coup d’etat or an armed revolt but another peaceful People Power revolution similar to the one that toppled Ferdinand Marcos in 1986.

    In a statement on Thursday, former Bayan Muna party-list Rep. Teddy Casiño revealed that many cause-oriented groups, civil society organizations, political leaders, religious, laity and concerned individuals have been meeting and discussing ways on how to remove Aquino in the light of his latest “blunder”— the death of 44 police Special Action Force (SAF) commandos in Mamasapano town in Maguindanao province.

    “The growing consensus is that this is just the latest in a string of blunders by the Aquino government and a reflection of the systemic flaws in our political system. Mamasapano was a fatal result of US intervention mixed with Aquino’s incompetence and lack of leadership. Many have expressed equal frustration over the administration’s failure to make a dent in the fight against bureaucratic corruption, cronyism, political patronage and criminality, not to mention the equally grave problems of chronic poverty and underdevelopment,” said Casino, who is presently the spokesman of the militant group, Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan).

    “Clearly the buck stops with the President. Many think part of the solution is removing him from office,” he added.

    He called on the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Philippine National Police (PNP) and local authorities “not to prevent people from coming out in the streets to express their demand for change.”

    “There is nothing to fear from People Power… It’s not a coup d’ etat or an armed revolt,” the former lawmaker said.

    “We are not calling for a coup d’ etat. We want the President to be held accountable for his many failures. Most people are demanding for truth and accountability on the Mamasapano incident. Many are also calling on President Aquino to step down for this and his many other failures. These are legitimate grievances and demands and the government should not prevent people from expressing their sentiments whether in social media or in the streets,” he added.

    On February 25, exactly one month after the Mamasapano incident, and on the anniversary of EDSA 1, these groups will converge in an interfaith prayer and form a symbolic human chain from 3 to 6 p.m. starting at the Camp Crame EDSA gate stretching all the way to the EDSA Shrine in Ortigas Ave.





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    1. better for Aquino to step down to avoid bayan to attack malakanyang by force and be killed
      in the street like what had happen to cesiesco of Romania.

    2. “Better the devil you know than the devil you do not know”, having to quote that, my question is, are we ready to let BINAY take over as President according to our rule of law?

    3. Another people power? The last 2 people power did it accomplish anything? Ningas kugon! After he gets kick out, then what? Is there a plan or a scheme to make the system better? What then are we just going to replace him with a new president that will come from the same old politicians that are now sitting in office?

      • christopher chavez on

        all the past people power is failed, why? because it is not supported by workers internationally, if all the people in the world unite and revolt against the capitalist system there should be no abusing of power, corruption, violence. we should replace a system that can uplift the lives of all workers in the world not nationality but internationally, the system is now ruling internationally

    4. problema… makapal mukha nung nasa palasyo. anyone really think he’ll resign?! LoL

      only way to fix the problem is to kick him out. i mean c’mon… Congress won’t impeach him, because his mafia has majority votes (thanks to the PCOS of 2010). otherwise, pepople will just have to wait and keep taking all the stupidity that is still to come from this president until 2016. then what? PCOS all over again, and the merry -go-round of idiocy will never end.

      • christopher chavez on

        i think it is not good if we force to resign the president, we should change the system in order to change the lives of every people in the world no abusing, no dividing of classes,no violence, etc. the present system is in decadence. we should unite! all the workers in the world! Unite!

    5. Roberto Acepcion Jr. on

      i do not like the presence of comm-front organizations in this activity. if they are there, i will just stay at home.

    6. People Power and Coup d’ etat will not happen. What we have now is not enough to make it happen. I think the government is in the right direction. Bad forces(with personal interest) are just trying to ruin Pnoy. We should be thinking of what we can contribute to the country.

    7. Let’s go! PNoy resign, PNoy resign! PNoy resign! Shame on you! Shame on you! Shame on you! In America, (New York) Filipino-Americans were the ones shouting at PNoy. PNoy out! (3X). And “Shame on you! (3X)

    8. brandogandanghari on

      Do you think your crazy yellow CBCP, INC, “civil society”, oligarch made president will give up power bloodless like the SUPREME SACRIFICE The Greatest Philippine President Marcos made in 1987? Your yellow president has no respect or do not VALUE Filipino lives, just like the soldiers lives lost in Mamasapano.Mamasapano unlike President Marcos. Go ahead, a bloody massacre awaits you at edsa on that day. Better withdraw your money at the banks now while you still can.