• ‘Anti-PH’ Malaysian video agitates Manila


    The Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur has expressed its concern to Aegis Malaysia, a global business process outsourcing (BPO) company, about a promotional video that it produced putting the Philippines in an “unfavorable light.”

    A statement from the embassy said it sought an explanation from Aegis Malaysia on the video, which enumerated the reasons why foreign businesses should not invest in the Philippines and, instead, should look at Malaysia’s booming economy.

    The original video, it added, on Aegis’s site has since been taken down but it had been uploaded in several websites.

    “The video is circulating in social media and has raised alarm among netizens,” the embassy said.

    A letter sent by the embassy to Aegis Malaysia conveyed its deep concern about this matter, “as it considers Malaysian companies as friendly and active partners in furthering bilateral and regional trade and investment.”

    The embassy also sought an explanation or clarification from the Aegis Malaysia management on the release of the video and on the steps they plan to undertake to address the issue.

    Preliminary reports indicated that the company is based in Malaysia but is run by third-country citizens.

    The three-minute video, which has been shared more than 4,000 times, explained why Malaysia is a better choice over the Philippines for foreign companies wanting to grow and expand geographically.

    A number of netizens, both Filipinos and foreigners, have stood up against the video through various posts and comments in social media.

    The narrator in the video enumerated the reasons why companies should not invest in the Philippines. These reasons included “inadequate infrastructure,” “un-friendly climate” for smooth operations,” lack of security, lack of government support and an environment that may hinder the businesses’ interactions with clients, partners and customers.

    It  said the Philippines sits in the Ring of Fire, making it prone to natural disasters.

    Moreover, the video highlighted  advantages of investing in Malaysia because it offers “stable governance” and a perfect tropical climate for running businesses.

    It said Malaysia is “rich in diversified cultures, natural resources, competitive talent pools and leisure lifestyles so, it is ‘the perfect balance of business and pleasure.’”

    The Philippine Embassy assured potential investors that the business environment in the Philippines has “remarkably improved,” and that the Philippine government “is working tirelessly to further enhance the ease  of doing business for each and every investor.”

    The embassy said “it is heartening that many foreign companies and investors are coming to the Philippines in big numbers, particularly in   the [BPO] industry, which   is now one of the leaders in   the world.”

    “It considers them the country’s brand ambassadors in promoting ‘doing business’ in the Philippines,” it added.


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