• Anti-laundering chief resigns


    JULIA Abad on Monday confirmed her resignation as Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) executive director effective today, saying the agency needed a new leadership to be more effective.

    JULIA Abad

    “[T]he recent developments that confronted the AMLC and its Secretariat gave me the occasion to realize that, though already resilient on its own, the AMLC Secretariat will be accorded with renewed strength through a transformed strategy. To be more effective, the direction that the AMLC Secretariat will prospectively take would have to come from a new leadership,” she said in a statement.

    President Rodrigo Duterte had called for the resignation of AMLC executives, claiming they were playing politics and hampering the government’s anti-corruption efforts. Duterte claimed AMLC officials were “hard to deal with” and were protecting money launderers and drug suspects, including Sen. Leila de Lima.

    The AMLC was also rocked last year following the discovery of the $81-million Bangladesh Bank heist.

    “I am deeply honored and humbled to have worked for more than ten years in the AMLC Secretariat with capable men and women of unsullied integrity who decided to dedicate themselves to be vanguards in this war against money laundering and terrorism financing,” Abad said.


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    1. Buti naman at tinablan na yung kapal ng mukha nila. Pag Liberal nag request mabilis pa sa alas kwatro may AMLC report agad sila Binay, Duterte pero pag nag request ka ng kina Pnoy, Roxas, Delima at Abad naku po, aabutin ng siyam – siyam

    2. Now hopefully the AMLC can investigate the ill gotten wealth of Abad, Aquino, Robredo, Purisima, Loot, Drilon, Roxas, DeLima and Trillanes. It would be a wonderful accomplishment for PRRD to get these crooks behind bars.

    3. It is high time that Julia Abad, the daughter of Butch Abad, tendered her resignation in the face of glaring “palpaks” on the job with the $81M Bangladesh bank hacked money going into the country’s banking system with the AMLC caught flat footed without doing anything to safeguard our monetary system away from crooks. It could be remembered that at the height of the “demolition job” conducted by the administration of BS Aquino against VP Binay, it was AMLC who took part as the lead government agency that used its power to unlawfully exposed to the public the so called “money trail” of Binay that was not supposed to be done like that as there were laws that governed how it should be done discreetly without appearing as a political tool of Aquino to destroy Binay so that his political protégée Marimar will win the presidential election. Julia Abad’s tenure in AMLC is something that nobody likes to be in her shoes because she was a total failure there without accomplishing anything worthy to crow about.

      • first, i think she is not the daughter of abadingding. mukhang kaapelyido lang. second, you forgot that the amlc was used to demonize the late corona. remember the bank documents left daw by a little lady in bolet banal (same bolet who is the constant companion of robredo), if i am not mistaken, in the gate of his house. (siguro si julia yung little lady, he he) nauna pang gamitin ni boy sisi ang amlc para sirain si corona kesa kay binay

    4. Julia Abad? The daughter of Florencio Abad? No wonder she is protecting the Yellows. good riddance! Now the new head of AMLC should start checking the bank accounts of the ABAD Family first.

    5. Men and women of unsullied integrity in AMLC ? Look who is talking here. In the midst of rampant graft and corruption, not one did it come from your office that there is or was a transaction that you initiated to bring to court and successfully prosecuted. Where is the money of Binay?

      • It is on hold by the Philippine Government, and is over P12Billions. Did you hear me? that is in Billions. This is the reason why Binay lost the election; he did not have enough money to buy votes because the government got a hold of all his bank accounts, investments, and some other things, before the election. Nancy Binay won the previous senatorial election because of her daddy’s money. Intellectually speaking, she is ZERO. Got it?

    6. Good, it is about time . Abad should have resigned when the new administration took over regardless of mandate, since it has been perceived to shield corrupt public official and criminals. Now the Duterte Administration can have all the avenue to restore integrity in the system.
      The Chief of Ombudsman must also resign as it has been perceived also to be bias. Became a political tool of the past administration in dispensing one sided justice.
      Most important task of Congress is to look over the COA on how integrity can be restored. Graft happens in government cause COA people allow it.