Apl. de. Ap. brings the land of opportunity to PH and South East Asia

Apl. de. Ap. promises to do what he can to make the world pay attention to Asian artists

Apl. de. Ap. promises to do what he can to make the world pay attention to Asian artists

So long as you’ve got the talent and the passion to succeed, he will bring the world to you.

This is the promise of Filipino-born American rapper, record producer, and singer of the Grammy Award-winning group The Black Eyed Peas, Apl. de. Ap, as he goes full throttle with his content and artist development marketing company BMXB (pronounced “boom box”) Entertainment.

During his latest visit to Manila, Apl., who originally hails from Angeles City, Pampanga, saw to the launch of original singles by two of his company’s first set of artists, The Voice of the Philippines finalist Jessica Reynoso, and a young Filipino from Singapore named Miguel Antonio. Apl. discovered Jessica through the first season of the reality singing franchise on ABS-CBN where he served as judge and mentor to the African-American-Filipina’s group, while he simply chanced upon Miguel singing at a charity event in Singapore.

“They just blew me away,” said Apl. who is Allan Pineda Lindo in real life.

As talents of BMBX, Jessica and Miguel will not only receive mentoring from the Grammy-award winning artist and marketing support here in the Philippines, but also, the opportunity to break into the international recording scene through Apl.’s influence in the global music industry.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to be able to come back home, and to see such amazing artists here in the Philippines when I did, I knew I had to do something for them,” began Apl. at the launch of Jessica and Miguel’s new singles, “Sing Along” and “Every Day,” respectively.

With BMBX talents Jessica Reynoso and Miguel Antonio

With BMBX talents Jessica Reynoso and Miguel Antonio

“I saw my return as an opportunity to give back to my country, as well as a calling to utilize my voice to showcase these amazing talents, not just here in the Philippines, but in South East Asia, and ultimately around the world,” he added.

Apl. was already 14 when he found the opportunity to migrate to the proverbial land of opportunity, and together with his high school buddy William Adams, a.k.a. will.i.am, worked hard to establish their group Black Eyed Peas to worldwide fame.

“Unlike what I’ve had to do for myself, I’m creating the movement here in Asia so that people from the global music scene will come here and pay attention to us,” stated Apl. “My goal is to strengthen the value of music here and help these artists to surface around the world. Because really, I can see Jessica worldwide, and I can see Miguel worldwide too.”

Besides Jessica and Miguel, BMBX’s other solo acts are Lion City Boy from Singapore and Thanh Bui from Vietnam, as well as Filipino metal rock band Slapshock.

“So long as I see fresh new talent here and the rest of the region, and I see their passion for music, I will keep on opening doors for them as long as I can,” Apl. said with hand on his heart.

Jessica Reynoso and Miguel Antonio’s singles are now available in several music sites, and is released by BMBX in partnership with Curve Entertainment.


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