Anti-Duterte TV ad fine by Grace


PANDI, Bulacan: INDEPENDENT Presidential candidate Senator Grace Poe said on Thursday that she sees nothing wrong with the content of the  anti-Duterte television advertisement, noting that no rules were violated.

Poe, who served as the chairperson of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB), said that as long as the ad contains shows the truth and does not contain false information, she does not think that a violation  of regulatory laws was committed.

“An in my view there is nothing in the ad that violates the rule. It is for the people discern and to understand what is really happening,” she added.

She noted that there is nothing in the ad that is not accurate.

The Senator was referring to the political ad being aired by various television stations attacking the character of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, the current front-runner in the presidential race.

The ad shows children reacting to some of Duterte’s controversial statements, including his cursing of Pope Francis, his rape joke made during one of his political rallies, and his continuous cursing.

The controversial ad was paid for by vice presidential candidate Antonio Trillanes 4th, who has been a subject of criticism by avid supporters of the Davao City mayor.

Trillanes, for his part, defended the use of children in the ad, noting that children were purposely used to hammer the message that they should always be part of the consideration in the  choice of leaders of the country.

“It is not only for their future but also because they (children) will emulate these leaders,” Trillanes added.

“Besides, the children were shown in a positive light, and all pertinent laws were strictly followed,” said Trillanes in a text message.

Duterte fanatics have criticized the ads and its airing, while some even questioned the use of children, and insisted that they will not change their minds on who to support.

Trillanes, however, questioned the sudden concern of Duterte fans with children, when they have been laughing with the mayor every time he cusses and curses people without realizing that there are children listening to Duterte.

“Dutertarts are suddenly concerned about children? Yet they laugh every time Duterte cusses and jokes about his penis and rape not realizing that children are listening too? Such hypocrisy, right? Now, that’s what the ad is all about too,” added Trillanes.



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  1. Nako POE! ang tanga nyo talaga! isa kang sinungaling nanggaling ka nga sa MTRCB pero asan yung pinagaralan mo POETANG-INA KA POE