• Answer Marcos poll protest, VP told


    THE SUPREME Court (SC) en banc, sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, has ordered Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo to answer the election protest filed by former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

    During deliberations on Tuesday, the magistrates agreed to require Robredo to file her comment, where she is expected to present her defenses and arguments to dispute the allegations of Marcos that there was massive cheating during the May 2016 elections.

    The case was raffled off to Associate Justice Alfredo Benjamin Caguioa, who has ties to both parties.

    Caguioa is a classmate of former President Benigno Aquino 3rd, Robredo’s Liberal Party mate, from elementary to college. He was also a classmate of the former senator’s wife, Liza Araneta-Marcos, at the Ateneo de Manila University College of Law.

    Aquino has a huge stake in the case, having drafted Robredo to run against Marcos. The former President’s sister, actress Kris Aquino, was Robredo’s top campaigner and financier.

    Robredo won against Marcos with a margin of 263,473 votes.

    Marcos is questioning the accuracy of the poll results and is asking for a probe of reported irregularities during the polls through a judicial revision or recount of the ballots and the examination, system audit and verification of the voter’s receipts, election returns and related election documents.


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    1. Pusong Pinoy on

      Sa VP position lang nagka-dayaan? Sa isang “spare tire” position lang? Pero sa presidential, senatorial, congressional, mayoral/governor, vice-mayoral, city council, party representative election, hindi na dapat tignan? Sa VP election lang dapat gumasta ng malaking pera at abala? For a ‘spare tire’ position? Really? Seriously?

    2. BULL SHIT. how will Leni cheats or her supporters Pnoy.

      Bobong marcos is the son of the family of THIEVES, CHEATERS AND LOOTERS. everybody knows that. this tatad and tiglao are Pnoy haters. tatad is marcos errand boy and he kew how marcos cheats. they manipulated the comellect and the employess walk out while the count is going on because marcos wants his will to be followed.
      NOW who is the cheayers.

      they claimed they added 500,00 votes to Leni but the result was only 350,000. so the fakers who cover their faces were paid by BBM’s mother imelda with their big LOOT.

      come on guys. Leni has nothing to do with this issue, a family of no history of cheating.

      idiots and ignorant haters..

    3. I am not trained in English language but am aware of dangling phrases. For me, it’s easier to understand the 4th paragraph if 1st sentence is written this way: “From elementary to college, Caguioa is a classmate of former President Benigno Aquino 3rd, Robredo’s Liberal Party mate.”

    4. Mabait na Pinoy on

      The only request of Marcos that make sense is to recount the ballots and it is more likely to be granted by the PET. The rest are nothing more than a frustration from a loser. The accusations are all in general and no specifics. System audit? can anybody here how they would do a system audit? This by itself is a very broad request. What did Marcos want to be audited? The whole AES that was used during the election? The computers themselves? their storage capabilities?, processor speed?, transmission capabilities? how these system interconnected to one another? (system configuration), On the software part, Marcos realize that there are over two thousand programming languages developed and does he has any idea what programming language the Smartmatic developed and used in their machines?

      I have seen some of the complaints of Marcos about looking into the “source code” of the program used by the Smartmatic. One thing that this moron and his lawyers failed to understand is that ” the source code is patented, licensed, and a trade secret solely owned by SMARTMATIC CORPORATION and it is protected under the International patent law. I do not think the PET can make Smartmatic to reveal its source code. However, the company can offer to reveal their source code if Marcos can agree to pay like $4 Billion as a compensation, because once a source code is exposed publicly, it is deemed useless. Marcos can try this on any Microsoft programs, and we can watch Bill Gates spank Bongbong until he turns all blue.

      A source Code is a text file version of a computer program that contains instructions that the computer follows. It is written in a programming language which human can read. A large program can contain many different source code files that all work together, and then COMPILED when it is finished. Meaning, the codes are translated into “Assembly” or “Machine language” for the computer to read, but hard for human to read.

    5. vic penetrante on

      When will we ever have an election without protest? The Comelec and all others who said that we had a fair election should answer the protest of Marcos, not the VP.

    6. The VP results are obviously questionable and should be recounted . This country is never free of vote manipulation.
      It is about time to expose such exploitation.

    7. The media is currently blocking this news, except Manila Standard, Daily Tribune and Manila times. ABS CBN and GMA are also blocking it as much as they could. I hope they require a Broadcast company to have a live coverage of this electoral protest hearing for the Filipinos to know the truth.

    8. Caguioa is a classmate of former President Benigno Aquino 3rd, Robredo’s Liberal Party mate, from elementary to college. He was also a classmate of the former senator’s wife, Liza Araneta-Marcos, at the Ateneo de Manila University College of Law.

      Anyone care to guess what Aquino’s classmate and liberal party member will decide ?

      The Supreme Court does not follow the constitution anymore they make new laws to favor Aquino and his Liberal Party schemes.

      They added the good faith clause to the DAP fund to shield Aquino for misuse of the 150 billion fund as if breaking the law was ok as long as you had good intentions.

      The Chief Justice was appointed after Aquino and the senators he bribed with 100 million each that they then gave to Napoles for 50% kickback and were never charged. The new Chief Justice was Aquino’s lawyer when he tried to get a bigger payoff for the land his family was supposed to give to the farmers 40 years ago.

      • renato irlanda on

        based on what fyi enumerated, would one still doubt what cagiuoa’s monumental decision would be