• APEC discriminates, alienates Filipinos


    Almost 30 years since the 1986 “People’s Power” installed Cory Aquino as President and less than six months left of Noynoy’s six-year term, the quality of life in the country has barely improved.

    I’m afraid two days of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit is going to change anything anytime soon, even as Noynoy echoes his 2010 promise of reforms.

    Anyway, Noynoy and Barack Obama have used what was supposedly an economic and business forum to pile on the South China Sea (West Philippine Sea) issue in the presence of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

    What toknoy wouldn’t be tickled by the US President’s pledge of $79 million additional military aid to the Philippines, including one retired US warship and a long-haul patrol ship?

    Obama, who like Noynoy has suffered drastic drops in performance ratings, has reaffirmed an “iron-clad” US commitment to defend the Philippines from foreign aggression.

    Despite the participation of the top leaders of 22 or so countries, the handling of the event has turned out to be another big blunder for this elitist and repressive administration.

    As I’ve said, we ought to be a proud host to the APEC summit of world leaders but not in a way that highlights our “subservient mentality” to the extent that the government treats its own people as second-class citizens.

    Para kanino ba ang APEC na yan, sa kapakinabangan na naman ng pinakamayayaman na negosyante at kumpanya sa bansa?

    At, siyempre, sa mga opisyal ng pamahalaan na hahawak ng dagdag-utang ng bansa!

    Enough of this hypocritical charade that discriminates and alienates the Filipino people, instead of addressing their dire needs.

    Five lawmakers know better
    It’s preposterous, in the first place, to think that some foreigner gave birth to a baby girl, and abandoned the little one at a holy water font inside the Iloilo Metropolitan Cathedral.

    What compelling reason would make “both” foreigner parents agree to give away their child in such manner?

    A more common case is when a mother abandons her newly-born child due to poverty or due to fact that the child was born out of wedlock. In either case, it is likely that the mother or the father is a Filipino.

    It’s absurd, too, to believe that not one soul, apart from the unwilling mother, did not know about such pregnancy and birth taking place some 47 years ago in a crowded city.

    Somebody or some people must have known something or must have told others about the circumstances surrounding the birth of one beautiful girl, who has grown to become one great public servant.

    But whoever the biological parents were and why they parted with the child is no longer important, as far as the general public is concerned.

    Though interesting, it is really none of our business and has nothing to do with Senator Grace Poe’s aspiration to serve the nation’s next Chief Executive.

    The issue of citizenship should have never been raised, which is as malicious as questioning her residency two and a half years since she topped the 2013 senatorial election.

    Such issues were never raised until after Poe rejected both bids from Noynoy and Vice President Jojo Binay to run under their respective party’s banner.

    Kudos to the five honorable senators in the Senate Election Tribunal, who understand the intent of the Law better than the four other members of the tribunal.

    * * *

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    1. Why the turn around, Mr. Tulfo? The five senators that voted for GPL have shallow minds, shallow alibis, in short they are scatterbrains. They are senators of this land expected to uphold the law, to protect the Philippine Constitution and yet they didn’t, they violated their oath of allegiance. For me they are fake Filipinos as well. Sen Sotto is a comedian, a showbiz personality, he is making the Philippines Constitution a comedy. He ought to be not a senator, what a shame.This five senators are now black listed in my voting list. Take note of that Mr. balimbing Tulfo.

    2. I like u Mr.Tulfo but in reference to Poe I am disappointed which part of the Constitution did u read that the 5 who voted Poe were correct I guess u r just 4 Poe selective ka rin

    3. Sergio Chruz-Rhuiz on

      How many times has Grace Poe renounced Filipino citizenship? ONE

      What Filipino citizenship did she renounce? Natural-born status (following your argument)

      When she renounced her American citizenship, what Filipino citizenship did she APPLY for? NATURALIZED coz you there is no such thing as application for natural-born status.

      Isn’t this too easy to follow and understand?

    4. The law maybe harsh but the law is the law, this is not also applicable to those who have less in life but have more in law.
      The constitution says : natural born filipino is acquired by blood from father or mother and naturalized filipino are those who applied to become a citizen, in 1935 and in 1973 constitution. It does not explicitly stated also in the Dictator Cory’s Dictated Constitution of 1987.
      Sen. Poe’s mother or father was still unidentified as of this present time. Now its the law. Qualification for President one must be natural born filipino. Grace Poe is deemed a filipino citizen neither natural or naturalized. Henceforth, she can be appointed in any public office, she nmaybe a lawyer, doctor or anybody but she cannot be elected to office unless she is a natural born filipino.