• Anti-theft gear makes for hassle-free travel


    Travelling safe while having fun is the foremost consideration of any wandering adventurer. Passports, wallets and credit cards are as important as life itself so that using travel gear that secures these necessities is a must in this day and age.

    A lightweight, waterproof bag with breathable shoulder and waist straps

    To guide readers in this significant travel preparation, The Manila Times looks into the latest line of Pacsafe travel bags, whose features are designed to prevent tourists from losing things wherever they go.

    The brand’s collection of travel bags and carry-on gear containers are engineered with a bevy of safety mechanisms – slashguards that resist sharp punctures, RFID-blocking technology that protects passports and credit cards against identity theft, anchor straps and cables to hook bags on any unmoving fixture, and a variety of security locks and zippers to keep bags unopened by anyone other than the owner.

    The Slingsafe LX series is perfect for the young city adventurer

    Behind the label
    Founded 18 years ago by a pair of avid Australian travellers, Pacsafe was born out of a real travel threat: that gears might be stolen by thieves taking advantage of unknowing tourists.

    With that in mind, the duo came up with an anti-theft backpack protector, made from flexible stainless steel mesh that forms an impenetrable barricade against thieves.

    As such, besides safety, functionality is also the brand’s key feature with wide spaces and multiple compartments in every style to ensure organized and compact travel without fear of losing important items.

    For more information, visit www.pacsafe.com


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