• Anti-endo bill to boost middle class – lawmaker


    The passage of an Anti-End of Contract (Endo) or Security of Tenure bill will increase the number of middle class, a lawmaker said Saturday.

    Rep. Emmeline Villar of the Democratic Independent Workers’ Association party-list group filed her pet measure for the third time since she was elected a lawmaker in 2010.

    An “endo” is a policy wherein the employer fires a contractual employee after six months of work for no reason. Aglipay’s measure bans fixed-term hiring of employees.

    “We must make ways to increase the number of the middle class and close in the huge gap between the rich and the poor, which we can achieve by providing job security to our workers. By ending contractualization, we are giving Filipino workers the power to invest and plan how to spend their money because they know that they won’t have to worry about losing their jobs after six months,” Aglipay said in a statement.

    “Employers must recognize the fact they must regularize workers whose job is inextricably connected to the core business of the employer, and such is a permanent need of the company. The use of contractualization as a means to circumvent security of tenure promotes unfair treatment and hinders employees from achieving job security,” she added.

    Aglipay’s proposal is the second Anti-Endo measure filed at the House of Representatives, with Kabayan party-list Rep. Harry Roque filing his own version under House Bill 916, which slaps a six to 10-year imprisonment on employers found guilty of contractualization.

    Under Roque’s bill, employers should prove that the job item of employees whose contracts end after six months does not have a counterpart wherein employees do the same job but enjoy the status of regular employees.

    “By empowering the poor to have more in the eyes of the law, we protect the rights of vulnerable sectors from corporate exploitation and abuse,” Aglipay said.

    There are at least 35 million contractual workers in the country.


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    1. Urgie Faderogao on

      Contractualization was started by Corazon Cojuangco Aquino in 1987, she herself violated the Labor Code of the employment status of six (6) proviosonal to regular or permanent status favoring the employers NOT the workers.

    2. This is a step in the right direction for the working classes. This practice of “endo” is blatantly unfair and encourages exploitation of workers. Employers should be fair to their workers who are assisting the employers achieve profits from the business. This practice of “endo” is not encouraged in neighbouring countries such as Malaysia and Singapore. Hopefully the bill receives due support from other congressmen and is speedily effected.