‘Anti-dynasty bill not applicable to all’


ILOILO CITY: Iloilo City Councilor Jason Gonzales said the proposed anti-dynasty bill endorsed by President Benigno Aquino 3rd during his last State of the Nation Address is not applicable to all families.

He said the 2016 election is a referendum of performance of the incumbent, who will recommend the successor who will continue his or her projects.

Gonzales is looking to ‘succeed’ his father, Lambunao outgoing ma-yor Reynor Gonzales, as he is the on-ly family member who can run for public office in the said municipality.

The city councilor said he does not agree on multi-family members serving different elected posts as if only one family can do public service.

He said he is amenable to only two qualified direct family members to join in the political service of the government. He said his uncle, Iloilo Gov. Arthur Defensor and first cousin, Cong. Arthur Jr. is a congressman of Iloilo but they both belong to another family.


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  1. The Iloilo City Councillor got his own definition to suit his whims.Aside from that he claims that he is the only family member who can run in the Municipality of Lambunao.What happen to the Vice Mayor who is the first cousin of his father,his cousins who are SB members?As what Mr. Frayna said and I quote “Be honest at least to yourself,this time.Lambunaonons are not stupid and they still remember what your father had said way back 2007 Elections “Ang panghimanwa indi burugasan kag indi paranubliun.”

  2. Mr. Gonzales you are not in the right situation to comment like that. You are simply pulling down yourself , your family, and the likes.The Filipino people deserves better than your opinion as you are part of a dynasty. Be honest at least to yourself, this time.