• Another self-confessed death squad member implicates Duterte in killings


    A former police officer who claimed to be part of the infamous Davao Death Squad (DDS) on Monday accused President Rodrigo Duterte as the one responsible for a number of unsolved murders in Davao City during his term as mayor.

    In a news conference organized by Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th at the Senate, members of the Free Legal Assistance Group presented Senior Police Officer 3 Arturo Lascañas, who admitted to taking part in several murders in Davao City allegedly on orders of Duterte.

    Lascañas narrated some operations carried out by the DDS against a number of individuals including the massacre of the Patasahan family that included a five-year-old boy and a pregnant woman. The husband was a suspect in a kidnapping incident, he said.

    He also bared details on the killing of radio broadcaster Jun Pala, the bombing of a mosque in Davao City and the murder of a suspected drug lord.

    Lascañas said his testimony could back some of the claims earlier made by confessed hitman Edgar Matobato, who had testified in a Senate inquiry.

    Lascañas said Duterte would pay them after accomplishing their missions, and the biggest reward he received was when the DDS killed Pala. He said he got around P1.5 million for that operation. JEFFERSON ANTIPORDA


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    1. Here we go again, Trillanes and Delima and the yellow turds. Why did not Lascanas bear it all at the senate hearing? He swore and denied the crimes attributed to the DDS, hello!! magkano ang niluwal ng mga yellow turd para magbago si Lascanas? 3 m 4 m? Kaya nila yan para mabalik Lang sila sa puesto. Sama mga Pari at si lokaret na si Loyda. Payat yan. Dadagdagan pa yan ng mga OLIGARCH. Kawawa naman presidente natin. Mag people’s power 4 naman tayo, Kaladkarin natin si Trillanes at Delima palabas ng Senado.

    2. When DeLima was Human Rights Commission Chief then Justice Secretary under President BS Aquino she investigated the so-called death squads and even went to Davao. Remember that DeLima was very quick to get people arrested on the flimsiest hearsay. With all the resources under the Aquino presidency and DeLima’s determination to get Duterte she was unable to find anything that could prove the existence of a death squad and Duterte’s involvement. So now that she is close to getting arrested for her crimes she is going to the media crooks to rehash her fake stories of death squads. We the people will not believe DeLima and Aquino and the yellow criminal syndicate. This is not the time of Ninoy Aquino and Cory Aquino where they could just use the media crooks to paint their political opponents as vile sinners and themselves as saints. We are much wiser now than the Filipinos of the 70’s and 80’s.

    3. Isn’t this was the same person who vehemently denied the statement of Motabato in the previous senate hearing regarding the DDS issue. Now he retract his denials and do the turnaround, with trillanes on his side? Now this is a letdown? As the saying goes, you lie in one you lie in all. Come on guys make it more convincing, or this news conference should have been done inside the marines camp at Ternate, Cavite or at marines HQ in Fort Bonifacio.


      SPO3 Lascanas have confessed at 10am ANC News that he is indeed part of DDS in Davao City when Duterte was mayor. He also confessed that in every suspect that they killed they were given P20,000 to P100,000 reward by Duterte himself. DDS masacred people in Davao mosque, killed broadcaster Jun Pala including 2 brothers of Lascanas who were into drugs at Duterte’s instructions and confirmed all those crimes of DDS involving Duterte as alleged by Motabato and Delima in the senate hearing.

      Now the truth has come out that we have a president who is insane and CRIMINAL that disregarded our criminal justice system, are all pinoys still willing to support him? If that is so, then the allegation that their brains are smaller than a mongo who cannot even be compared to that of an apes is true. That’s the reason why majority of pinoys are very poor, always cheated and corrupted by politicians because they do not have commons sense. Why they elected Duterte?………

      • Ikaw ang mongo ang utak GAGO!!! Nagpaniwala ka sa mga desperate yellow turds. To late the hero na kayo mga ULOL. Akala nyo maloloko nyo kami!!! Mga
        HANGAL!! Alam na ng bayan ang tutoo. SHUT UP NA KAYO!!!

    5. Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha! Anyare with your under oath ? We Mr. Switchoff gave you some mullah just to be on that presscon, but it’s futile like you! Inutil to the max.

    6. And how much millions these gagong Trillanes and the yellowish LP promise to Lascanas just to implicate
      Pres. Duterte to the EJK ?