• An appeal to reason


    WHEREAS, the country has been embroiled in recent years in one crisis after another that is unprecedented in the post martial law era;

    WHEREAS, the debilitating issues of corruption, poverty and criminality find their roots in the failure of our national and local leadership to faithfully adhere to the vision and mission clearly articulated by the framers of our 1987 Philippine Constitution (Preamble, Philippine Constitution);

    WHEREAS, Presidential performance in office no matter good it may seem cannot and should not present a case for amending the Constitution which has fixed the Presidential term of office for six years with no provision for extension (Article VII, Section 4);

    WHEREAS, the clear rationale for the fixed six-year Presidential term of office is to prevent a dangerous addiction to power that may slowly creep into the psyche of the most powerful elected official of the land, and to allow for fresh minds to enter the realm of political governance;

    WHEREAS, good performance by a President or by any elected official is a reasonable expectation by the electorate and the nation’s gratitude should be a sufficient reward for a job well done;

    WHEREAS, the 1987 Philippine Constitution is a sacred document that holds the Filipinos together and protects the country from the vicissitudes of times and trivialities of political affairs, and exposing the document to manipulative amendments designed to serve vested interests will spell disaster of unimaginable magnitude to the nation;

    THEREFORE, this appeal is made to the Filipino people to rally behind the 1987 Philippine Constitution and protect it against self-serving attempts to amend it, and to President Benigno Simeon Aquino and members of Congress to abandon any attempt to amend the Constitution in order to allow the extension of the presidential term of office beyond the constitutional limitation.

    MR. PRESIDENT, you should not allow your disappointment over the recent rulings by the Supreme Court on the PDAF and DAP controversies to develop into a personal outrage that can blur your concept of right and wrong. Rather, you should look kindly to the Court as your guide along the straight and narrow path (Daang Matuwid) that can be treacherous at times. The Supreme Court is not the enemy. Your unbridled power can be.


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