• #apechotties – Why exclude PNoy?


    I’M disappointed, flabbergasted even, that talks about “hotties” at the recently concluded Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 2015 summit mentioned only Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Enrique Pena Nieto. How about our very own President PNoy?

    Trudeau and Nieto are truly physically appealing but our president couldn’t be too far behind. It gets my goat that local media have ignored him when, according to Pulse Asia and Social Weather Stations, he continues to enjoy high ratings among Filipinos.

    The APEC summit gave President Aquino the opportunity to shine on the world stage, and he really made the most of it. Sure, Trudeau and Nieto are very photogenic but so is Aquino. I find most of his pictures sexy, where he has his mouth agape as if about to say or swallow something. A half-open mouth is very attractive, and nothing could be more so than if done by a head of state.

    Incidentally, one of my favorite photos is the one showing him playing with a new video game while on an official visit to the United States. His mouth was open wider than usual and his eyes were lit up with the excitement of playing a new toy. He’s like many young boys who couldn’t have enough of their video games. See? Our president is really one the boys. Who among the presidents or prime ministers at the APEC could be in his league?

    He’s definitely politically superior to Trudeau. Did you hear Trudeau’s answer to the query of Tina Monzon Palma on the garbage from Canada? This political neophyte said he would take action on this issue, which started years before he became prime minister. He should take a leaf from Aquino who would instantly blame his predecessor for such problems. Aquino could teach other heads of state on how to elude responsibility and shine even brighter than any of them.

    One sexy thing about the President that I keep on admiring is his habit of shaking hands while his left hand is in his pocket. Nothing could be sexier than being true to oneself, and the President is showing to the whole world who he really is with this unique practice. Tell me, who among the participants at the summit keeps his hand in his pocket while shaking hands? Filipinos should be thankful in having a president who acts the way he feels.

    For all of these things, I find it lamentable that the President remains a bachelor to this day and could end up unable to sire a BS Aquino The Fourth. In August 2007, a few weeks after assuming his duties as senator, Aquino hosted a getting-to-know-you dinner for Senate reporters. I asked his main gofer, now Budget Secretary Butch Abad, how come Aquino was still a bachelor. Abad laughed and said Aquino would never marry as long as President Cory is alive. That was eight years ago. Cory has been dead for more than six years but Aquino is still single! So, the “blame” couldn’t possibly be placed on Cory.

    It’s sad, even tragic, that we have a “hottie” for a president who couldn’t, wouldn’t get married.

    On second thought, is that really a tragedy?



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    1. 1. PNOY probably has a revolver in his left pocket for self defense when he shook hands with foreign leaders since some like China are hostile sea grabbers.
      2. Noynoy already said he would not get married while in office so after he become an ordinary citizen in June 2016 we may see a Mrs. Aquino. He already said he did not want a wife who would suffer because a President may be assassinated anytime. The sufferings of his mother because his father was tortured and murdered by Marcos et al and the 9 coup attempts on P Cory may have made him that very sensitive and considerate of the risk to a potential spouse.

    2. gabriela silang on

      i simply love the juxtaposed pictures of the three apec hotties – trudeau…nieto…nyeta!

    3. Jose A. Oliveros on

      We should be thankful that PeNoy has opted to remain a bachelor (at least up to now) because in the words of that famous dissenter of the US Supreme Court, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. “one generation of imbecile is enough.”

    4. One thing that the columnist forgot to mention is…..it is only Aquino who does not look a head of state. He would rather look like a Chef or Gardener in the palace. Senator Santiago says stupid is forever and that qoute describes RP`s President very well. He thought bragging things he never did and blaming past presidents for his failures makes him famous but only shows he is fit to be a leader….

      • Correction to the last sentece: “He thought bragging things he never did and blaming past presidents for his failures makes him famous but only shows he is not fit to be a leader.”

      • Correction to the last sentence: “He thought bragging things he never did and blaming past presidents for his failures makes him famous but only shows he is not fit to be a leader.”