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  1. Danica Williams on

    Expressing oneself is not a crime. But that bill’s intend not to deprive our freedom but to protect us from any harm resulting to Injuries, Abuses, Violence etc. To be simple is to be great. To stay in a low profile makes us safe. Selfishness and any other related attitude causes us to react differently on that bill. If that bill becomes a Law. then it will save lives, millions of Lives. Let us broaden our mind, and may the peace from God be with us.
    God bless

  2. Carmina Martinez on

    “Selfie” is now the term used when you take a photo of yourself. What is the real purpose of taking a photo? Isnt it for the future? For you to remember memories to remember some feelings on a certain place? why would we stop something which maybe satisfies happiness for some, I am not fond of taking selfies but, for some, it is their own way on how to express themselves. Nowadays, lots of accidents are reported which is said to be caused by taking a selfie? People who get injured, or people who dies because of taking selfies are people who didnt know what they are doing, well they did it, AT THEIR OWN RISK AND SAKE. Lets say, in a month, there are 10 reports of injuries and deaths because of careless people taking selfies at places they shouldnt, and there are hundreds of reports of deaths on cars, trains, planes, tricycles and others, wheres the sense? could we now say that on the near future there would be an “ANTI TRANSPORTATION BILL”?