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    World-renowned chef and foodie Anthony Bourdain visited the Philippines yet again, this time for the World Street Food Congress held at the Mall of Asia concert grounds.

    In The Know had the chance to chat with “No Reservations” host last weekend where he excitedly shared that his upcoming Bourdain Market is set to open in New York City in 2019. But was even more exciting was his promise of including a truly Filipino dish.

    “I will definitely include sisig!” Bourdain intimated.

    Why sisig? Bourdain says that the minced dish of pork’s head and liver will give Filipino cuisine the big break and will make it into a household name.

    International chef and host Anthony Bourdain INSTAGRAM PHOTO

    “It is the ultimate drinking food! With beer in particular, it is perfect! It fits right in the current pork-centric society. Americans and Europeans are now into the face, meat and snouts so it’s got all.”

    He wishes that sisig would now replace balut as the first Filipino food that will come to mind to foreigners.

    The American chef even offered constructive criticisms on how our cuisine should stop becoming so underrated, “I sense the lack of confidence. Some cultures love to assimilate when they arrive and Filipino very quickly assimilated and integrated with American culture… I sense the lack of security in promoting and trying to build it into a business … but it is good that in the last few years we have started seeing Filipino hipster food.”

    “Philippines Next Top Model: High Street” (PhNTM) stayed true to its promise to expect the unexpected.

    Last week, Fil-Swiss Interior Design student Angela Lehmann—who had no background whatsoever in modeling—emerged as the title holder for the most coveted fashion show of the season.

    The 22-year-old, dubbed as “awkwardly beautiful,” Bicolana scored the highest among the 12 contenders to beat second placer Adela Marshal and former beauty contestant Ina Guerrero who came in third.

    PhNTM has been taped already for several months now and Angela had struggles of hiding her victory from the public.

    “Actually, hanggang ngayon hindi ko maisip na ako na talaga yun. Ibang-iba ang buhay ko at pinilit lang ako mag-audition ng friends ko sa school only to find out na mamahalin ko pala talaga ang modeling,” she said.

    Angela Lehmann ‘Philippines Next Top Model: High Street’ winner
    IG photo

    Angela started out as a timid contestant with low confidence because she said she was not comfortable with her beauty and that she had scoliosis. Eventually, PhNTM became life changing for her as she learned how to embrace her beauty afterwards.

    “Ang awkward ko talaga and yung training na nakuha ko sa show yun ang nagpabago ng isip ko at nagpa-realize sa akin na gamitin ko yung looks ko to my advantage.”

    Angela had the best photo for three weeks in a row and never was in the bottom two despite her lack of experience in the industry—it was exactly the lack of experience that made her determined to win.

    “Yun nga eh, nahuhuli ako at wala pa akong alam kaya sineryoso ko talaga at lalo ako nagpursige. Inaral ko talaga lahat hanggang sa nanalo ako,”she revealed.

    Angela won P3 million in total with a one-year contract for TV5, ambassadorship for SM Woman and Oppo, two round-trip tickets to Hong Kong, and one-year gym membership.

    GUESS WHO? The press was yet again dismayed by the rude actor who thinks highly of himself even though his network does not.

    Recently, rude actor was at an event where he was acknowledged for a certain project and as per usual, the reporters on his station had to interview him about what he was being recognized for.

    Backstage, as soon as members of the press were with him, one asked him naturally to talk about his recognition and what it was for soundbite’s sake. Instead of answering respectfully and with manners, rude actor’s rebuttal was, “Hindi ba trabaho mong malaman kung ano itong tinanggap ko?”

    The press was appalled with his behavior and is disgruntled by it. It was not the first time he did this.

    Until next week, ta-ta!


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